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1-218 (Text)

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In compliance with the instructions conveyed to me in your letter the 9th September, 1822, the Surveyor General was despatched on the 22nd of last October in His Majesty's Cutter Mermaid to examine Port Bowen, Port Curtis and Moreton Bay, with the Country immediately adjoining; and his report upon the Capacity of the two latter for the purposes of Convict Settlements I have now the pleasure to enclose, as it commences a new era in the History of the Continent of New Holland by the discovery of a large and important river.
The first part of your Lordship's Commands having been thus carried into its fullest effect by the zeal and Intelligence of Mr. Oxley, the Second will be proceeded upon the moment that the rainy Season concludes, by the Establishment in Moreton Bay of a few, not exceeding fifty Souls for the purpose of providing accommodation for themselves, and for the reception of any number of Convicts it may be deemed expedient to send hereafter.