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2-254 (Text)

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Bathurst, July 18th, 1842
Gratitude for your kind advice and friendly manners to me in Court - yesterday - prompts me to address you in writing - to thank you for your kindness and candidly state my sentiments to you. I am ready & willing at all times to make an amicable adjustment of deficiencies with all men who will do so with me. Reasonably - But since I am exposed in a public court as a character unworthy of a situation as an overseer and that by one to whom I have done everything in my power to serve faithfully, honestly and justly - in a diligent manner therefore I am resolved in defending myself against all such injuries.
If a man has got plenty of money he might find some way purchasing a good character with the world even suppose he had got none by merit - on the other hand I have got nothing to depend upon in this Country. Save a good character and rather than have it soiled by injustice I will suffer anything.
With respect to my calling & circumstances - I have no doubt that you will not only overlook but may approve of my obstinacy.
Now - what to think of my prosecutors - I know not if after discharging me without my wages - to command me yesterday (without interruption) in a Court of Justice - not to stop another night on his Establishment is - in my opinion against all Reason - Justice - & Humanity
I have the honour to be, Sir, with grateful respect, your Humble and obedient servant