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MEBH4M2_Sanitised (Text)

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British (Northern England)
JC (RF3)
British (Northern England)
British (Northern England)
British (Northern England)
British (Northern England)
British (Northern England)
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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This informant was born in England (Manchester) and came to Australia when he was three years old. He returned to Manchester when he was seven, and again when he was eleven (doesn’t mention the length of time, but says that he ‘lived in Manchester’). All the members of his immediate family were born in England. He says that his mother still retains her Manchester accent, and also speaks French fluently, as she lived in France for a year when she was eighteen and is still actively developing her skills in the language.
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Interactive Discourse
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Okay, do you prefer to be called REDACTED or
Oh, it doesn’t really bother me. Call me IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
       REMOVED if you want
Right .. Okay .. Umm, well, since I last spoke to you, you’ve had
       school holidays, and I believe you’ve had work experience?
Yep, had work experience
How did ya go with work experience?
Yep, really good .. um, I’m not sure if I told you last time .. it
       was at .. um .. Acrotek which is um .. micro controllers and ah ..
       something like that .. it’s electricians ‘n’ that, and my brother ..
       that’s prob’ly the main reason why I went ‘cause I don’t see him
       much, and that was really good, really, really, good .. I enjoyed
How many days did you do it?
Just the four
And um … it was funny ‘cause on the first day which .. the Tuesday
       .. he goes “Oh, how come you didn’t come in yesterday”
like thinking it would’ve been all week but
You know? .. Yeah
And what sort of stuff did you have to do there?
Um, well, it was a bit .. it was a bit .. frustrating ‘cause like
       usually like they just go out and do house call and things, but um ..
       it was a one-off that um .. oh, the first day I did that, but the ..
       the rest .. the rest of the three days we had to go to a .. um
       ..factory .. and um .. do something for Ford in Geelong.
Oh, I see
Yeah, ‘cause um they got the machines that do spot welding and
       stuff for the cars
And we were just making the fixtures and that for that, so that that
       was really, really good but that was .. like look ‘cause it was like
       two day .. three days in a row so it was .. you know .. at the end it
       was really bor .. getting quite boring
But that was just like a one off. See if I went there, say this week,
       I’d prob’ly being doing something different every day … It was like a
       one-off that we had to do .. but it was really .. it was fun ..
       ‘cause I got to see my brother every day
And it was out in .. near Hampton
Umm Ted’s it was called .. umm .. the factory ’n’ that .. No, it
       was good fun
You didn’t have to travel to Geelong .. for the
No, no, no, no .. We just travelled to .. um .. Hampton every day
Right … (COUGH) Excuse me .. I’m still getting over a cold … Um, so
       what about the school holidays? What did you do?
God, yeah, um … I went to … um … the footy a couple of times
And um
Who do you barrack for again?
Carlton … Carlton
I think you told me last time
I barrack for Carlton
Did you see them win a game?
Yeah @@
And, and... they never lose! 
(COUGH) I don’t think that’s entirely true .. is it? 
No, no

They lose a bit, yeah
 Yeah, but both games you saw .. they won?
Yeah, yeah .. went to Collingwood Carlton .. Actually, we lost .. the
       other one … and I also went to see .. ah  Collingwood Essendon
As well .. in the holiday period .. so that was good
Do you have a soft spot for Collingwood as well?
Nuh, I hate Collingwood and I hate Essendon but @@@
So why did you go?
Oh, I got them for free
Oh right, I see
So .. yeah
At the MCG or something?
Yeah, it was at the MCG .. yeah
Hmm .. yeah .. I don’t think I mind what I get to see at the MCG
Just as long as you go, that’s
It’s a fantastic ground
Yeah, I actually .. um …on Saturday night .. I barrack for Carlton,
       but I went .. umm … to Melbourne Richmond with a .. ah .. Melbourne
       supporter, and .. um .. he works the banner, he’s in the cheer squad
And .. um … I was just standing there, just like waiting for him to
       finish .. and the lady, like the head of it, just walked up ‘n’ said
       “What’s your name?” I said oh “REDACTED”, and
       .. umm … She goes “ All right, here you go”. She gave me a Melbourne
       .. ah … jacket and said “You’re .. Hurry up. You’re taking out the
       banner with us”.
Oh, wow
So I was walking out on the MCG holding up the banner with the
       players running through. I was on TV heaps of times, all my friends
       are saying … Oh, it was great
How exciting .. And you didn’t know that was gonna happen
No, I was just sorta he .. ‘cause the last time I went, he just went
       out .. and I was just sitting there waiting for him .. to come back,
       but .. it was just ‘cause it was a night game
Yeah .. and they were good seats we had too
37 .. yeah, good seats
How do you know this person?
Oh, he just goes to my sch.. goes here
Right, okay .. And he’s in the cheer squad?
He’s in the cheer squad which … has inspired me to be in the Carlton
       cheer squad next year ‘cause it was so fun
To go out on the ground would be great … yeah
It ‘d be fairly involved though, wouldn’t it?
Yeah, you have to make the banner on … I think it’s Thursday nights
       .. or Friday nights but … I think it’s actually Friday nights for him
       .. and Thursday nights if they’re playing like a Friday night .. and
       um that’s at a school in Hawthorn for them but .. um .. I’m not sure
       what it would be for us cause I obviously don’t know .. and um yeah
       he has to go every week, and if you don’t go and like make it, you
       don’t .. you usually don’t tend to go out on the ground
Oh, I see … That’s fair
That’s fair enough. I think he actually didn’t make it this week, but
       the only reason he did was because they were a couple of people short
But um .. yeah, in general that the .. general rule that they
I think that’s quite fair
Yeah, I s’pose, yeah
Yeah, yeah … So, besides the footy, what else did you do on the
Umm … I went to the city a couple of times with my friends
A bit of fun .. yeah
What do you like doing in the city?
Umm … I went to the Jam Factory a couple of times, and just played
       like … video games and .. stuff like that
Do you go to Time Zone?
Yeah, yeah, Time Zone .. I think it was
I think my nephew’s doing work experience at Time Zone
Oh yeah .. Yeah, that should be all right … They’ll get some games,
       free games ‘n’ stuff, yeah, all right
 Yeah, I think that’d be good
Yeah … And you’ve got exams coming up?
Yeah  umm
 How do you feel?
Oh, yeah .. You know .. It should be, it should be all right I
       s’pose.  It’s only, it’s only Year 10 so it doesn’t .. it’s not bad
       .. but umm .. yeah … Tuesday, I think they start and go to Friday,
       which is good actually ‘cause um .. last year in Year 9, when you
       didn’t have an exam you still had to come to school like, for
       instance, if you had .. no exam, no exam and then you had an exam for
       the last
Thingo of the day, you had to come to school .. but now in Year 10,
       you can .. just come whenever
Oh, I see
So if you got an exam first up, you can go home
Yeah, yeah
Oh, that’s good
Yeah, it’s better now
Yeah, yeah .. Is there one exam that you’re particularly dreading?
Oh … not, not really, I s’pose .. It’s a bit weird actually ‘cause ..
       I s’pose maybe History but .. I’m getting .. all As in that
Oh, really