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To Rev. William Jowett, Missionary House,
Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London.
Wellington Valley, Dec. 7, 1835.
Dear Christian Brother,
Received your two kind and affectionate letters, and feel obliged for the interest you take in our missionary affairs in this remote part of the world, and among these so deeply fallen race of people. They are indeed sunk to the lowest degree both with regard to their temporal and spiritual circumstances. You are, I believe, anxiously writing for success of this mission, but the time does not seem to be near at present. We are imparting instruction, whenever we can meet with an opportunity and the blacks have thus received some spiritual knowledge, but their hearts seem to be very hard and insensible, and not only so, but a great enmity against the word of truth is manifested. I feel sometimes discouraged with regard to them my wife however stirs me up again, when this is the case.
My chief endeavour is to make them acquainted with the love of God in Jesus Christ, and have several times found some encouragement in doing so, but it has frequently happened that I have met with a repulse.
O that the Lord would pity and help them in their low and miserable condition! As yet we do not see them turning unto the Lord, the time of their conversion, however may come at an unexpected period. In the mean time, the Lord is gathering into his fold many of other nations and languages, and this is a proof that he is mindful of his promises, and his regard unto his covenant.
Brother and Sister Watson are pretty well at present, and as are we all through the goodness of Providence. That the blessing may rest upon you and all connected with this Mission is the prayer of
Yours faithfully
J.C.S. Handt.