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2-226 (Original)

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August 11, 1840. If you have received the parcel I mentioned you have got a view of our two houses. On the top of the larger one there is a lofty flagstaff to signalize the vessels as they arrive in the Bay, about six miles distant, and clearly seen with a glass, so that every ship as soon as it comes in sight is announced by a ball, either red, white, or black, according to what she is supposed to be. [180] This has so delighted the colonists that they come to us far and near for explanation when any signals are flying, and it is seldom a day passes withuut one ur more, the flagstaff being sometimes decorated with three or four different colours at the same time. Although another belonging to the Government is stationed at a short distance, ours generally gives the first and must accurate information.
We still have wet weather and the streets are so muddy it is almost impossible to wade through them. As much of the soil here consists of clay and sand, without any gravel to bind them together, the streets in the rainy season are rendered almost impassable. As we are now going to have a Mayor and Corporation I hope that some of the deficiencies at present complained of will be remedied, for the town is now fast rising into importance.