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3-128 (Raw)

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author,male,Hogan, Michael,50 addressee,male
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Fitzpatrick, 1994
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South Melbourne June the 22nd. 1856 
Dear Brother, 
I have to inform you that I buried my wife on the 18th. of July 1855, may the lord have mercy on her soul. Dear Brother I have also to inform also that I have 5 Children 2 boys and 3 Girls and buried 2 more. I have also been very ill this long time with sore eyes but they are mending a little now. 
Dear Brother I am most anxious that you and family would Come out here where I Can make a happy home for you and myself. This is the place where a man makes all for himself independent of any master for at once you purchace land here you have it for ever without taxes or any other Cess. So I Expect you will have no hesitation but Come out at once for the sooner you Come the Better, which ever is the quickest way to Come out hear that is wat I desire. If you wish [me] to pay your way out hear I will do so or either to Come by Imigration. The most speedy way is the way I require for about paying for your passages I matter not. I want to have ye with me where we Can be happy together for ever and the sooner the better. 
I also wish to Know from You have you heard from my Brother James who went to America for I under stant in your last letter there was no account from him in it. [172] I was very angry with him when he was about to imigrate that he would not Come to me where I Could make a happy home for him for ever and I dont see as my mother is dead why you should not Come out to me for whilst my mother was alive I should never encourage you to Come out here. But as She is dead I request of you to Come to me for as I have said or mentioned before this is the Country where we Can Enjoy ourselves with the Best of every thing independen of a landlor of the Galling Yoke of oppression. I also inform you that if my sisters son wish to Come out here Thomas Moore I will pay his passage. 
Michael Hogan of Hospital who Came out here sends his best respects to Mathew Hogan an family. He is in Good health and doing well. John Hogan your aunts son went to Hobartown - from here I received a letter from him in which he mentioned that he was doing well. Daniel Ryans his wife Cousin was doing very well here. He went to the ovens diggins he told me that he would wrigh when he went to the diggins but he did not wright. Let James Hammersly tuam Know that his Brother son is with me this 12 Months sins my wife died and his sister is living Convenient to him and has 30 £ per year. He got a letter a few days ago from his Brother James from Sydney and when he got the letter he wrote to him. All persons Imigrating ought to try to Come to Melbourne not to being paying their passage to Sydney or Adelaide. Williams Hayes 3 sons were here they are gone to the deggins and their other Come out hear from America and is with them at the diggins. 
Dear Brother I hope You will let me Know the names of your Children in your letter. The names of my Children are as follows Michael Ellon Mary James and Margaret Hogan. 
No More at present But I remain Your Sincerely, and faithfully 
Michael Hogan
To Mr. Mathew Hogan Direct your letters as follows To Mr. William Ryan Carriers Arms Elizabeth street To be forwarded to Michael Hogan South Melbourne. 
Dear Brother I expect an answer to this as speedy as possible. And let me Know whether you will Come or not.