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International Corpus of English (Aus)

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Australian component of the International Corpus of English
The Australian component of the International Corpus of English (ICE-AUS) is an approximately one million word corpus of transcribed spoken and written Australian English from 1992-1995. It consists of 500 samples of Australian English (60% speech, 40% writing) that matches the structure of other ICE corpora (associated with the International corpus of English). The spoken data includes recordings and transcriptions of face-to face spoken conversations, telephone conversations, monologues, broadcast dialogues, and scripted speech. The written texts include samples of unpublished letters (personal and professional), student essays, newspaper writing, popular nonfiction, academic writing, and fiction.
Pam Peters
Pam Peters
Macquarie University,
start=1992; end=1995;
start=1992; end=1995
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Face-to face spoken conversations as well as conversations mediated by telephone; monologues; broadcast dialogues; scripted speech; unpublished letters (personal and professional); student essays; newspaper writing; popular nonfiction; academic writing; fiction
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In line text
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1,055,919 words
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