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4-115 (Raw)

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addressee,family author,male,Maxwell, John,25
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Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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Regarding Home Rule, it is most extraordinary how people differ at home from people out here or rather how they are situated and how they act. Every man who is over 21 and has his name registered has a right to vote at time of Parliamentary elections. Every man votes for the candidate who he believes will look after his interest, irrespective of religion (save the Catholics who are greatly influenced by their ecclesiastical dignitaries, as they are in Ireland). 
Our present government is formed of a coalition of conservatives and liberals who act and work very well together, attending to the making and amending of laws with far greater dispatch than your English parliament. Your parliament is made too much a debating society. Its members are too fond of their own aggrandizement to look after the interests of the people who the govern. Our parliament is made up of members who are paid £300 a year for making our laws and if a member returned by an constituency does not endeavour to forward the interest of their constituents, he is not re-elected and his place is taken by a candidate who will. Our parliamentary term lasts only three years not seven like yours. 
It is a grievous thing to think that Irishmen's bigotry should stand between men and their own interests. The only part of the Irish community who, as a whole, look after their own interest very closely and make use of every means in their powers is the landed proprietors. They have used with great dexterity - at the same time deceiving the world most surprisingly - the Orangemen of Ulster who unfortunately are too ignorant to perceive how they are made tools of by those who, if it did not suit their interest, would not strike a blow in the defence of the cause which they make such boast. 
The majority of those Orangemen who talk of upholding Protestantism and Protestant Ascendancy are men who may see the inside of a church once in twelve months and though the may be strict church goers what Christianity can there be in their hearts if they persist in upholding unjust laws. If injustice is a part of Protestantism it is high time there was an indepent body of Christians. [152] [153] Injustice was the cause of Protestantism and now to uphold the same said Protestantism, injustice, its origin, is again practised. It is evident those kind of people are of a very similar type to those who persecuted the heretics. There are a great many people who think they are fighting for God and Christianity when in truth they are fighting for their own bigoted opinion. It is so with your Orangemen. Christ did teach us oppression - quite the reverse. Then how can it be Christian to oppress.