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3-207 (Original)

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author,male,Regulations,un addressee
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Government English
Legal English
Connell, 1980
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XIII. That any Member presenting himself in a state of intoxication at any meeting of this Society shall be fined One Shilling. Any Member interrupting another Member while addressing the chair shall be fined Three-pence for every offence. Any Member guilty of cursing, or any misconduct, during the hours of Meeting shall be fined Three-pence for each offence. Any Member leaving the room without permission of the Chairman shall be fined Six-pence, and one of the Stewards shall represent all such fines to the Chairman who shall see them strictly enforced. No business connected with the Society to be transacted after 9 o'clock. If any Member disobey the Chairman or any other officer of the Society, when called to order, he shall be fined Six-pence for each offence; and any member dictating to the Chairman shall be fined One Shilling. Every Member when addressing the Chair shall do so standing or in default to be fined Three-pence.
XIV. That a Quarterly General Meeting of the Society shall take place every first Monday evening in the months of January, April, July, and October in each year for the election of Officers (as hereinafter mentioned). [182]
At such Meetings, a Roll, containing the Members of the Society, shall be called over by the Secretary, immediately after the opening of the Meeting, and a second time, after the other business of the Meeting is over. Any Member not being in attendance at the first call (if not prevented by sickness or absence out of town, in any case to be proved to the satisfaction of those assembled) shall be fined One Shilling.
XV. That the Chairman of this Society be vested with the power to suppress disorder at Meetings, and shall, to the best of his ability, impartially administer and enforce the Laws of the Society, and shall not suffer any debate, or put any motion to the vote, which is contrary to the Laws, or can be determined by the Articles; or in default, to be fined Two Shillings each neglect.
XVII. That the Stewards of this Society shall hold office Three Months, and shall be elected at each Quarterly Meeting, from such Members as are eligible to hold office, to be chosen in rotation, as they stand on the books; and any Member refusing to serve (except he is sick or out of the District) shall be fined Two Shillings and Sixpence; and one of the Stewards shall attend alternately on the Meeting nights, or be fined One Shilling each neglect.