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God grant that his preaching may be blessed to some of these poor ignorant creatures! For four years they have never heard the word of God preached to them, and they really appeared to live "without God in the world". There is always now a full congregation, and, I must say, a most attentive one. Our school is also going on as well as we could wish, and we have forty-two scholars. No little heathen could have been more ignorant; but I hope that, in future, God's name and word will be more known and lived than hitherto. Earnestly do we pray that this may be the case. We must expect to meet with disappointments and trials; but when we consider whose work we are doing, no difficulties ought to discourage us. [45] May God give us strength to persevere! You might, perhaps, suppose that our greatest difficulties arise from the convicts, but I must say that we have not found this to be the case. The free people are far the worst, and most difficult to manage, because they think they may do as they like; and, while they set such a bad example, we cannot wonder that the prisoners do not improve. For the latter we have set up an adult school. Some of them wished to learn to read, and we are anxious to encourage them, as a means of keeping them out of mischief, and amusing them in the evening.