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March 1848
Mr. Stack stopped at Wentworths head station as he returned the Monday from the post office and in conversation Mr. Christie the Superintendent there told him that Wentworth had the Monday tendered for the whole of my run at Paika, an ex prizefighter William Guise, and W. C. Wentworth, M.C. have with several other dirty dogs Alderman Hood among the number, under the opening made by the Home Govt in their foolishly legislating for a country they know so little about - been placed by their cupidity upon the same level by their meanly attempting to possess themselves of my property and the fruits of my industry and enterprise. Surely such a display will strongly influence the Government here in protecting the interests of settlers like myself - I will not give up my right under any circumstances that may occur without an appeal to the Governor in person and if that is ineffectual I will lay the whole affair before the public through the newspapers, if I can do no more to cast shame upon all concerned - but I can't suppose so gross an injustice will be perpetrated and tho' our case might be slurred over there are luckily a large number circumstanced as I am with Paika. [294]