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Born in Melbourne
Born in Australia
Born in Australia
Born in Melbourne
Born in Australia
Born in Australia
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The family ethnicity is Australian, with Scottish background on the informant’s mother’s side. He is studying Latin and French, and is hoping to join an exchange program either to France or Quebec. He views his Latin classes as interesting and constructive.
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[u'CG4MB (18 years old)\n______________________________________________________________']
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Interactive Discourse
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ok, we’re going to try it again coz I stuffed it up last time, so we
        lost about 10 minutes worth of talking . bloody hell we’ll be up
        till .  eleven-thiry now .. I’m REDACTED and
        that’s REDACTED ..  say hi, IDENTIFYING
CG4MB:      hi, REDACTED
he’s my brother, he’s called IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMVOED ok um ..
        what’d we talk about? we talked about um ..
CG4MB:      we were talking about flags
no we’ll talk about the other things first so we have half an hour’s
        worth ...
CG4MB:      right
um . how do you spend Sunday?
CG4MB:      ohh violin lesson at eight o’clock in the morning

CG4MB:      and half the time it’s freezing cold so my fingers don’t work
        anyway and then
I just don’t get up
CG4MB:      and then we have church
CG4MB:      and then I . tend to have to . study all afternoon
mmm right . how’s the area we’ve live in changed?
CG4MB:      well they’ve knocked down a few houses lately other than that
        it hasn’t been changed that much, I mean it’s been the same area
        since we’ve been living here
mmm yeah ???
CG4MB:      ?????
you said before like the ice-creams prices have gone up
CG4MB:      that’s not a change to the area though that’s just a nation-
        wide thing
ok that’s a shopping change mmm, unfortunately . gone up it’s
        ridiculous . soon we’ll be paying like ten bucks for, all those
        long snakes
CG4MB:      I don’t buy the long snakes
I do .
CG4MB:      why is that
donuts are good value, they’re only fifty cents
CG4MB:      they are awful
they’re only fifty cents at  Zeromi’s
CG4MB:      they never make them nice
yeah don’t well no there’s a good deal on
CG4MB:      you’re such a quantity over quality person aren’t you
CG4MB:      well we’re from the opposite direction
no I like the slurpees, they’re cool . they were on special last time
CG4MB:      you never pay for them anyway, do you?
CG4MB:      ????
CG4MB:      ???  five dollars ninety
that’s harsh .. I found out I think on Friday’s they’re only like
        four dollars forty-six
CG4MB:      before the weekend .. four forty-six
‘s what I thought
CG4MB:       I’d be interested to know what would be their youth wage is,
        that’s pretty classy1
that’s what I thought .. sombody reckons at school it’s like three
        dollars fifty
CG4MB:      I reckon it is about that
that’s a disgrace .. if I was an employer I wouldn’t pay people that
         just you think how much they’d be make 
CG4MB:      but the thing is for kids, if they can pay that because kids
        don’t need to support themselves, it’s only pocket money they’re
        earning, I mean let’s face it, you’re not earning to keep yourself
        alive, you’re only earning
yeah but I’m doing exactly the same as a nineteen year old
CG4MB:      oh a nineteen year old well even I know that pe  people, once
        they turn twenty-one they get fifteen an hour, I get ten and a half
        an hour
you get ten and a half, don’t whinge
CG4MB:      yeah but but just because I’m only eighteen I get . four
        dollars fifty less for doing exactly the same work ... which seems
        a bit rich,  I mean it’s not done on years experience, you can
        understand it if it was years experience, but being years of age
but I s’pose they figure at eighteen then you do have to look after
CG4MB:      at eighteen
it should be the same all the way up to eighteen
CG4MB:        ???  by the time you’re eighteen you’re an adult so you’re
        filling minimum wage of whatever it works out at three fifty a week
        you said it was nine dollars wasn’t it
yeah nine bucks eighty  or some’ing
CG4MB:      will be or is the minimum wage once people are eighteen
considering what people do
CG4MB:      I’m suprised if you’re working you know, what hours do you work
        on Friday
five till eight, no five to eleven
CG4MB:       I would have thought, that after five, at least after six it
        should be penalty time
but dad said that they’ve changed their
CG4MB:      I know, because you’re casual, if you were were full time if
        you were
I’m part time
CG4MB:      yeah, but you’re casual, you really are
CG4MB:      do you get casual loading?
I dunno
CG4MB:      you prob’ly don’t actually, maybe you are p, u usually people
        who are on rosters, you know y you’re on roster aren’t you?
        actually you’re casual because y your times are flexible
yeah but I do work Saturdays though
CG4MB:      well I work three mornings a week, every week (??)
oh well,
CG4MB:      but ah
still dodgey
CG4MB:      often casual rate is
d’you reckon five dollars seventy’s a penalty rate . oh come on I
        don’t even
CG4MB:      when I was working at the libr’y at the each of fifteen I was
        on fifteen fifty an hour, bloody mate, that is such a good pay rate
        it’s more than I get an hour even
three hours for fifty bucks
CG4MB:      it might’ve been . and that was that was for a sixteen year
        old, wage . if I’d been twenty-one there
I wonder why there’s no books down there
CG4MB:      if i’d been twen’y-one at that lib’ry there doing the same
        thing I would’ve been making about thirty dollars an hour . just to
        shelve books .. that’s the law  (sniff)
god you no you get two fifty now don’t you?
CG4MB:      oh that might be tops, seeing you could get five for fifteen
        grand a day
oh right, good on you, good luck ummm
CG4MB:      coz I wanna be a judge they don’t get anywhere near that much,
        maybe only  about two grand a week
you’re a QC from like . s ten years before you become a judge . so
        you can make your first five mill
CG4MB:      yeah, you don’t need your money (??) ... the only problem with
        becoming a judge is you can’t become a QC again
yes you can
CG4MB:      no you can’t
you sure?
CG4MB:      mhm
you can stand down from the bench
CG4MB:      no, but you can’t practise
can’t you? you sure about that?
CG4MB:      pretty certain
kid at school, his dad’s a county court judge and he can’t go out to
CG4MB:      ohh. . but (mumble) you wouldn’t want to . I mean you’re a
        county court judge . you can’t as a QSL, you can’t be sacked
hey hey 
CG4MB:      ????
you wait till you’re sixty-five
CG4MB:      well under federal jurisdiction you can’t be sacked under state
        jurisiction you can be sacked but only after
REDACTED they can do anything in this state
        it’s state leadership
CG4MB:      yeah but they’re unlikely to sack judges .. because it’s sort
        of not the done thing and I don’t think we’d hear about  the done
you can sack the auditor general
CG4MB:      true (?) REDACTED how dare you say that,
        mean you’re just making it more competitve
no if you sack the accountant
CG4MB:       well you don’t have to sack him just remove all his powers if
        you (??) I think
but that’s not the same thing
CG4MB:      yeah I know, effectively it’s the same thing but
technically it still means you can’t do anything . not that he could
        before . so moving right along . um do you think Australia should
        have a different flag?
CG4MB:      no
yeah you said that before
CG4MB:       yeah I know . well I mean
<cough> please explain 
CG4MB:      well a flag is a something that’s a part of a nation’s
        identity, you don’t just change one up . there’s a trend I think in
        the um . in recent years, especially in the nineties to change
        everything before it’s had a chance to (???) take Flinders Park
CG4MB:       the tennis centre . has already been renamed Melbourne Park it
        was only opened about . eight, nine years ago
and Optus Oval
CG4MB:      yeah renaming things right left and centre . there’s a trend
        that nothing has a a name like for more than a couple of years and
        . there’s a similar thing with flags . I mean you don’t just change
        flags because people decide they don’t like it I mean people say
        the Australian flag is boring . what about the French flag, the
        Italian flag, the German flag
well the Australian flag’s the same as every other flag in the
CG4MB:      no it’s not
yes it is except for the colour of the stars
CG4MB:      but there’s a couple . there’s not
there’s a couple i the New Zealand , the Pacific Islands, French
        Polynesia, yeah sorry what were you saying?
CG4MB:      (mumble)
CG4MB:      but the Australian one has the extra um the extra star under
        the Union Jack which most of the others don’t . and put it this
        way, go around Europe and f few people can recognise which flag
        belongs to which country coz they all look so similar they’re all
        just stripes you’ve just gotta
yeah but if you took an Australian flag to France or Germany, they
        wouldn’t know that it was Australian, they’d know the area of the
        world it came from
CG4MB:      (??)
well I doubt it
CG4MB:      (??)

CG4MB:      no, but seriously I mean. flags .. are are something that
I’m not saying they should change it I’m just having a debate on it
CG4MB:      have developed as a result of . I mean usually you o only
        usually change a flag when there’s been some political upheaval
        that’s created a new order in society, I mean the French Revolution
        changed the flag numerous times . look at the Union I mean you know
        the Union Jack changed as the union was created . the American flag
        changed . when they got their independance and of course it keeps
        changing with the number of stars as they keep getting new states
        but that’s only really a minor change most people never notice that
so the next question is should you should you? should Australia
        become a republic
CG4MB:      I’m sick of this question because everyone always asks it . no
yes are you sick of it
CG4MB:      no I don’t think Australia should become a republic . I think
        there’s a lot to be said for the constitution and monarchy and I’m
        not just gonna put the arguments that . I like the queen or .. the
        tacky arguments that people fought for the queen of king I think it
        was then
they didn’t fight for the queen they were told to
CG4MB:      no that’s why I said they are tacky arguments I don’t hold that
        the arguments that are (??) arguments I mean I appreciate them but
        I don’t think they’re the binding arguments because they’re too
        easily dismissed you’ll never win a debate by just carrying on
I know
CG4MB:      how nice ??
someone tried and we beat them . um but
CG4MB:      but there’s more important fundamental reasons for applying a
        constitutional monarchy they’re a very powerful . system of state
coz it like controls and stuff
CG4MB:      it does but it’s totally apolitical .. with the exception of
        Edward the Eighth
that’s when a president
CG4MB:      who was a Nazi sympathiser anyway he abdicated
but that’s when a the president would take the role of the queen in a
CG4MB:      the president would be elected
yeah that’s a problem
CG4MB:      I mean you can’t get .. the total independance
coz then he could change everything
CG4MB:       exactly . because the monarchy is hereditary there’s no
        interest in .. um trying to put a yes-man up because you can’t
        change the order of succession except by assassination or at least
        the monarch decides to abdicate
coz he likes a kindergarten teacher or something
CG4MB:       exactly . so I think there’s a lot going for the
        constitution (??) I don’t think that constitutional change is
        something people should just rush into coz they feel they don’t
well theyve been talking about it for about ten years
CG4MB:      I know about that . I mean the other thing is you get the state
        . you know . wretched idiots like you know,  Kennet and Borbadge in
        court who are sick and tired you know they just want more power so
        they think oh we’ve gotta change the constitution to give us more
        power but . constitutions evolve over time I mean . and you know
yeah that’s exactly . it should evolve it shouldn’t stay the same
CG4MB:       yeah but it has evolved . I can tell you I mean you take .
        ever since the engineers case in the nineteen thirties
please explain @@@
CG4MB:      ?? there’s been interpretations of the constitution . I mean
        if you look at the reason the reason income tax, well it wasn’t
        income tax, it was ex?? tax, ruling . on cigarettes, tobacco and
        alcohol content is a perfect example of the way the constitution is
is that like
CG4MB:      it’s getting more practical
is that like ?? to price up?
CG4MB:      not necessarily
coz it hasn’t
CG4MB:      . it simply means that states no longer collect those taxes,
        the federal government collects them
CG4MB:      which means it would have to be uniform across the whole nation
        so it’s really that’s better . I mean, the constitution evolves at
        the hands of the high court to make it more practical, usually more
        practical for the for the s society to function, I mean
but th
CG4MB:      it doesn’t make much sense to keep changing constitutions
        electorily just because you don’t like it . the whole point of a
        constitution is a ground work or a model on which government will
        be built which stays the same regardless of what happens, it
        regulates governement . and it’s the good constitutions the ones
        that last like the American constitution or the Australian
        constitution are create a good government, there are a lot of
        constitutions like the Weimar constitution I Germany which was .
        fantastic I um fantastic idea was behind it . but it was unworkable
        . it did not create an effective system of government and
        ultimately H Hitler came to power by perfectly legel means it was
        perfectly legel for him to abolish the president to abolish the
        parliament and declare himself to be dictator and outlaw all
        opposition parties I mean that was a perfectly legitimate under the
        Weimar constitution ???
dodgey @@
CG4MB:      but if a constitution is good and is working there’s no need to
        change it unless there’s some fundimental reason for changing it ..
        I I’m not convinced that just changing the
that’s your view, now mine I don’t really care um . what else can
        we talk about .. um let’s have a look at the friends one maybe
        there was something interesting on there, this guy’ll get to hear
        it twice, we’ll talk about it tomorrow . um .... how are jobs
        shared in the family . unfairly 
CG4MB:      jobs shared in the family? I do them all
ah, no you don’t I do ????????
CG4MB:      ??????? well at least we agree on that one  hmm .. I think
        that’s a a bit of a perform answer to that one I think we might go
        on to the next one
(??) um
CG4MB:      oh that’s it
 no it’s a quarter of an hour
CG4MB:      well the tape’s still rolling we have till the tape finishes
        don’t we
<sniff> ah ‘kay .. hm . what can we talk about?
CG4MB:      well we can talk about why America dropped the bomb weren’t we?
        ..  you told me
ah ok ah alright get on with it
CG4MB:      well you could say
it was the Russians, they scared of the Russians
CG4MB:      <sniff> I don’t think the Americans were scared of the Russians
        in that sense I think it was more
they were packing brownies mate
CG4MB:       I  don’t think, it was quite like that, I think they were
        more scared of fighting the Japanese because the Japanese
they were psycho
CG4MB:      yeah exactly, but the um
ah so kamikazi
CG4MB:      ??? I understand I admit they didn’t want Russian influence
        in the in the far East because then they wouldn’t they would’ve
        been able to have ??
then why did they drop two bombs?
CG4MB:      well I mean I don’t know if this is a debatable question I I
        think .
they missed the b?? the first time
CG4MB:      I think strate no I think strategically there was a reason
        for dropping a second bomb . if you drop one and that’s it the
        Japanese might think well they’ve only got one but if you drop two,
        it suggests well they’ve obviously got more than one they may drop
CG4MB:      ??
??? if they drop two they think they’ve only got two woo-hoo but
        they did actually
CG4MB:      they did only have two they could’ve made more I mean
        ultimately that wasn’t really the problem but .. and it was still
        another month before Japan’s surrender yet
ha (mumble)
CG4MB:      but um . I I think it’s a bit more complex than just saying
        that the Americans didn’t want the Russians around I think . you’ve
        got to put some I I think you’ve got to acknowledge some truth
but they didn’t really need to drop the second bomb
CG4MB:      well actually if you look at the statistics the atomic bomb
        didn’t weren’t the biggest cause
killer or was it kamikazi 
CG4MB:      but the firebombing of Japanese cities in particular Tokyo
        firebombing in mm March or May or something . a hundred and twenty
        thousand were killed in six hours . and it was basically the same
        thing as dropping the atomic bomb except that they
had lots of real bombs
CG4MB:      used about four million tons of bombs . onto the city instead
        of one bomb
yeah but one the atom bombs killed about two million
CG4MB:      long term but not immediately
..  well if you died from it it’s still
CG4MB:      no no but once they turned to .
CG4MB:      immediate casualties the atomic bombs weren’t that much
        different from what had already been happening they were
yeah I s’pose
CG4MB:      they were testing a new weapon . they were pretty . it was .
        when people wonder why the U.S. decided to drop the bomb . I think
‘ts a lot cheaper
CG4MB:      I think partly they forget that the American, well no I don’t
        think so they poured so many billions of dollars into the Manhattan
        project it’s unbelievable
yeah but I’m saying one bomb doesn’t cost as much as forty million
CG4MB:      I think those three bombs were the most expensive pieces of
        military equipment ever made in history
yeah but I’m not s I’m saying a atom bomb
CG4MB:      ???
is less than
CG4MB:      well I don’t know about that because you’ve gotta have an
        enormous amount of uranium to get the right amount of       fissile
        material yeah but the um . the actual bombing . was no more drastic
        in the immediate effects, well not . that much different to the
        firebombing raids so . yes there was a difference in that it was
        one bomb, and it was a complete
it was a big one
CG4MB:      a completely different type of weapon but in terms of inflicts
        and casualties there wasn’t that much change . and so because
        because the atomic bombs have become so famous in world history
        people have forgotten about the other aspects of the war which
        really were . at the time just as bad I mean, you can argue till
        the cows come home to what extent people knew about the radiation
        effects I don’t know I haven’t read that much I don’t think . at
        the time . they realised . the actual . well some of them did but
        the the leaders took any notice I mean wartime leaders are
        notorious for not taking any notice of rights ??
?? it likes you you know
CG4MB:      yeah but um . so at the time I don’t think they really realised
        that the ulimate consequences of dropping the bomb, althought
        you’ve gotta think that . because those two bombs were dropped
there hasn’t been any more
CG4MB:      there hasn’t been any more dropped because the the efects are
        so devastating and they were little bombs by modern standards
CG4MB:      I mean                       
CG4MB:      New York City with one bomb now that would be impossible
well only if it was an American made the Russians wouldn’t work um 
        the Russians don’t have any well they do
CG4MB:      they do they have lots and lots and lots
yeah but they’re all . starting to decay, it’s the Chinese you gotta
        watch out for
CG4MB:      well you gotta watch out for the Chinese now because th they’re
        the only ones who are more who are really likely to go to war with
        the Americans the Russians have no need to go to war with the
what would they do bomb the cities and then  who are they gonna send
CG4MB:      the Russians don’t need to go to war with anyone they have
everything on their continent as does America
CG4MB:      ??? actually since the split-up of the Soviet Union they’ve
        now lost a lot of their food
CG4MB:      bases and their access to the b Black Sea and so forth but
        other than that
bombing America won’t actually help
CG4MB:      won’t help that much no but it’d be more classic to attack the
        Ukraine back and
CG4MB:      China with a massive population . it’s not so much that China
        would want to . attack America as America wouldn’t stand by while
        China attacked someone else . so if China . decided to invade
        Taiwan, I mean you only have to look last year when the Chinese
        were playing
they were playing wargames yeah
CG4MB:      wargames and the Americans sent two aircraft carriers through
        the Chinese Straights in the middles of the wargames

CG4MB:      I mean just to show that look we’re not just going to stand by
        while you play wargames
@ . @ . @ . @
CG4MB:      and
but I don’t think that sort of war I don’t think with Taiwan they’d
        necessarily use nuclear weapons
CG4MB:      I don’t think I don’t think they’d use nu nuclears no
but aren’t the, the aircraft are also high ?? China anyway
CG4MB:      China . China  see the point is the only reason China is a
        threat to anyone at the moment is because they have nuclear bombs
        and if come crackpot was in charge . the chinese . m in um you know
        in general, conventional forms says ok they could invade some of
        the countries like Burma and Vietnam I doubt they could invade
        Taiwan coz they’d have to get across the water . and beat the
        American navy

CG4MB:      and I doubt that they could invade
well the Taiwan army’s actually strong
CG4MB:      I know, Taiwan would smash them out of the water but somone
        like Vietnam they might be able to invade but how long they’d last
        is another matter because
we’ve already seen that you can’t invade Vietnam
CG4MB:      no exactly it’s very difficult to do 
they hide in the jungle  but you can’t see ’em  then they jump out
        an’ kill you
CG4MB:      and so I don’t know that China is really that much of a threat
        except for the fact they have nuclear bombs and if some crackpot
        got in charge and decided to drop one . well
but scientists still know whether that would actually . it would
        depend where they dropped it .. d’you know what I mean
CG4MB:      whether there’d be retaliation
CG4MB:      yeah I mean  but see I I don’t know that
CG4MB:      I’d like to hope that no-one who gets to the position of having
        the power to press the button . would be senseless enough to press
CG4MB:      like there’s a lot of crackpots flying around politics with
        hardly any of them . the exception of Hitler actually make it to
        the top .
well even if they do it’s very hard . it would be very hard for one
CG4MB:      yes definitly
coz I mean, in China they’re in bureaucrats up to their armpits
CG4MB:      and it would be interesting to see if the situation ever arose
        . whether the military would actually obey
yeah I’m sure that would be interesting, whether or not the world
        would end, hmm
CG4MB:      I I’m serious, I mean, whether the military would actually
        obey, I mean it’s quite an important danger the nuclear is prob’ly
        more dangerous from terrorists
CG4MB:      because they are crackpots . and they don’t have the massive
        bureaucracy and
yeah yeah
CG4MB:      the the sort of um civilising I s’pose aspect of being in
        control of a large country and there are certain practical things
        you can’t do, I mean it makes no sense to er launch a war on
there is no yeah exactly
CG4MB:      no sense at all because both countries would lose
it stuffs up your country and everyone else’s
CG4MB:      exactly, so you’re not going to win
there’s no oh yeah3
CG4MB:      whereas terrorists often they don’t wanna , I mean you know you
        get suicide bombers in Israel . you know all you need is one of
        those, you know suicide bombers with a nuclear bomb they don’t care
        coz they’re killing themselves anyway
an’ they think it’s ok coz their religion says so but
CG4MB:      exactly so you’ve got this . great um backswing of4
but you’d like to hope it would be very hard for them to get hold
        of a nuclear bomb
CG4MB:      well, you’d like to hope all the rumours are wrong
CG4MB:      it’s so easy to get a hold of one
and you’d like to hope there’s the good guys too
CG4MB:      yeah like James Bond
 (starts humming the James Bond theme) 
CG4MB:       (unclear due to humming) 
I dunno they’re making two more  so he  you know he’s going to
        survive the next one
CG4MB:      yeah I know I could’ve told you that anyway . but isn’t it
        interesting the way um
I reckon they should kill ‘im that’d be funny
CG4MB:      oh you can’t kill James Bond . but isn’t it interesting the way
        this new one is no longer a nuclear threat .
I know
CG4MB:      it’s a guy who wants to take over I mean the last one wasn’t
        really a nuclear threat either
which one’s that?
CG4MB:      that was Goldeneye
oh so you’re talking about the next one
CG4MB:      yeah
oh right
CG4MB:      bu the next one is about a media tycoon who wants to take over
        the world, it’s the id the Communists have gone and th
well they don’t have a baddie
CG4MB:      I know th
they have to make a terrorist baddie
CG4MB:      there’s no baddies . in the world who it’s politically correct
        to attack they were allowed to attack the Soviet Union coz they
        were archenemies anyway they attacked you back . verbally . and you
        could, until fairly recently attack China coz they were archenemies
        too but since they’ve become more market economy it’s sort of
        trendy not to attack them
CG4MB:      so it’s just they want to make up people so you either
like in the l last one they actually had them working with the
        Russians but not with the Russians but
CG4MB:      mm yeah . I mean now you have one film
Communists (?)
CG4MB:      set in the past where the Nazis are around coz you
that’s good we killed them all5
CG4MB:      yeah yeah
they like doing that
CG4MB:      you know (??) on the weekend
yeah I know
CG4MB:      yeah
(??) starts at eleven-thirty
CG4MB:      oh does it  bit of a late night
so I should be home
CG4MB:       the um .
(murmer, cough)
CG4MB:      I haven’t seen the beginning actually
no neither have I
CG4MB:      I haven’t seen I think the bit where they’re going up into the
        castle6 on top of the hill I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything
        before that
I’ve only seen oh when I taped it the tape conked out
CG4MB:      yeah I know
I dunno why, I think I’ll tape over it . on Saturday
CG4MB:      will you tape it?
‘n’ get, yeah
CG4MB:      watch it and ???
you can’t get it down yeah
CG4MB:      (??)
oh I hate that when you forget
it’s shockin’ ... <sigh> dear ...
CG4MB:      so anyway the yanks dropped the bomb on Japan .. I mean y
        there’s also I mean the Japanese where pretty vicious (?) they
        prob’ly could’ve starved Japan out in the end just put a barricade
        around (?) those kamikazi pilots I mean could’ve had a lot of
        damage you only needed a few hundred planes
CG4M  you only needed one for each boat . or need yeah . no the carriers
        are like sooo big . 
CG4MB:      (?) not quite (?)  there was some carriers went down with the
yeah but
CG4MB:      the kamikazi happens to go down into the ammunition hole (?)
CG4MB:      but generally yeah they didn’t it wasn’t necessarily one plane
        one boat but you didn’t need that many planes to cripple a fleet
        and put it out of action even if it wasn’t sunk
mm and even y you don’t need kamikazi pilots do you no .. well not if
        fighters can do it
CG4MB:      not when there’s (?)
not when there’s
CG4MB:      kamikazis have over two hundred and fifty pound kilogram bomb
        on it and they just crash into the deck
yeah I know the bomb can’t miss but
CG4MB:      yeah exactly
nowadays you can get that sort of bomb
CG4MB:      oh nowadays they just launch a missile anywhere off the plane
        it would have more impact so its
do an airstrike from America
CG4MB:      bomb these days, the Americans always said, that they reckon
        that they could put, with their satellite thing on, that they could
        put a missile through the Kremlin window . but they never actually
        tested it for obvious reasons
 they shoulda sent a dummy one
CG4MB:       it’s only a test guys <exploding bomb noise> oh hello 
and then they’d have that guy that said, oh we can pick them out of
        the air it’s fun
CG4MB:      yeah  I’ve seen them on the Star Wars movies . think they’re
        gonna shoot the missiles out of the air with all their (?)
that’s impossible .. do you reckon, if you picked it up early enough
        you wouldn’t
CG4MB:      any request’s possible but practically I can’t see it being
        possible th
well you’d never be able to pick it up in time
CG4MB:      no ohhh I dunno I mean they can do pretty clever things just
        pinpointing it at the beginning . almost . th the scale of the
        operation would just be so enormous
well I dunno
CG4MB:      no w well just how much you you know it wasn’t  high defense in
        the sense of you’d see it where you’d have station a on each city .
        it was a case of . you had a central sort of a link of these things
        up in space and you would fire laser beams at a and they would just
        obliterate in any , missiles (??)
that was like that show I watched this show it was like a send-up of
        a spy thing and they had the missiles and they sent it off and they
        saw all these missiles connect in space yeah oh sorry sir we missed
CG4MB:      it’s a fascinating concept though I mean (?)
yeah a (?)
CG4MB:      what’d be interested . stuff . that stuff as opposed to
CG4MB:      you know that George Lucas was second on that
CG4MB:      George Lucas was second on that list of richest enternainers
was ‘e?
CG4MB:      (mumble)
yeah but
CG4MB:      I still don’t know why was Spielberg was on top what’s he doing
        in the last year? apart from Jurassic Park 2 .. getting over four
        hundred million
what just from last year?
CG4MB:      yeah
CG4MB:      I think
there are others I know there are others
CG4MB:      he’s earning over four hundred million and then Lucas was about
        three hundred and thirty after that there was a big drop down to
        the one hundreds so I mean he was miles ahead
they get about . Lucas would’ve got all o’that from his three films
CG4MB:      yeah
and um the same number of people who saw his three films would’ve
        seen one film
CG4MB:      yeah
in Jurassic Park . I reckon
CG4MB:      but they wouldn’t necessarily see it three times but then
no what I’m saying is all the three put together
CG4MB:      yeah I understand here but I still don’t quite see how he got
        the four hundred something million . especially when hardly anyone
        else got anywhere near that
he took it all 
CG4MB:      (mumble)
he took it all
CG4MB:      seems pretty amazing that the Beatles are still number five
yeah I know
CG4MB:      Rolling Stones are still there too down at about number twelve
number twelve
CG4MB:      but um Oprah Winfrey is the
Oprah . god . but .. yeah was Michael Jackson on there?
CG4MB:      I don’t remember
he wouldn’t’ve been on it last year it was just for a year?
CG4MB:      yeah
yeah he wouldn’t’ve been
CG4MB:      last year he was part second I think
I s’pose he had his History world tour
CG4MB:      did ‘e
(unclear whispering)
um he just wrecks the Beatles songs
CG4MB:      did he do Beatles songs?
yeah he just stuffs ‘em totally
CG4MB:      he can’t sing
yeah I know
CG4MB:      that’s the bulk, he can’t sing, it’s amazing the number of rock
        musicians who can’t sing
I know . they get there by knowing the right people like that Mariah
        Carey woman I heard the other day . she’s married to the head of
        Sony Records
CG4MB:      oh is she that convenient
CG4MB:      she can’t sing
CG4MB:      she doesn’t have any songs to sing either
CG4MB:      widely known
yeah . um . you shoulda supplied more questions <sigh> . ummm which
        member of the family does the most shopping?
CG4MB:      mum ..
yeah mum . elaborate 
CG4MB:      um mum does
how often where ooh every week at Angus Tuckerbag
CG4MB:      basically yeah
not at Coles, Coles are bad
CG4MB:      what’s Coles got
CG4MB:      what’s Coles got?
I dunno . they prob’ly charge too mu they prob’ly round f four cents
        up to five or something
CG4MB:      but Tuckerbag do that now
yeah dodgy bastard should’ve given me a (yells) job (grunt)
CG4MB:      do you round up at 7-11?
damn right we round everything  oh I think we round one cent down
CG4MB:      you have to round one or two down by law
that’s means in petrol they get one or two cents more they always do
        one cent over
CG4MB:      depends on how they pay though doesn’t it
mm I’m talking cash yeah, if they do it EFT they get exactly the
        right amount
CG4MB:      mm . you know these new statement things you’re supposed to be
        able to do at the National flexitellers . you know how you
CG4MB:      a mini statement y’know from the flexiteller
fom the flexiteller?
CG4MB:      how you get a little mini statement .
oh right
CG4MB:      they’re useless they don’t work I tried on two flexitellers
        today and it didn’t say one of them said sorry sir this is not
        operating right now and the other one just said oops contact the
was that that
CG4MB:      it was at four-thirty so I mean you know I thought
was that that little one where . you know the one inside down at
CG4MB:      yeah
that’s crap too
CG4MB:      yeah ??7
CG4MB:      anyway it doesn’t work, it’s supposed to give you printouts of
        statements and balances and all that and it just doesn’t work you
        can put your card in and that’s all you can do 
<sniff> you just go to you can get a balance at the
{tape stops}

1 ??
2 not sure if that’s what he said
3 this was very unclear and sounded more like inarticulate mumble
4 ??
5 unclear, he’s almost whispering
6 ,-T{€?‚‰¥§º»¼¿ÇËÐÓØÛèë÷
      "     5    I     \     ~    ‘     ´    Ç     ê     ýκΘσλ7 unclear due to shouting