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3-139 (Original)

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author,male,Normile, Michael jr.,25 addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Fitzpatrick, 1994
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West Maitland April 8th. 1857 
My dear Father, 
I received your welcomed letter on the first of April, dated January 2nd. which gave me & wife Great Consolation to hear from yea & to find yea all in good health as this leaves us in a perfect state of health thank God for his mercy towards us. 
I am to inform you that Michael Carrigg come down to Sydney for 3 months for the good of his health and is gone home again a great deal better. He was almost blind when he came, but now thank God he is recovering his sight. [erased: His wife & poor Family was to be for an object observation of charity. I scend them a little help to assist them to ride[?] through their calamity.] 
Dear Father
There is great deal Spoken off at home about this country, but give old Ireland before it - for the people of this Colloney is neither Civilized or naturelized. I think every body changes when they Come to this Coloney you will not find them the same as @ home. I must let them alone and tell you about other things. There is good wages & the best of dite [diet] here for every person. Provision is cheap this year & every thing plenty. I will scend you a newspaper with the market prices on it. Belive my word dear Father that you cant pick up money here as quick as the people at home thinks it, you have to work hard for it in some places. Besides if the Lord God scends you any sickness or trouble you have to drift money away like smoke. Doctors Bills is able to rob anybody - during the time I was sick that was two weeks & my wifes confinment come after the doctor charged me 15 £.
Let me know how is all they old Neighbours & remember me to them & especily to Mr. Shannon for often I think of him when I See a Kangroo hunt - there is no hares here. 
The population of the Towns & country is in incresing very fast. There is in this Town 6 or 7 differant churches. There is more roman chatolics in the town than all the others & to put all of them together. We have a very fine Priest here Dean Lynch a Dublinner & I think a horse would not carry all the money he has. [80]
I got a letter last week from Susy. They are well & would be all right but for poor Mick being loosing his scight but I hope in God this trip he had to Sydney will do him every good. She tells me that Mary Carrigg is a fine girl and going to School every day. 
I am glad to hear that Martin Neylon & Family is in good health & doing well. If I was at home now I could tell him some nice stories of a winters night. 
A man having some land & help to work it convenient here, it would pay him very well. He can grow good wheat & corn two crops of potatoes every year, but you would want good capatial [capital] before you take a bit of land here - every thing is so dear. 
I am very glad that you are not fealing [failing] in Circumstances. You will have good help in short pleas God. Remember me to my uncles & aunts. I am glad to hear that they are all well. Margret is a big girl now I Expect. 
Sister Bridget is well she stops in Sydney. She come to see us the other day & went back again. Honora McDounough & Ellen Ford is well. My wife is surprised that she did not get a letter along with mine from her Father. Annora McDonough's letter & mine come together. I am in the same situation still & doing well. I conclude these few lines & we join in Scending our love & blessing to you all & God be with old Ireland. I have no more to say at presant but remaining your loving Son 
Ml. Normile
I forgot telling you about my daughter. She is growing a fine child.