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1-080 (Text)

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I never in my whole life experienced so much disappointment & vexation than this Week has given me - Two Ships have arrived from England (the Coromandel & Experiment) by which Every Officer in the Colony has recd. Letters & Newspapers &c from his friends, except myself - but for me, not one individual friend has had the kindness to send me a single line or token that they at all remember me - I cannot therefore but conclude I am forgotten or not worth notice. For it is impossible that those Ships could have sailed, without its being publickly known, else how shod, other persons friends send them large pacquets.
I have not neglected those at home so - I have written from Teneriffe - Rio de Janeiro - Port Phillip twice - & from this place three times. I am so much hurt at this coolness & inattention, that I could almost resolve never to write to England again whilst I stay here - BE GOOD ENOUGH TO GET THE INCLOSED LETTERS FORWARDED. / BELIEVE ME YOURS AFFTELY. / G.P. HARRIS