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I would propose also to offer to those Settlers, who have the means, and would prefer to engage by their own Agents Mechanics or Agricultural Laborers, a bounty equal or nearly equal to the expence of the passage of such persons, provided they are of the Ages and descriptions specified in a Governmt. notice to be issued for the purpose, and shall be passed by a Board appointed to examine such Persons upon their arrival. This offer will embrace married couples under thirty years of age and their families, and unmarried females between 15 and 30 years who shall come out under the protection of the married couples as forming part of the Family and destined to remain with it until otherwise provided for; and single men between 18 and 25 in the same numbers as the unmarried Females last ment'd. [186] I consider an arrangement of this sort presents the cheapest and most desirable mode of encouraging the Immigration of useful persons. It is clear that the Settlers will import none but those of whose services they are in want, and thus all apprehension of a glut in any particular line of business is removed. The expence of Agency in selecting, and the maintenance of the Immigrants from their first landing until they obtain Employment, is saved to the Public, whilst the character of those obtained by private Agency is not likely to be inferior to the character of those brought out by the Agents of Government. It is, however, improbable that the majority of Settlers requiring labor can afford to incur the expence of Agency, or have funds to advance for the passage of Tradesmen or Servants, though they would be able to hire them on yearly wages when brought out at the public charge. The arrangement, therefore, can only be regarded as providing one of the means for supplying the present deficiency of labor in New South Wales; but, if in conjunction with it the agency of the Surgeons Superintendents be employed, a sufficient supply may be annually obtained.