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1-178 (Original)

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It must never be forgot that this is, at present, a Convict Country, Originally established for their punishment and Reformation; that at least Nine-tenths of its present Population Consist either of Convicts, Persons who have been Convicts, or the Offspring of Convicts; and that the principal part of the property in the Colony at this day is possessed by the two latter Classes. Consequently some Consideration appears to be justly due to so very large, a Portion of the Population of the Country. [...] 
You already know that above Nine-tenths of the Population of this Colony are or have been Convicts, or the Children of Convicts. You have Yet perhaps to learn that these are the people who have Quietly submitted to the Laws and Regulations of the Colony, altho' informed by the Free Settlers and some of the Officers of Government that they were Illegal! these are the Men who have tilled the Ground, who have built Houses and Ships, who have made wonderful Efforts, Considering the Disadvantages under which they have Acted, in Agriculture, in Maritime Speculations, and in Manufactures; these are the Men who, placed in the balance as Character, both Moral and Political (at least since their Arrival here) in the opposite Scale to those Free Settlers (who Struggle for their Depression) whom you will find to preponderate.