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Born in Adelaide
JC (RF3)
Born in Adelaide
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The informant’s parents were both born in Adelaide, and moved to Victoria shortly before she was born. She is very keen to do tertiary study in either England or Wales, being attracted both by the scenery and the music scene.
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Interactive Discourse
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Can you tell me where you live? You don’t have to give me your
         address, but just ...
Mmm Hmm … I just live in REDACTED.. which is
         just sort of .. over the hill from this school so I .. I used to
         live in REDACTED but … we sort of moved in
         nearby .. ???
And how do you get to school?
Um .. my mum drives me to school .. and I catch the bus home .. ???
Okay .. Do you like catching the bus?
Yeah, it’s okay .. I’ve got .. some good friends on there so it’s all
         right. There’s a few .. morons on there but it’s all right 
Right. Is it very crowded?
No … Nuh, there’s always a seat so
Yeah … Okay … And do you have any brothers and sisters?
No, I’m an only child
Okay .. Do you like being an only child?
I do actually, yeah, cause I’m really close with my parents so …
         yeah, I guess they’re like .. you know, my best friends as well so
         .. it’s good
You get along really well with them?
Yeah … Very well
Do you think people, generally, your parents’ generation understand
         people your generation?
I don’t actually, no … um … I sort of think maybe that … ‘cause um,
         cause um … nineties are sort of changing my .. everyone’s sort of
         more relaxed nowadays so’s … I think .. maybe some of them are a
         bit still tense and … and they’re not really relaxed ‘round their
         .. their .. you know, families ‘n’ that, but my mum and dad are
         really sort of … “ninetyish” you know
Are they?
They’re really good mates. They .. yeah
Do you have cousins?
Ah .. I’ve got a .. complicated family 
I’ve got .. um .. my uncle … um .. has been married about three times
         so I’ve got two cousins … three cousins from ‘im … three different
         marriages  .. Ah, and I .. and my aunty, you know, I’ve only got
         three cousins .. Yeah
Right .. Okay .. Do you see much of them?
No ‘cause they all live in South Australia or in New South Wales so
Oh, I see .. Where were you born?
I was born in Victoria .. but um .. Mum actually was pregnant with me
         when they moved over here in 1981 so
They were from Adelaide were they?
Yep, yeah
And were your parents born in .. Adelaide?
Yeah .. They were both born in Adelaide
Mmm .. Do you study any languages?
Um .. I … I actually sort of wanna pick up … Hindi .. Indian 

I’m really interested in, in Indian’s culture .. so … um .. that’s
         just sort of .. I, I did learn French in, in Year 7 ‘n’ 8 .. but I
         sort of chopped that .. um … so yeah .. that’s sort of .. I really
         wanna pick it up this year .. maybe .. through correspondence
         ‘cause obviously you can’t learn it at the school
So .. yeah
Have you made any enquiries about that?
I’m … about to today actually .. so  I have this big urge to go
         learn it so … ah … cause I wanna do um .. cultural anthropology
         when I leave school, you see
All right .. Okay
Or do something interesting like that 
What made you become .. interested in that?
Mmm .. well actually umm .. one of my favourite band’s .. um ..
         called Shaker. They are really Indian influenced
So they sort of .. and plus .. the sort of stories and .. myths and
         gods and sort of .. I’m really … It’s really sort of enchanting so
         .. it’s sort of .. easily can get into it 
Are they .. an ... English band?
English band Yeah, yeah
Right .. okay .. I’ve just heard all about those
Oh, well she’s my best friend so .. yeah 
Oh, I see, yeah .. Well that was gonna be my next question: do you
         have a best friend?
All right .. so what sort of things do you like to do?
Well we’re .. ‘cause we’ve got a band together, as you’ve prob’ly
         heard any way? .. Yeah, um … so .. and we’re also into like ..
         English football, and we sort of do everything like .. and we’re
         also into horses .. so … we sort of do .. like IDENTIFYING
         MATERIAL REMOVED comes up a lot to ride my horse .. and we’ve got
         a big show coming up and .. we sort of like going out places,
         mainly to record stores 
And looking ‘round there .. so … yeah .. we sort of .. do a lot
         together .. so it’s good
Mmm, so you have a horse?
I do. I’ve got … two .. two .. I’ve got a little yearling and a …
         ‘bout an eight year old .. so
Male or female?
Um .. my geld .. they’re both geldings so they’re both male
Right .. Okay .. And what are their names?
Um .. My little .. yearling’s called Andy, and his full name’s
         Easonwiz which  and he gets swabbed ??? cause they think it’s a
         drug horse .. no  But .. um .. and my other horse is .. Rennie ..
         and his full name is Colorando Checks Charleton  so
Okay, and you go into gymkanas and?
Yeah, oh, actually I do Western riding
Oh, I see
So … and dressage .. so I sort of do really .. interesting .. sort
         of .. Rennie moves really fast .. so it’s good
Mm hmm .. Would you like to continue with that?
I don’t .. I don’t want it to be a career .. ‘cause I, I don’t think
         there’s much .. you know, money in .. in horses  at all .. so I
         sort of .. I wanna .. It’s more of a .. a relaxing sort of ...
         hobby more than anything … yeah … ‘cause it’s nice just to get on a
         horse if you’ve had a bad day and sort of like go out onto the
         road, you know .. and walking through the bush ‘cause we live up
         near um .. a forest .. so that’s really good to go riding in
Well when you finish school, and hopefully you’ll be studying
Um .. have you thought about which university you’d like to go to?
I actually like to go to one in England .. um

Which one?
Major interest .. um .. Well see, I’m, I’m debating ‘cause I’m also
         .. obviously really into music .. as well
Yeah, yep
And .. um ... cause I also wanna do music, and I also love drama and
         I do all the Shakespeare and things like that .. so … it’s sort of
         … interesting 
So but .. um … I wanna do more … Yeah I sort of .. I s’pose Cardiff
         .. Cardiff is sort of interesting .. in Wales so
Yeah and .. um …and more sort of ‘round like ‘round like London as
         well .. and
What is it about Cardiff that?
Oh, I just think it’s .. ‘cause Wales is so beautiful .. and .. um ..
         also one of my favourite … singers who went to Cardiff University
         too so I s’pose that’s prob’ly coming into my … me wanting to go
Have you been over there yourself?
I haven’t .. I’m dying to .. but .. yeah .. I, I, I’ve actually never
         been out of .. New South Wales, Austra .. um .. Adelaide … and
         Victoria .. so I’ve been in these three states all my life .. It’d
         be interesting
If you won Tattslotto .. what would you do?
Prob’ly go to England @@@
Yeah, you know, ‘cause it’s just a .. or India … um .. somewhere
         different, you know, just to see .. it’s … I mean I’d prob’ly go to
         England .. yeah but .. I’m .. I still really want to go to India ..
         cause their sort of culture .. that’s over there and their music
         and .. their lifestyle .. I mean obviously there’s a lot of places
         that you wouldn’t go to in India .. cause you .. bit of a .. you
         know … sort of run down and, and .. there’s heaps of people that
         live there too so it’s sort of very crowded … Just to find out more
         about .. like their more .. like I said, like enchanting and
         magical places are where I’d like to go to
Yeah .. okay ... So what do you see yourself doing in ten years time?
Oh, I’d love to be playing at Wembley in ten years time with my band

That’d be my .. that’d be my dream, yeah … um .. ‘cause I .. I’m a
         real .. dreamer .. like I don’t really … I like .. I am really in
         like .. reality as well but I sort of like .. I think that if you
         dream more, you know, you’re sort of more positive and .. you don’t
         get stuck held back by depression by .. you know, depression and
         things like that so .. yeah, I’d like to think I’d be playing at
         Wembley in ten years
Well …You’re obviously into music, so which is your favourite musical
         instrument that you enjoy playing?
But I sing .. I sing
Do you?
That’s my main thing, yeah … I sing and play base … Very hard to do
         ‘cause you sort of go .. co-ordinate it all right .. yeah … I love
         the base ‘cause it’s got so much power
That’s why it’s good
What about a classical instrument?
Huh … Cello
I like listening to cello. I started to pick up the cello actually …
         but .. um .. it wasn’t sort of my instrument ‘cause I had to sit
         there for hours going .. you know .. trying to do sort of … you
         know, scales and things .. and, with base, it’s more improvising
         and you can .. like you can pick it up pretty easily
So it’s good … It’s a fun instrument

Yeah … but I like listening to cello .. and I think cello’s got
         places in .. in pop records as well, you know
Right .. yeah .. What about a violin? Does that have a place in pop
Yeah, I think it does. Well my dad’s actually a musician and he’s ..
         for of like violin .. and cello
Yeah .. I’ve sort of been influenced by Dad ‘cause um he’s been in
         the business since 1972 so
Oh, I see
So he’s been there .. and .. sort of .. he’s a, a great song writer
         and .. I think, in  .. you know, individuality and origination are
         so … I think all these sort of like .. originality sort of … really
         good ‘cause … you hear so many things that sound like .. each
         other, you know
They sort of blend into
Another … and it’s nice to hear something different .. every now and
Yeah … that’s interesting … yes … So you’ll be heading overseas as
         soon as you finish school?
Definitely, yeah

Sound like I really wanna get out of Australia … It’s not the case
And is REDACTED going with you?
Definitely, yeah

And I’ve just asked ???  Hopefully we’ll have a drummer by then.
         We’re tring to find one  It’s very hard
I know a good drummer
Oh, do you?
Okay, and … do you have a particular favourite teacher?
Favourite teacher? .. Oh, my base teacher’s my favourite teacher
Your base teacher Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me
MrREDACTED; he’s really good
Um .. but, no .. um … I like … ? … I like um .. I like Mr
         REDACTED actually, he’s a good teacher ‘cause
         he’s got .. new ideas and .. and he’s creative and .. um
You like English?
I love English
Yeah, I love .. I .. I’m really sort of not so clever actually, but I
         love writing and I think got some very .. pretty good talent there,
         sort of … so I … I like writing .. It’s just something .. I like
         doing ‘cause you can express so much through it .. like you can
         through music
Hmm, what other teachers do I like? .. I’ll try to think … um … Oh, I
         love Mr REDACTED. He’s really good .. and
         he’s also my House Master .. and he teaches me ??? .. so he’s
         really good .. he’s um … ??? and he sort of makes it interesting ..
         oh …I don’t like teachers like .. like .. I can, I can say their
         names; I feel good @@@
         REMOVED .. He’s my maths and science teachers .. ‘cause I’m not ..
         I’m one of those really creative people that’s sort of … anyone who
         says maths and science and I sort of go …  I don’t really want to
         do that  … So .. yeah, I just sort of .. I think they get too
         bogged down in like .. you know, texts books and they try and ..
         make things as complicated as possible and, you know, when you’re
         just trying to … do something .. you know, simple .. you can find a
         simple way to do it so .. I think maths is getting really screwed
         up because like … you hardly need .. and like .. I was talking to
         my mum actually, last night, and she that, you know, you don’t need
         any of that stuff, and she hasn’t used like, you know, Z equals Y
         plus, you know, S, you know .. since, you know .. I mean she’s
         never used it
In real, in real life, you know.  I mean you can .. I mean I s’pose
         they, you know, do these things so .. for people that wanna ..
         excel in maths and stuff
I might .. I’m thinking of dropping maths next year actually
Are you allowed to drop it next year?
I’m not sure  I want to … Yeah, I sort of .. I wanna .. I like it
         like … when .. I want to do in Year 12 like um … sociology .. and …
         things like that, like more interesting things
So like can be a bit more creative
And literature and … yeah
Oh well .. it all makes sense

 At least you haven’t sort of disagreed with anything you’ve said
I sort of try and make sense sometimes @@
@@@ It does; it all makes sense
Yeah .. Do you play any sport yourself?
I love soccer
So you play soccer?
Yeah, I play soccer, yeah
Yeah .. okay .. It’s a girls’ team?
Yeah, we’ve got .. I actually played last year
But .. um … Our school .. We beat Mary McKillop by um eight nil so we
         were really pleased 

It was rather good. They had all their defenders up in the goals and
         we still got .. past them so .. that was fun … then we had a big
         mud fight so that was good

But I think I .. I’m not sounding really horrible here to AFL but I
         can’t stand AFL
Can’t you?
No .. I just .. I think I like soccer because it makes more sense ..
         like it’s … to me it .. it seems more like a .. a sort of classy ..
         a  more a sort of intelligent sport .. and um
Why is that?
I think ‘cause .. I just see .. every time you go and .. like, you
         know that.. you watch TV and there’s AFL on, you know, they’re all
         .. having this big brawl on it and .. insulting each other and ..
         sort of, you know, they’re … got all these teeth missing and it
         seems like ..  and I sort of get this really bad picture of an
         AFL player
Do you?
And like the interviews too with the AFL players are sort of like “Oh
         yeah, how’d ya play yesterday?” “(MUMBLE)” … It’s .. You look and
         the TV going “Hmm” … And so I like watching .. watching the soccer.
         It’s good .. cause it’s sort of a cleaner sport and .. you sort of
         … I mean they do get injured but .. it’s more like … not .. like ..
         by being punched up or getting caught, you know, taking someone out
         ???? ankle goes on them though .. going to get the ball or
         something … Yeah, but it’s a good sport; I like it .. Oh yeah, and
         of course I like um .. my horse sport as well
Yeah … Did you watch the Olympics last year?
I watched some of it .. yeah
The equestrian events?
Yeah ..that was brilliant ‘cause Australia won again. Maybe they’ll
         start .. That’s another thing that really annoys be about Australia
         .. um .. They sort of don’t .. pay any attention  to their ..
         equestrian. I mean they’ve won dual gold now .. and like they still
         like .. they go “Oh yeah, the women’s hockey team .. and .. and the
         Kieren Perkins” and they .. they sort of .. the equestrian people
         just sort of come backwards to them like, you know,  silver or
         bronze but .. I mean, to win a gold medal two years in a row at two
         different places is a pretty big achievement
Yeah, it is, yeah …Oh well REDACTED, I think
         that’s about it, I think that’s enough