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1-180 (Original)

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Myself and my husband have had many hard struggles to gain the means of an honest livelihood. To accomplish it we have worked night and day. I thank God that he has crowned our endeavours with success. I rose early in the morning and went to market bringing home my articles on my head, to furnish my shop to the best advantage. With the greatest care of our little profits, and the greatest frugality in housekeeping, we collected together a small sum sufficient to buy a little house. I then applied to the Gentlemen of the Colony, for a Licence; which they not only granted, but said they would assist me and my husband in any way in their power, as they had noticed our industry and that we associated with none but persons of good character.
I often wish my dear friend, you could see my little family and they playing round me, while I am milking my cows, or making my bread. O that my voice could be heard by the young people in England, to deter them from evil ways.. - that they might not come to this wretched country where so much evil abounds. For though I have by a regular line of good conduct, and great privations arrived at a state of comfort, not one in twenty who is sent here, obtains even the necessaries of life, by their own industry, independant [sic] of support from the government.