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2-289 (Text)

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I am sure you were much distressed when you heard of the Death of your dear brother I wrote a hurryed letter to your Aunt acquainting her of the sad event and also sent a newspaper with the particulars - it seems that he was catching some small fishes which are left by the tide among the stones at the falls and in getting up in haste one of stones he was standing on gave way and he was immediately carried away a considerable distance by the current into the middle of the unlucky Yarrow Yarra and before any assistance could be procured my lovely boy had sunk, every effort was made to get the body but to no purpose until next morning when several of the blacks dived in different parts of the River and were successful in finding him - oh my dear child had you but have seen him you would never have forgotten his countenance no person would have thought he was dead he looked as if he was in a quiet sleep with a heavenly smile on his sweet face I am almost heart broken when I think of him and believe me Elizabeth all my happiness in the world is buried in the grave with him I loved him to excess - the only thing that reconciles me to this Bereavement is that I am sure that he is now in heaven the Lord has taken him from the evil to come he gave him to me and he has in the order of his divine will taken him from me and blessed be his holy name I send you a piece of his hair which I cut of myself before he was put into the coffin he was buried Very Respectfully Several Gentlemen attended they wore white Bands and scarfs he was carried in a hearse and about one hundred and fifty children followed carrying flowers in their hands which they threw over his grave he was buried in the Vault with his Father and placed on the top of his coffin which looked as fresh and as new as the first day it was placed there altho six years have nearly elapsed since the unfortunate occurrence - Lucy has been living with Mrs Soloman for some time and intends to remain until they return from VD Land they go over in the next Shamrock the wax candles Lucy has now in her possession they are very good give my Affectionate Love to my sister and Mr Stevens and accept the same