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3-286 (Raw)

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addressee,female author,male,Sullivan, Edward,47
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Private Correspondence
Fitzpatrick, 1994
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Colony of Victoria Huntly - Sept 10 / 72, 
My Dear Lucy 
It is a very long time since either of us heard from each other. I am very sorry to have to relate that I heard of the death of your son by drowning some years ago, but it was a long time after the sad calamity occurring that I heard of it. I was not then nor yet in communication with Richd. in consequence of some letters being mislaid between us both, but I am after receiving two letters from his son Edward for the first time. He says with sorrow that he sees your delicate health ever since the Boy was drowned and eulogises upon the cousin as not having his equals in Kenmare at the time of the fatal occurrence. 
My Dear Sister we all here felt much at the shock you received when I got notice of it from Richd Donnelly. I dont wonder such a calamity would be disastrous to your health but I hope as it is Gods will that you will reconcile yourself and not help to altogether break down your health and be satisfied with these that God has left you. I have not heard how many Children you have but I think I once heard you had a good many and hope they are in good health as well as John. 
Young Ned would wish to go to America or Australia and he wrote me for my advice. There appears to be a large family of them there, and I suppose Richard will have to allow some of them to emigrate to look for a living. I am given to understand that they are a fine lot of children. He had a great many. I learn there are three dead and that there is nine more living.
It is well he had so many as Stephen if now living and myself are not very likely to increase the human race in numbers. Your Brother Florence had only four children two boys and two girls. The girls were the youngest and the younger of the two died of Diptherea [diphtheria] eighteen months ago. The three living are in good health so is he himself and Ellen. I am myself enjoying good health thank God - we are pulling along like all Australians who purchase land to make a home. Flor has 80 acres of land which is his own private property and on part of this is a vineyard for the making of Wine. It takes a large outlay and brings no returns for the first 5 years but this term is past and we are making Wine for the last 2 or 3 years. 
Flor is looking old and very grey but very healthy. I am too giving way to old Father time as you will see by the carte I send you. I am not yet grey but I am afraid you wont Know me and is it to be wondered at when I am 17.5 years in Australia a climate that is dry and withering to the face whilst in Moister climates the face will look rosy and fresh. But still Australia except the tropical parts of it is as wholesome as any part of the World. [185] Fevers or many sicknesses in the old country are unknown here. Flors eldest boy is or will be 11 years in November next and the biggest of his age I have seen. 
Dear Lucy you must excuse me for my long negligence and hope you will soon write and let me Know how yourself & John and the children are and how you are getting on. I had not even a letter of My Fathers death from Richd - I only heard it from Richd Donnelly. I never expected Richd would be so unkind or at least so careless as not to write on that occasion. I hope Denny Hallasy & Mother is well also Ellen Mack and any other friends. I hope your Brother in law James Downing & family are well also Mr Murphy and Mistress. I heard of John's sisters death I beleive she was nurse of the Fever Hospital. I was sorry when I heard from Edmond Donnelly, I saw it on a Kerry paper but did not Know it was she not Knowing her married name. Flor and Ellen Joins in sending their love to John, yourself & the children and remain Dear Lucy your affectionate Brother 
Edwd O'Sullivan 
address - Huntly post office - Colony of Victoria - Australia