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4-188 (Original)

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When down in town I went out to the Tambo Crossing to see John, found that he was well only a little cold he had got after a wetting he got some time previous. However I left him considerably better and in better spirits. When there, we had a ride over some blocks of land that he wanted me to buy. We settled on one. If John and the present owner can come to terms there is only one block of 550 acres between the boys and this one. There is quite a lot of kangaroo and wallaby. Anybody that was good with the gun could make a pile of money shooting them for their skin. John has got a splendid Martini Henry rifle that can hit a kangaroo at 200 yards away. He seems pretty comfortable only the cooking does not suit him as he does not care for too much heat. Bob Wilson and him are often together. He lives on the other side of the river from John. Sometimes he stops all night with John.