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GCSAusE10 (Text)

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remember the last time we did this 
             I  had      no idea yet as to what I was doing
I don’t know
             I don’t actually remember ‘ey  
hhh you made me do it   your haircut
             after a week  
hhhh  h  hhh
of me being there   you were like you should
             know how to cut by nowh hhhh hh hh
hh hhhhh
yeah h   oh yeah haircut noises; spray shuffle snip
does he even use that remote control car now 
noh I broke ithh   hhhhhhhh  hh
what  does it cost much to fix 
does it cost much to fix
I don’t know   ‘cause  
you should fix it for him 
ahm   I don’t know its annoying I
            hated it
fuck’n dangerous 
hmah I don’t want these little things
     like that  it’s funny
yeah   the drum kit   erh
I KNOW they’re down here now
novelty  for a while
yeah  you better watch out man  
     by the time his forty you’ll end up with- fuckin’ a
     house full of a shit
hh don’t say that he’ll be makin’ a lot of
yea hhh hh   by the time he’s thirty-two
     hhhhhh   WOw! hh
hhhhhh      H note A’s boyfriend 30th birthday just passed and they are His
possessions which direct the topic of conversation
so WHAt else’s been going on  
            anything exciting  
oh  this an’ that  
this an that
hhhh HHHH hh hhyour Hair haea  hh
you gotta leave those sides though   don’t touch
            those sides
do you want ME to leave them
hm you got a really short bit back hear
hmmm yea
     happened there  
I think I got too deep with the scissors
hhhh hhhhh hh hh giggle
pretty sure that’s what happened ‘ey  
            pretty much-
DO YOU want me to keep this little 
yeah why not
curl  alright no worries
yeah              I did a rollercoaster
            ride with the other haircut