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The three former were brought up and being called upon for their Defence declared that the Accusation against them was false, ill-founded and proceeded wholly from the malignity of mind of Thos. Biggars (the overseer) whose cruel Treatment of & general ill-Behaviour to the unfortunate men under him they stated to be universally known to all Descriptions of people in the Colony - that said Biggars is in the constant Habit of knocking the men down without Cause or provocation and otherwise abusing and ill-treating them - that their allowance of Food is so extremely scanty as to be insufficient to support them in Labor, yet the said Biggars allots them more work than twice the number of men could perform in the time - that altho' they had 50 Rods to reap, each man daily, they contrived with great Labor & application from the dawn of Day until night to accomplish their Task work with a view to have friday to themselves and when Friday came & their week's Task Work was finished they thought themselves at liberty to leave the Farm for their own Earnings - wholly deny any Disobedience of orders.
Remanded to the Custody of the Gaoler until Capt. Johnstone could be written to on the Buss. that he may have an opportunity if he pleases, of attending himself or directing Thos. Biggars so to do in order to establish the Charge.
On Monday morning Galvin, Cummins & McCabe, the three men complained of by Captn Johnstone's overseer, were in Consequence of the Charges being substantiated against them, Sentence to receive 50 Lashes each & to be discharged, to their former Labor.
Sentence inflicted.