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2-287 (Text)

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Sydney N.S.W. 30th Decr. 1844 
My Lord,
The person who, by this letter, takes the liberty thus abruptly to introduce himself to your Lordship's notice, has no better claim to your attention than his being a native of Stoneleigh, - the son of a former tenant on your Lordship's estate. My story is as follows: 
About two and twenty years ago, there was living at Stoneleigh, a person of the name of Thomas Parkes. I recollect well the old farm house which he tenanted, standing beside a green lane leading from Gibbett Hill to Kerby Corner, the length of two fields from the Coventry and Warwick turnpike road. The individual who now addresses your Lordship, and who is the youngest child of Thomas Parkes, was not born in that old house, but on another small farm a short distance from it, called Candley or Candley Moat where my father, and my grandfather also, I believe, were born. When I was a child, my father left that part of the country.