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4-068 (Original)

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author,male,Maxwell, Hugh,26 addressee,family
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
O'Farrell, 1984
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I saw S. Jelley on Sunday. He is down in St. Kilda with a cousin of his there (a butcher) where he is going to stop until he gets a crib. His cousin says there is a good chance of him getting one soon. Jelley seems to think that H. Sheils is not too well made up with the country; perhaps his expectations were too great or he may have jumped at the thing without thinking seriously. However he has had his £1 a week and found up to the present. He was not working to Perry lately but was helping a young farmer to split timber at £1. I think there is not enough of sport for him and he may be troubled a little with homesickness. If he had the first 6 months over he might come round. However do not say anything about this to anyone for you know how soon it would spread. Be especially careful about this and let it be his own pen that shall make known the fact. Indeed it is a very common thing to find people grumbling when they are well enough. A young man from near Lisburn the name of McBride is a little tarred with the same stick. He was up in the Yacklandandah district also but has left it and gone to a place south of Melbourne and is going to try his hand as a missionary. He had never been from home until he came out here so I suppose that is how he takes it so hard. 
There is another Co. Antrim young man that was up in the district about Ballarat about 50 miles from here. He liked the country very well and had constant harvest work and 5s. a day found. He could have got £1 a week the year round on a farm there but he thought he would see what he could get about Melbourne first. He has got a job at pick and shovel work at 7s. a day and is stopping with a neighbour of his who came out in the Liguria also. This said neighbour has bought a horse and dray and can earn nearly £4 a week at drawing rubbish or stuff somewhere about Melbourne. Mr McNight was thinking of starting something of the same but I do not know whether he has or not. [132] Of course people cannot expect fortune to shine on them all at once and it requires a little patience. 
John was making me laugh when he was in Mel that H. was saying that there was no markets or fairs and seems to look on this as hard indeed. His time for that sort of thing has not come yet and it would be a very poor way of making money or saving any if there was many markets and fairs. 
I consider that I can keep myself on 17s. or 18s. a week including washing, never speaking about the beer or tobacco, cigars etc which does not happen to form an important item. I do buy a few apples occasionally to help digestion but the habit of eating apples can be left off at any time. 
[...] if Harry has any notion of coming to any of the colonies of Australia I would recommend him not to have a burthen where with to regale his shoulders, in the shape of a wife with him as he will be far lighter without one [...]