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2-218 (Text)

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Novr. 18 1839
Dear Brown,
I was much pleased on receiving yours of the 15th of March. Since that time you must have had several of mine having written five since leaving Old England stating how we were getting on in Australia. I hear letters are very apt to miscarry, I am led to think so many friends not acknowledging the receipt of mine I find. Mrs. B. and yourself have made up your minds to emigrate here there is no doubt of your succeeding well if you can put up with the inconveniences - Land is increasing much in value. Mr. Hardey sold a small farm for 3.10.0 an acre inferior land but a short distance from Perth. Yanjedin which cost us 1600 pounds could have been got for one or two hundred some time ago and our agent says he can get for the same 2000, Robert thinks more. A