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4-307 (Original)

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addressee,male author,male,Gillen, F.J.,39
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Niall, 1998
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How is the world using you? As I sit here in the old ochre smelling den, which you know so well, I can imagine I see you demonstrating the anatomy of a Cockroach to a lot of Callow Youth of both sexes, do you, I wonder, ever wish that you could transport yourself to the wilds of the McDonnells. I often wish that you could, I missed you very much indeed, you were here just long enough to make yourself a part of our home life and in such a small Community. I got thus far when the hope of the House of Gillen appeared upon the scene with a long time dead and much mutilated lizard which he insisted upon me examining. He then deposited it in my Photographic Material box observing, 'Fessa papa, Fessa, Blib Baloo give Fessa.' Whenever the young imp sees a lizard or any crawling creature he recollects you and your surroundings in this room, which you would hardly know now it is so beastly band boxafied. I am sending you a few Prints this mail, most of which you and I developed. I am forced to admit that with less exposure than of old I am getting much clearer and better pictures, as far as possible I have sent you unmounted copies. The developing and printing material arrived a few days ago and I tried my hand at printing on Bromide paper with awful results, sample of which I enclose. Have not yet had time to try silver printing but hope to have some good results to send you next mail. Have taken a number of Corroboree pictures since you left and shall get some more in a few days. If I am successful in printing you shall have a copy of anything I consider sufficiently interesting. If there is any picture that you would specially like to have you can let me know. Have got a splendid lot of stone Chooringa together since you left, including some from the Kytiche tribe, Barrow Creek. I have taken impressions of some of them in ink, and am sending on to Stirling this mail. Some Glen Helen natives are now En route with a selection from the tribe inhabiting that locality of which I think you have some personal Knowledge, since you left I have learnt that a number of Chooringa belonging to the Chichika tribe are deposited in a cave known to one of my Niggers and situated about 105 miles North West of here and I am about to organize a little expedition to annex the whole collection. [112] No rats since you left though Nigs have been on the look out, but we have just had some nice rain, the weather is becoming warm and we hope to have some before next mail. Byrne tells me they are plentiful at the Charlotte after rain, he is sending French a couple by this mail. I was glad to hear that he gave you those moles, he sent me a very fine one this mail and is to send me another later on. Stirling has been interesting himself in Souths affair, the upshot is that South is not to be removed until the beginning of the year and if he plays his Cards well he may be allowed to remain altogether. We had one rather amusing Case on Court day this week and I thought of you during the proceedings which would, I am sure, have interested you and disturbed your risible faculties pleasantly. It was a typical bush case which only a Mark Twain could do justice to - Here's the Wife announcing tea Bacon and Eggs. She joins with me in kindest regards and all the members of the staff, including Hanley, send kind remembrances.
PS Would Mrs Spencer like an Alexandra parrot? I hope to have some shortly. FJG