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Governor Hunter to Duke of Portland. 3 March, 1796
We HAVE NOW, my Lord, a band or two of banditti, who have armed themselves and infest the country all round, committing robberies upon defenceless people, and frequently joining the natives for that purpose; but as I have lately issued an Order in which a reward has been held out for the detention of the villains, as well as the discovery of another set of plagues, who, having been allowed a small quantity of ammunition for their own defence, there is reason to suspect they are in league with and supply these depredators. [227] I have no doubt we shall soon be in possession of some of them. One of this gang (a black man convict) has, since the publication of this Order, been discovered, and in the endeavour to secure him he attempted to shoot the man who spoke to him, but there being two of them together, the other, in self-defence, fired and shot him. The fate of this fellow, who has long been a notorious offender, will have its effect.