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1-077 (Original)

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AN ANIMAL whose species was never before found in the Colony, is in His Excellency's possession. When taken it had two Pups, one of which died a few days since. [...] This creature is somewhat larger than the Waumbut, and although it might at first appearance be thought much to resemble it, nevertheless differs from that animal. The fore and hind legs are about of an equal length, having five sharp talons at each of the extremities, with which it must have climbed the highest trees with much facility. The fur that covers it is soft and fine, and of a mixed grey colour; the ears are short and open; the graveness of the visage, which differs little in colour from the back, would seem to indicate a more than ordinary portion of animal sagacity; and the teeth resemble those of a rabbit. The surviving Pup generally clings to the back of the mother, or is caressed with a serenity that appears peculiarly characteristic; it has a false belly like the opposum, and its food consists solely of gum leaves, in the choice of which it is excessively nice.