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1-092 (Original)

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It gives me extreme uneasiness to relate to you any unpleasant news concerning any person belonging to this Corps, and especially about Mr. Laycock senior whose conduct has been so extremely improper since his wife has left the Colony as to be noticed by almost every person and if possible every succeeding day has been marked in him with some fresh act of folly, indecency or un-officer-like behaviour, After having been admonished by the Major without making any amendment, and his setting all authority at defiance, in using threats and language in the public Streets of the most mutinous tendency he was at last put into arrest at large. Here, one would naturally have imagined (who knew Laycock at all) he would have been brought to his senses but instead of which his behaviour continued as I am informed worse if possible on which account he has since been confin'd to a close arrest, and it is in agitation to send him a prisoner to England for want of officers to try him here; [95] as there is only one officer at Head Quarters who could sit on his trial, and also but one could be had from the out posts, nor could his Son sit for obvious reasons. It is with regret that I add the father's bad example has been follow'd by the Son - You will perhaps scarcely credit that Lt Laycock escorted his fathers convict whore through the streets arm and arm on duty in full Regimentals & had the indecency to walk with her on the public parade last Sunday whilst the Band of the Regiment was playing - I have given you but a concise account of the business, as I wish to fill my letter if possible with something more agreeable to you.