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3-094 (Raw)

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addressee,male author,male,Normile, Michael jr.,22
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Fitzpatrick, 1994
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Birkinhead April the 28th. 1854 
My dear Father, 
I take the liberty of writing these few lines to you hoping to find you my Stepmother Brothers and Sisters in good health as this leaves me & Sister and my Comerades in good health thanks be to our Blessed Redeemer for his goodness to our unworthiness. 
My dear Father, I am to inform you that we left Dublin on the 26th. Instant for the ship Araminta and she is to sail on Monday next. All the pasengers are a bord the vessel. We slept last night in it. There is about 300 Passengers on it and from 20 to 30 Sailors. It is a fine ship well regulated. They get good Provisions on Bread and tea for Breakfast potatoes and meat for dinner and the same as the first for supper. There is more Irish on it than any other Class of people. 
I must be for ever under a compliment to Dean Armstrong for all the trouble he had got for us. He wrote to a friend of his to London to speak to the head Commisioners about us and so he did and got us off. We left Dublin about 7 oclock Tusday evening last. We took 15 hours coming across to Liverpool. Biddy got sea sick. I should get her [?] a bed and paid 3 shillings for it but I did not feel it no more than if I was on my bead at home. We came to the Depot. There we met our comerades, and you might think it was out of the heavens we came to them. Michl. Gready Patt McGrath and Bridget Neylon were as glad as if we Gave them a thousand pound for we being along with them. I hope we will have luck please God. [69]
We had a good friend Dean Armstrong long may he live. He tried every Experiment to have us along with our Comerades and it did not fail him. What ever way the wind blows I am glad of being along with my Neighbours. 
Michl. Gready Patt McGrath and Bridget Neylon and I my sister Joins in sending our best love and respects to you and remember me to my loving Neighbours and I bid adiu to Ireland for ever more. No more from your loving children 
Bridget and Michael Normile