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His Majesty's Government having resolved that the Sums produced by the Sale of Land in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land should be appropriated to the encouragement of the Emigration of Females in those Colonies, the Commissioners for Emigration have been directed to publish the following account of the Regulations, under which this money will be applied: - 1st. The Commissioners will contribute £8 (which it is supposed will be about one half of the total expense) towards the passage of unmarried Female Emigrants.
2ndly. When Emigrants of the above description, and between the Ages of 15 and 30, are Members of Families which are about to proceed to New South Wales or Van Dieman's [sic] Land, they will, on applying to the Commissioners for Emigration, be furnished with Orders, payable in the Colony, for the above mentioned Sum of £8. This Money will be paid at the option of the Emigrants either to the Heads of their Families or to the Captains of the Ships in which they are conveyed. [41]
3rdly. Females desirous to Emigrate to New South Wales or Van Dieman's Land, and not forming part of any family proceeding to those Colonies, are required to send in an account of (certain particulars).
If they be between the Ages of 18 and 30, and possess the Funds which would be necessary, in addition to the Sum allowed by the Commissioners, to complete the price of their Passage, they will be admitted as candidates for the Bounty of Government: as soon as a sufficient number of such Persons shall have signified their wish to Emigrate, they will be called upon to pay into the Hands of an Officer appointed for that purpose their share of the charge of the Passage, and the Commissioners will then take up a Vessel (into which no other Passengers will be admitted) for the conveyance of these Emigrants to their destination.
4thly. . . - preference will be given, first to Females Emigrating as described in Par. 2, in company with their Families; and next, to those who are qualified to make themselves useful as Servants in a Farmer's Family. Females, who may offer to pay a larger proportion than others of the cost of their Passage, will also be considered entitled to a preference.