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4-389 (Raw)

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addressee,female author,male,Reibey, Thomas Haydock III,77
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Irvine, 1992
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Entally 27 April 1898
My Dear old Lottie,
A few days ago the good news of your second child's birth & "both very well" was grateful to my heart & this night's mail has brought me a very pleasant photo of Newton. Many thanks for thinking of me. I am very thankful that your trouble is so well over & that you can rejoice that another man is born into the world. How many inches has Barton grown since the event Of course I am glad to be one of the Godfathers & hope some day to show that I am. [140] The photo of Newton is now in the dining room... and I love to look at the dear child's face. Why? Because his eyes & face take me back to the past. I wish you were here today and could look at the oil portraits of my Father & your grandfather in my library you would see that Newton is a Reibey. The eyes are my dear fathers, Newton's great great grandfather and of my dear brother, his great grandfather. In the face of Newton I can see my Father & my brother. If in character, all that is generous & true, he proves to be like either, you & Barton will have cause to thankful & no cause to hang down your heads in shame. God grant that your boy may be like them both. I must compliment you on the way you dress Newton It is very charming. His hat is perfect. His legs and gaiters perfection. Of course you placed him in his chair while sitting for his photo... the knowing look of importance the little man assumes. Lottie dear, don't spoil him... On Monday next I must go to Hobart as Parliament opens on Tuesday. Mary & Harrie talk of going to Melbourne for the winter. & to be near Charlotte After a very long drought such as we have never known, rain has come again & the grass is getting green. A great relief to us... I fear the winter will be very severe for all stock after so much drought. The gossips are always ready in giving me another wife. Every single woman & every widow visiting Entally is to be the future Mrs Tom Reibey. So I have announced that I am engaged to Mrs Delaroyde a widow. Several are very curious to know who she is but I won't satisfy their curiosity but I will tell you as you will remember her. It is the lady who sells "Happles" at Perth station. She is almost 77 years old - a Roman Catholic... very stout weighs about 13 stone.
Kate Nelson wrote to Mary by the last mail and we were glad to hear that she and her daughter are well & enjoying life I have no more to tell you with this mail. So with love to you & Barton & your two sons I am your loving uncle
Tho. Reibey.
God Bless you Dear Lottie.