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2-357 (Original)

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That while a return to Transportation, would not only be revolting to the feelings of the existing population of New South Wales, it would from its tendency to destroy the attraction of the Colony as a field for emigration, ultimately greatly diminish that very supply of labor which forms the chief recommendation of the measure to its advocates in the Colony, while in regard to Great Britain, the enormous revenues hitherto wasted in the maintenance of her unemployed population, and in the detection, imprisonment, trial, and transportation of offenders, provide ample means for establishing when more judiciously applied, a vast system of national Colonization, which would relieve the Mother Country from far more of her misery and crime than she has hitherto succeeded in discharging by means of Transportation, upon her Colonies, since it would remove, by anticipation, the very causes of these evils, and transmute them into the seeds of the greatest blessings, supplying the Colony with all the labour required to develope its resources, and yielding to Great Britain in return an incalculable increase of national influence and commercial prosperity.