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3-183 (Original)

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addressee,male author,female,Ironside, Adelaide Eliza,29
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Niall, 1998
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I received your letter dated August, and I must say that I was exceedingly sorry to hear that you had brought my name before the Council as a claim upon Australia.
I wish very much that you had consulted me before doing so, I am sure you did it with the kindest intentions but had you asked my opinion upon the subject I should have immediately said, No. It is quite impossible to the uneducated in Art even to impress upon them Art's own intrinsic value either to a Country or the improvement of the mind of the People - Art requires a life education and constant intercourse with its refining and beautiful creations to be able to fully appreciate its wants - therefore how could the Legislature of a young country like Australia nurtured in the struggles of contrary factions be supposed to conceive that the Fine Arts would raise her in the eyes of the whole world as they would, and will in time I trust most certainly do. My Country has every thing gifted of Nature, wealth unbounded, climate, and the glowing warmth of a Southern Sun, she is worthy of being the second Italy, all save Italy's appreciation and call strong from the heart for the Beautiful.
I do not call upon my Country, Australia must in time call for me! - the opinions of the few, who do not want [illegible] other than the narrow wealth will not be eternal, and I must beg of you my dear Doctor to tell publicly these Gentlemen of the Legislature, that I should never have taken a fraction from them even had they granted it and I have wanted as a claim upon Australia.
The time is not far off I trust when they will see that I am not dependent upon Australia for my fame. I do not rank any longer with students, I am now engaged upon a Picture which will make me Master of my Art and place me amongst its Professors. England knows how to appreciate and to reward the favorites of Nature. I shall never return to Australia until my fame is fully established in the old world, and that will nor be D.V. long in coming - I see my way clearly before me. I suppose they would laugh at the idea of a little picture of mine a foot in width and 7 inches long being considered at a moderate price of 100 guineas! - In England pictures are valued at thousands of pounds and any price may be demanded and received when once an Artist has established his I must now beg of you dear Doctor, to make this letter public, acknowledging my utter ignorance of your kind intentions and of my stern disapproval of any such demand upon the Public Treasury of my Country. [75]
I shall write you a long letter about many things when I hear from you again - as to the news of Italy you know more than we do, at Rome everything is shut up; even the telegraphs are all taken down from communicating with other parts. We can get no news of any direct movement of V. Emmanuel or of Garibaldi - they say that Garibaldi is within 20 miles of Rome or at the Ponte Mollo. I suppose we shall be bombarded soon. Come what may I shall go on with my Art, and cry "Viva Garibaldi", with the Republicans! P. Gavvazzi is at Naples crying down with the Madonna & the Saints for worship - Christ only is to [be] exalted - only to be worshiped! Mamma unites with me in the kindest regards to Miss Lucy and family & yourself and believe me yours very sincerely
The Bible is sold publicly in the shops and caffes at Florence - everything is being fulfilled of which the [illegible] speaks.