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2-179 (Text)

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The public mind seems most fixed at the present moment on the subjects of Assignment, Transportation, and Immigration, or in other words on the means of obtaining labor. That the sudden withdrawal of Assigned servants would be fatal to the prosperity of the Colony, seems to be the impression of nearly everyone; and I must confess that I cannot help, in great measure, partaking in this opinion, although there is not as I believe your Lordship is aware, any bias in my mind in favor of forced labor. 
So long as the demand for labor, created by the influx of Capitalists, continues at the present rate, the supply afforded by means of Immigration alone must I think be found deficient.
There are men, who looking rather to their own immediate wants than to the ultimate good of the Country are desirous either to confine within very narrow limits the number of women and children to be brought out in Emigrant ships, or to seek for a supply from India or from China; and a meeting on this subject is, I believe, to be held in Sydney on the 25th instant. I am very happy that I have received your Lordships instructions on the subject of Immigration from India, as this means of supplying labor would, if carried to any extent, be fraught in my opinion with evils of the highest magnitude.