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May 3 1851
Dearest Papa,
I hope you will forgive me for putting you to the expense of so much postage but when I consider that is but a drop in the ocean compared to other disbursements which you are constantly called upon to make I don't think you will bestow a thought upon it. After this I shall perhaps content myself with sending you single letters not whole packets of them at a time.
This is going to be a very vainglorious epistle. What should you think if your Daughter had performed a task like that of Hannibal and melted the rock? and which is the greatest conquest do you think? to do it in a physical or a moral sense. I send you a letter or two in order that you may see the state of feeling.
We have come down to Perth in consequence of my Husband having received a summons from the Governor to take the oaths and his seat in the Legislative Council. He was going to decline but by the advice of His Excellency and Colonel Irwin he will sit the remainder of this session (which is nearly at a close) whatever he may do afterwards. Every great man you know must have his private secretary, I hope you will take the hint and not think he is extravagant enough to have such an official in pay, therefore he does not travel unaccompanied. Mr. M.W. Clifton, Father of the Settlement at Australind is his colleague, being summoned to the Council at the same time. The consideration of the Estimates came on yesterday at which both the new members were present. The Council had previously met for that purpose and the Governor had adjourned the meeting for the 2nd of May on purpose that the new members should be present at the discussion. 
Throughout a period of ten years I have endeavoured to give a faithful picture of all that has happened to us of good or evil, storm or sunshine. If I have lifted up the veil that should have been hidden in some matters it was that you might know all my heart.
Dearest Papa
Yours most Affectionately
Eliza Brown