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16 Oct. 1830
Last night Peter Hawkins came to me for protection he having been severely beat by Jeffries and Ashley, his head cut open apparently by some sharp instrument. Kept him here for the night and this morn I took all parties to the Police Office, it appears Ashley and Peter had gone to town without leave as usual quarrelled and Jeffries assisted in ill using Peter. The whole mob of them having made a set against that man from an idea of his telling me tales, which he does not, Brown laid in his bed and instead of assisting Peter encouraged the others to beat him, he was ordered 25 lashes Ashley 30 Jeffries 50 and all promised if again brought for a repetition of the offence they should be sent to Maquarie Harbour.
18 Oct.
My three men were brought to me by the flagelator this morn having been punished at sunrise. I gave him a receipt for them, enclosing 2 dollars as a fee, he said they had been very severely flogged. about noon I observed Jeffries who had recd. 50 and whose back the flagelator told me was like a mass of bullocks liver returning from the distillery very drunk. I followed him home, found him raving against Hawkins [...] . fearing the consequences if Hawkins came in sight whilst the ruffian was under the double excitement of pain and liquor, I intercepted him and sent him to the kitchen for his dinner, he of course joins them tonight [...] . it will not do for me to seem even to fear the consequences.