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1-144 (Original)

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Is there not in the colony great party differences existing between the free settlers from England, and the free settlers after emancipation ? - No. I do not think there are great party differences existing; the native youths, as they call themselves, those born in the colony, I have heard, claim the rights of the aboriginal inhabitants. They say they are solely entitled to have grants of land given to them in preference to persons from Europe; when I say native youths, I mean those who are born in the Colony, the descendants of persons sent there; there is a feeling of that kind, but it does not lead to any material differences.
Do they view the property acquired by the free settlers from Europe with considerable jealousy ? - I can hardly say whether they do or not: I should think they do; I think they are jealous of favours bestowed upon persons from Europe.
Is the opinion at all prevalent in the colony, that the colony is for the convicts and their descendants, and not for free settlers from the mother country? - I have heard such opinions expressed.