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3-306 (Original)

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Dear cousin Margaret, I think long to see you out here till you and I takes a horse each and a kangeroo's dog and has a good hunt after the kangeroos and emus. The girls here does no outside work. It is all housework. If you were in this country you would never see porridge any more. In this country you would have to learn to ride for you cannot go to your next neighbour without riding, it is so far. When I go out always ride on horseback. 
If you were here you could not sleep in the mornings for laughing jackasses and cockatoos and parrots and curlews and native companions and a lot of other birds. Father shot some emus and it took three men to lift it into the cart. The old man kangeroo is much about the same weight.
I wish you were out here cousin Margaret. We would have such fun. We have our house built in about 10 acres of pine trees. They are about 8 foot high. We have about 100 large trees, father is going to cut down and get sawed for building purposes. Here is a feather of an emu and one of a cockatoo. The yellow one is the cockatoo's and the other is the emu's. My dear cousin I am sorry to hear that you a alone with strangers [...] We would all be so glad to see you. My kindest and fondest of love to you, dear cousin. I have a lot of cousins but none I think so much of as you from your fond and loving cousin till death.