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GCSAusE40 (Text)

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You work tomorrow

Tomorrow morning they have church

Oh really

Tomorrow they have church for communion for Easta for the

Greek Easta


So it’s gonna be a busy morning


Have you ever come to church herein the morning

When I used to work morning at the beginning yes but not

now because now all my shift is afternoon

mmm it’s very

so I

 nice actually


it’s very nice


all the residents sit down in front there waiting for the

prIest to come and they get communion


it’s really nice

Aww that’s why Agatha tonight she said to me she’s



poor darling she didn’t want to eat anything with oil in

it nothing because she’s fasting


yeah it’s special for us easta iziz a special timeall

our families get together we get Easta eggs and we get

tsourekia hhhhhh

you working on  Saturday


no Sunday

no i’ve got good Friday off


and Saturday and Sunday offand Sunday is my Birthday

oh really


and how oldhow old are you

I’m an old woman sixfifty three

oh my goodness and you looks only forty

oh ge that’s why you my friend

Are you going to make a pArty


no you should make one celebrate party

no easta and birthday parties too much easta is enough

me always um I used to make on my birthday party Miriam big


what did you cook yourself or the family did it


no I’m not gonna cook for myself

I cook some food but the mosttake away


like catering not take away catering

A yeah

in my country they used to make like that

when I turned fifty my kids had a surprise for me  but I

wasn’t expecting it and it was so lovely


eighty people

I make my last birthday before I come here in afstralia

like three years before


it was all my friend round twenty ladies


in my house and we had a very good time Miriam it was my la

last birthday in my country


I miss them a lot

When are you going back

oh I don’t knowmaybe few yearsafter

I’m hoping that I’m gonna go thissummer back

You plan to go

No I haven’tdone anything yet but I’m hOping that I get

a month off or somethin’

When it was the las’ time when you wentback to Greece

yeah um two thousand thirteen

two years befOre


okay me actually I went last year when it was my granddaughter

chrisTening for twenty dayzan’ I’m really scared to fly

again oh my god

its tiring


it’snot enough twenty days is not enough you need two

days to goand two days to come backisn’t it

yeah   that’s


it’s not enough

I went Christmas


twenty five I was on the airoplane Miriam



that’s alright we gotta do these things for the families


yyou got the memories now  ahhhhhhhh yeah  when I

um  I go if I go my daughter’s going in july 

beginning of july she’s goin’ to visit my mothaand um

she’s gonna take the little baby to seemy motha’s gonna see

a grandchild a great grANdchild

oh my goodness

yeah it’s gonna be so exciting so I wAnt to go with er 

just to help er in the airoplane

actually you gonna goohave a good time

I know can’t wait my motha hasn’t seen anyshe didn’tshe

didn’t see my grandkid mmy kids



oh my god

she came here but my daughter was ten when she came here

That’s the sad things Miriam in the life

I know we leave them and we come here what can you do

Huh nothing miriam mou well

That’s alright we only doing it for them to have a bit of

a  because Australia’s a good country

yeah it’s a really good country

it is it’s good for families


so us parents suffering a little bit for them to have a betta