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2-120 (Raw)

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To the Rev. R. Hill,Missionary House,
Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London.
Wellington, Dec.11, 1835
To the Rev. R. Hill
Dear Sir,
Having Several times offered to Mr. Watson, to take part of the charge of the secular business connected with the Mission, he, Mr. Watson, in a meeting held on the 7th of December insisted upon the impossibility of liaising the secular business, and on the necessity of having an Overseer. I objected on account of the expense that such an additional person would entail, but when my remonstrances were of no avail, I agreed that the matter should be transmitted to the discretion of the Committee, and thus I signed the proposal. Should it be the case as I supposed it will that the Committee cannot afford to expend so much money, I herewith again declare any readiness of taking the half part of the charge of the said secular affairs, and farther offer my willingness to take the whole of the charge if the Committee think proper, and to transact the affairs in as economical a manner as possible, 'till the Committee be enabled to act more freely in reference to pecuniary circumstances. I shall at the same time attend as much as possible to my missionary duties.
Yours faithfully
J.C.S. Handt.