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3-253 (Original)

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author,male,Dunne, Christopher,38 addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Fitzpatrick, 1994
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March 18 / 67 
Dear Father 
I received your letter dated December 11th and was delighted to hear you Mother and all my Brothers and Sisters are well and all old frends as this leaves me at presant and all the Children thanks be to God for his Kind mercy to us. [317] I was sorry to hear of the trouble my Uncle has met with by the death of his Son and also Mr Kernans Children hopeing the are now better. 
Dear Father I thought by this time I would be Sending you a better account of Brisbane but I am Sorry to Say that it has not improved Since I wrote to you last. If any it is worse; there are a grate many leaving hear for America. I Could not Complain So much of this place untill up to the presant for the buisnes I was at I had to leave on the 8th of January. I happened with an accident. I was loadeing on top of the van. The Horse Started off and I was upset & was very Severly hurt and my Colar bone was broken. I must give thanks to God I am now better. I was under a good dale of expences togeather with the loss of time it has Came very heavy on me. I am not in any employment at presant. I now want a frend to assist m[e] to get over the presant difaculty untill Such time as I would be able to make Some recompence. I was getting on to my wishes untill I happened with the accident but when I was not Killed on the Spot I have not much Cause to Complain when God was pleased to leave me over my Children. I was for two hours after that fall that I did not make a motion but lay quite Sinceless. I was takeing to my home where I had to remain for Seven weeks without leaveing my bead and the grater part of that time in Sever agony. 
Michael mentioned he would Send me a paper but I did not receive it. I would have Sent you one this time but ther is nothing in them worth reeding. As to Thos. Brady he has left Brisbane and went to Melborn about four months past. I have herd from him once Since. He was then in good health. I have had the pleasure of seeing James Murtagh at Christmas and he Came to See me when I was hurt. He wishes to be Kindly remembered to you all. He told me to mention he was to send Something to his Father and in Concequence of the dullness of the times he will not be able to Send him anything Sooner than July and that he would Send him what he Could. He is married and has three Children and the enjoy good health. He also told me that if his Brother and Sister wished to Come to this Colony he would pay there passage on Conditions that the would pay him back and if his Father wished to Come he would also pay his. 
I send m[y] love to you and Mother and all my Brothers and Sisters also to Mr McDonnell and Mr Kernan hopeing the and there family are well. Wishing to be Kindly remembered to W. S. Garnett Esqr. Mrs Garnett and family also Mrs Ryan and family Patrick Christy a[n]d Anne Gibney hopeing the all enjoy good health. I now Conclude Sending my love and blessing to you all. 
I remain Dear Father and Mother Your affectionate Son 
Christopher Dunne [318]
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Sherrif Street Brisbane, Queensland, Australia