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2-221 (Text)

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These statements are quite sufficient to draw the attention of the public to the scandalous abuses of the Government system of importing immigrants. It has been converted into a contemptible tool for Whig faction purposes, and Popish ascendancy. The interests of the colony are thrown overboard to promote the Irish poor laws. The sale of Land funds are handed over to agents, who sweep the gaols and parishes of the cumberers of the property of popish landlords. The unhappy emigrants are shipped off, to make way for pardoned cut throats released from prison, by the popularity hunting Lord Lieutenant. Will the Government permit this system, so ably exposed by Mr. Pinnock, to exist for one day, will no sense of oppression awaken the torpid energies of the buyers of land and hirers of servants? The nefarious system is open to the glare of the sun. If the monster is not crushed let the sufferers take the consequences, in the embarrassing poor-law begging system it produces, and in the pondrous taxes to be levied for poor-houses, hospitals, gaols, and police, to suppress such scenes, as have never been witnessed in this land, comparatively happy with all its disadvantages of convict servants and irresponsible Councils.  A merchant, when ordered to send you his best rum, sugar, or tea, with a promise that you will pay him the best price, will not send you the sweepings of his store if he is an honest man. But here the Colonists send ample funds for the best immigrants, to advance the Colony and benefit Britain, while the Whig Ministry send out the very refuse of the counties, that their new poor-laws may be lightly felt. The system is 'too bad'. It merits the severest censure.