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3-020 (Original)

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March 12 1851
Dear Eliza,
As Mr. Parker is likely to return before I am ready to accompany him I enclose you a letter recd. from my Brother William. I shall write long letters to all parties on my return, your Father as well as my Father and Mother.
Kenneth had his teeth, that is the two which you wished taken out yesterday by Dr. Galbraith. I could not find Dr. Ferguson. We took lunch with the Governor and Mrs. Fitzgerald afterwards, both were very kind to Kenneth. In the evening we took tea with Dr. Ferguson. This morning we breakfasted with Mr. Yule and at 3 oclock we are invited to dine with Mr. Samson.
Mrs. Leake we have seen, the Major and Simmonds [?] and during the day I intend calling on Col. Irwin. The Insurance Company have sent out a Surveyor who is to be sent to the Greenough to survey the district and prepare for the reception of a number of small settlers etc. and it is not unlikely that he may accompany us on horseback when we go down. [114]
The Mary did not bring any letters for us - the one seal was brought by the Union which came in last night and the letter was delivered this morning.
Vigors has just left me. He paid me a visit on the part of the M' Company with the aim of ascertaining whether we can assist each other
In haste
Yours very truly
Thos Brown