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COME5 (Raw)

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Sharina's Psychic Encounters
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[Presenter 1: Spencer, M] Here's Sharina's Saturday Nights the positive vibe here she is good evening.

[Presenter 2: Sharina, F] Good evening Spencer.

[P1] Some good news I think in Sydney tonight as downstairs there's lightning and thunder about the place we may get some <P2 oh> rain.

[P2] Absolutely yes really looks good.

[P1] Gotta say your big week coming up this week you as well as doing the uh club show on Wednesday.

[P2] Mm.

[P1] You're also moving on what day is it.

[P2] <laughs> Wednesday <laughs>.

[P1] On Wednesday. You planned that well.

[P2] Oh I'll probably be moving for a couple of days.

[P1] I'm sure you <P2 actually> will. So the removalists are all buh.

[P2] All <P1 beginning> booked <P1 inaudible> all ready to go. Yes well I still have some things up up that I I haven't even unpacked I I've only been there about a year and a half <laughs>.

[P1] Moving again. Okay well good luck for that <P2 oh okay> and I'm sure we'll hear more about the club show as well throughout the night tonight.

[P2] Absolutely.

[P1] Now on the show tonight.

[P2] Yes on the show tonight uh we're h coming up very shortly we have Siobhana the good witch and she'll give us a little bit of fun a little bit of spells for the week something positive. We've got the tarot stars coming up at half past nine. We're also gunna be talking to Bernadette Newman about the spring home show that I went to yesterday as a matter <P1 inaudible> of fact and I had a lovely ham sandwich out there <P1 getting> <P1 inaudible>. Best I've had in ages <P1 getting more ideas>. Hot ham rolls. Beautiful <P1 m more ideas for the home>. No I was doing kitchens and looking at all I thought I was a bit of a Bob the builder out there. And of course we'll be taking your calls on thirteen-thirteen-thirty-two numerology and tarot and of course later on in the program we go to Shelley Ackerman. Right across the world.

[P1] Okay call now thirteen-thirteen-thirty-two.

[P2] Lines are open <P1 on the net>. Lots of prizes to be won as well.

[P1] Sharina at two U E dot com dot A U.


[P1] Let's begin with a song. Let's uh let's play this is a good Saturday night song.

[P2] Sounds pretty good I love this.

[P1] Kim Mazelle on Sharina's Saturday Nights.


[P1] Sharina's Saturday Nights and Kim Mazelle there.


[P2] And we're spor ihs we're s <laughs> tongue tied we're speaking with Cam. Cam.

[Caller 1: Cam, F] <inaudible>. Hi.

[P2] Is that your <inaudible> name.

[C1] Sorry.

[P2] Cam.

[C1] Yeah yeah.

[P2] Hi how are you.

[C1] Good how are you I'm a first-time caller so I'm a bit nervous.

[P2] Bit nervous oh you don't need to be <C1 uh>. What's your question doll.

[C1] Um I'm <inaudible> my love life uh well uh I'm in relationship at the <,> I'm in a relationship at the moment I just need to know where it's going how it's going.

[P2] Okay well the number that you're in <,> cyclewise is the number three <C1 yep>. Uh I beg your pardon it's the number nine. Uh you add the numbers s thr thirteen plus eight which gives you a three and then you add six for the year two-thousand-and-four so I'm just letting all the rest of the listeners out there know how they can work out their numbers so they can participate in some of the readings as well. Okay so you're in a number nine which is not the best time <,> uh to start relationships 'cos usually it's an ending time. But not everything will end in a number nine cycle it's just if you're moving in the same directions you're making the same decisions or you're planning together for the future then of course you go through it together <C2 inaudible>. And I feel <C1 coughs> really at the moment <,> this month of September will make or break your relationship and you seem to be making some decisions around that in this this month that we're in at the moment. There's fresh new starts for you there in October you've got some good news coming your way in October and in December you've got nothing but socially having uh wonderful times meeting lots and lots of new people so I'm sort of basically seeing here that the relationship there will make you'll know where it stands towards the end of this month. Whether you you're going to it's going to get stronger or it's sorta going to start to to y'know fizzle off <C1 yep> so that would be a time there but you've certainly got three good months coming up.

[C1] Okay.

[P2] And I'll just give you a spin of the wheel.

<sound effect>

[P2] Okay. Oh that's a very good card you got the card for the sun which is basically the sun shines on your whole life 'n' it's a very positive card <,> and there's a lot of growth there ihs with yourself and also you've got s you seem to have some rewards coming your way for past kind actions.

[C1] Oh um excellent.

[P2] And because you're a first-time caller I'd like to give you a nice uh little psychic pack to start reading on so I'll put you back to the switch and <C1 thank you very much> we'll get your particulars. Thanks <C1 thank you> for calling have <C1 thank you> a great night.

[C1] You too.


[P2] Okay we're talking to Shaz. G'day Shaz.

[Caller 2: Shaz, F] Uh hi Sharina um thank you very much for taking my call and I think your show's really great <P2 thanks>. You've got me adding up everything <laughs>.

[P2] Yeah that's what happens and and it can drive you mad a bit really.

[C2] Uh it is a bit yeah.

[P2] You start adding up houses you start adding up cars <laughs>.

[C2] Everything everything.

[P2] I know.

[C2] Yeah.

[P2] You've gotta learn to switch off sometimes but it <C2 oh> you really start to see coincidences don't you.

[C2] You do and I've worked out <P2 mm> all the family cycle and what we're in and oh this is why that's happening but anyway. Uh <P2 laughs> <laughs>.

[P1] She's good.

[C2] Yeah. We're.

[P2] Oh replacement for me when I take a holiday.

[C2] No no no no no no no. Um we're um planning our family holiday to Bali next week and I've been trying to get on to you for weeks and I was just wondering um like how you thought that'd all go I've been bit worried you know <,> with um y'know just hearing different things that people have said and I just wondered what you had to say.

[P2] What about Bali or about the travelling <C2 um no just> situation.

[C2] Yeah just about if you think that we'll have a good holiday and it'll be good trip and things like that that. Uh I'm just worried like ga <P2 oh of course> travelling with the kids and y'know Bali belly and all that sort of thing yeah.

[P2] Sure. Okay well the cycle that you're in there at the moment <C2 mm>. At your as you probably already know is the number six.

[C2] Yep.

[P2] And then you look for number noh nuv uh November September <C2 yeah>. Six and nine gives you another six <C2 right>. So you're in a double six whammy so it looks like your going to have a great time.

[C2] Oh good.

[P2] Straight away see how you get the double six.

[C2] Yeah I've got a double six and I've worked out everyone else's but I'm the mum I'm thinking so I've goh if the kids have a good ty if I'm having a good time that means the kids will I hope.

[P2] Oh <C2 yeah> it sounds like you'll have a ball and Spencer's just got back from Bali.

[C2] Oh okay.

[P1] Whereabouts are you staying over there.

[C2] Um in Kuta.

[P1] Okay <C2 yeah> fantastic you'll have a ball. Just <C2 yeah> with the Bali belly.

[C2] Yeah.

[P1] Take some Buscopan and you'll be fine.

[C2] Oh okay then.

[P2] Gee you're an expert now.

[P1] Just take two or three packs because you never know 'n' before you go out for dinner maybe just take one or two.

[C2] Oh alright.

[P2] Yeah I think it's always <P1 be sure> uh I think when y when ever you're going s uh overseas it's always good to sorta take a little couple <P1 mm> of precautions anyway <inaudible>.

[C2] Oh it's like I'm a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to my kids and the poor kids I drive them mad <,> but um <P2 laughs> yeah and I'm trying to work out what I have on my list and I thought I'll give Sharenda {Sharina} a call and see what she's got to say and if <,> you've given me a positive vibe than I'm happy with that.

[P2] Well looks positive to me uh looks like you're gonna have a ball.

[C2] Oh great. Oh good.

[P2] Okay how about a spin of the wheel too.

[C2] Oh yeah I'm a bit scared of that but okay.

[P2] Oh why not. <sound effect> Okay you've got card the wheel of fortune so that's really good luck and when you get the card of the wheel of fortune <C2 mhm> for instance if you ask a question about finances and you get the wheel of fortune well that that's the turn of your finances. If you're asking a question like yourself what you've asked now is to do with travel 'n' you've got the wheel of fortune that's turning in your favour <C2 oh>. Why I think it's going to be great.

[C2] Oh good thank you very much.

[P2] And you're as long as you're careful I mean y'know we've all gotta be careful these days with <C2 yeah> the way the world is <C2 yep> but you've gotta be positive as well haven't you.

[C2] Yeah you do.

[P2] Oh have a great time.

[C2] And thank you again and I think your show's really great and you're a really wonderful and a positive person to have on the air and you're great to listen to.

[P2] You've gotta have C D then <P1 and C2 laugh>. Got to have a C D.

[C2] No I didn't say it for that reason I <inaudible>.

[P2] No you're having a Deni Hines C D <C2 oh> I've got one and it and it's and That Word L O V E 'n' Ain't no Sunshine are some of the songs on the Definite {Definitive} Collection C D Deni Hines <C2 oh thank you very very much>. Coming out to you by Allied Express.

[C2] Thank you.

[P2] Have a great time let us know uh when you get back how it was.

[C2] Oh I will thank you.

[P2] Okay.


[P2] Okay and we're talking to Sophie.

[Caller 3: Sophie, F] Hi how are you.

[P2] Good love how you going.

[C3] I'm good thank you <laughs>.

[P2] Good for you.

[C3] Um yeah no I was just like oh dunno it's a bit like cliche but I was just wondering about my love life 'n' how <P2 how's your> it's all.

[P2] How has your love been.

[C3] Well I'm not sure <P2 and C3 laugh> like I've. I'm always so indecisive about everything so I y'know I question everything and y'know there's a new guy in the scene but I'm not really thought quite sure whether it's <P2 laughs> a good thing or a bad thing. And I bet lots of uh women relate to me right now <laughs> so <P2 absolutely> yeah.

[P2] Well tell you what. Look. You are going now I this is I know this is noth not to do with your love life.

[C3] Yep.

[P2] But this initial of yours as an S initial <C3 yeah> <,> and you're born on the tenth that is <C3 yeah> dynamite you're a <C3 oh> dynamic girl <C3 fantastic> and you are going to be really successful in life.

[C3] Oh that's so good to hear.

[P2] You really are <C3 that's awesome>. Okay so that's to do with your business and your career and everything's going to take off like a rocket. You'll <C3 yeah> <inaudible> your own business or be a boss ih and you can be quite bossy too <P2 and C3 laugh>.

[C3] Oh we'll relate to that yeah.

[P2] This is a good thing yeah g you like to be the boss.

[C3] Huh yeah.

[P2] Back to the love life. Where you are there at the moment you're in you've got the number <C3 yup> okay you've got uh l let me just look tenth of fourth gives you a five and six 'n' five's eleven's a two. Okay there's there's always there's heaps of love it's like there's a lot of people really sort of y'know really going to sort of swoon you or ask you out all that sort of thing going on because you're in a two <C3 yeah yeah>. Two cycle right up until April <C3 yeah>. Then you you have got so much travel you've got lots and lots of just more at more of a s a more serious situation to do with relationships half way of next year <C3 yeah>. Here at the moment what you're doing is just having lots of fun s 'cos you feel really restless.

[C3] Yeah yep for sure.

[P2] And it's sorta like you've got yeah you feel really restless and as soon as y y you sort of like you get who you fancy or they start sort of if they start to s like call you up too much they suffocate you. You run a mile.

[C3] Yeah.

[P2] You like the chase <C3 okay> you like the <C3 yep> you like the butterfly in the in the stomach feeling the <C3 that's for sure> that's what's part of the excitement and all that <C3 yeah yeah>. And I feel that someone really really special's going to come in <,> <C3 yeah> to your life probably that will be like a soul mate connection about half of next year and that's not to say that you c you n haven't got a nice relationship or two at the moment <C3 laughs> so it's just nothing but such a ball of fun.

[C3] Oh okay yeah.

[P2] And you're going to spend a lot of time overseas over the next I'd say the next five years <C3 oh that's good to hear yeah>. Lots and lots of that <C3 yeah>. Lots and lots of travel is everywhere.

[C3] Oh fantastic yep.

[P2] Everywhere well you know how you can see this your first pinnacle cycle's a number five <C3 yeah>. So that's why you've got this restlessness the five is it's very hard like you may think you want to settle down but hey they've gotta catch you.

[C3] Yeah.

[P2] You can run pretty fast.

[C3] Yep.

[P2] So they're after you with that so you've got so much excitement you've you're really broadening your horizons you're just really going to have lots and lots of fun so <,> that's what I'm seeing there for you <C3 oh fantastic>. And how about I'll just have a look there at the card for you. <sound effect> Okay what's all that noise in the backyard is that a dog barking.

[C3] No no no not at all. Oh it's someone's yelling in the background so <laughs>.

[P2] Oh it's yelling oh okay.

[C3] Yes.

[P2] Oh look at this you've got a decision between two. A d a decision between two men.

[C3] Oh okay <laughs>.

[P2] Oh tell you what.

[P1] She's <P2 you're alright> not giving much away though is she.

[P2] Yes <C3 laughs> yes it looks good it look n there's nothing but excitement there for you and just enjoy and <C3 so do I> enjoy every moment go out <C3 do I pick one or> and just meet. No you've got one I'd say there's more of a serious one about half of next year I think just keep going and enjoying yourself.

[C3] Have fun yeah.

[P2] Have fun because you've got so much experience to go through over the and so much opportunities and so much travel just enjoy yourself.

[C3] Yeah for sure okay.

[P2] That would look fantastic.

[C3] Yeah thank you very much.

[P2] Cool <C3 so> thanks a lot.

[C3] So accurate <C3 and P2 laugh>. You said everything that's on my mind so <P2 laughs> yeah that's really good <laughs> <P2 good on you>. Thank you so much for that.

[P2] Thank you. Bye.

[P1] This is Sharina's Saturday Nights back with more in just a moment and from nine-thirty the tarot stars.


[P2] And of course we'll be also going across to some emails on Sharina at Two U E dot com dot A U be listening in. When you do send them write Saturday or Sunday on them as well because we're getting a lot of double backs coming back saying oh uh y'know about the Sundays and things but write Saturday Sunday on them. Okay and we're talking with Anna.

[Caller 4: Anna, F] Hello Sharina how are you.

[P2] I'm really well thanks yourself.

[C4] Good.

[P2] That's good.

[C4] Um you got a great show there I listen to you nearly every Sunday.

[P2] Oh thanks.

[C4] Um I was just wondering what's happening with my um social or love life or if I'm gunna have one or if I'm not gunna have one <C4 and P2 laugh>.

[P2] Okay. Alright. Y you yourself there at the moment are at a time in your life now have a look at this have you got a paper and pen.

[C4] No I haven't.

[P2] Alright well can you remember.

[C4] Oh yeah I suppose so.

[P2] Okay well your A initial's a number one in numerology.

[C4] Yes.

[P2] And then you're you're born with the number one.

[C4] Mhm.

[P2] Which is your number one day number <P2 yes>. And if you add day and month together one and nine's ten.

[C4] Mhm.

[P2] Plus seven uh plus six for two-thousand-and-four you're in a number seven cycle <C4 uhuh>. Okay now a number seven cycle with your particular one initial which you're an independent girl like you don't sort of like to you wouldn't pick the phone up and say oh what's going on you don't like people to sort of think that that you've got nothing happening or you don't like to <C4 laughs> burden y y you're not a pushy person that way if you know what I mean <C4 okay> to sort of go and do things. Uh I feel in this particular time you're reassessing a lot of priorities in your life. You're looking at what's missing in your life <,> and I feel <,> relationshipwise for you <,> there's going to be a commitment or a very strong s uh relationship that you'll make some major decisions. I feel after Christmas I don't sorta see anything <,> a bit of turbulence before Christmas but after Christmas you've got a smoother run especially that period around August is really lucky for you because you're picking up this double eight whammy in the month of August of next year <C4 uhuh>. And that'd be really positive. August September onwards but we've just got like a little I guess you'd call a little black spot there at the moment.

[C4] A sleepy time.

[P2] Yeah it's sort of like hey Anna we wanna stop you. We want to stop you and take a long hard look at your life and where you want it to go it's like a major turning point major change of direction. It's a time that you feel like you're taking ten steps forward but you're taking twelve steps back. You're feeling vulnerable you don't really feel like if something you've you've got this it's like you're not full uh you're not a a complete I guess that would more be the word. And this is all starting to sort of like your intuition's really strong it's a spiritual time. It's sort of like your il oh I guess one word I would use is like an awakening so all the experiences that are going to start to happen probably already have started to happen <,> between now and the end of the year are sort of saying oh okay y'know lookih making you I guess make s the necessary changes so that the right relationships or people in your life what you want to take forward will go forward with you and what you sort of wanna l leave behind will leave behind it's sorta like there's all this.

[C4] Oh so you're you're saying I'm analysing the type of person that I'd like to be with I'm thinking about it.

[P2] Well not so much it's like w you're reassessing priorities. And it's just a time that when you have this number seven it's sorta like a time you specialise in some sort of field or you sort of look at who's ih the two words let go of anything like emotional baggage clutter it's sorta like you're making some endings and you're making a lot of changes within yourself.  You're changing as a person so that you're going to start to attract and we're not just talking about love life as such <C4 mhm> we're talking about the whole of your life as in friends there's new friends there's different people you're you're doing a course you you've got this {break} <inaudible> and I feel uh as you change you're going to attract some really really wonderful friends and love life is really going to really look really good. So don't sort of think to yourself oh I've gotta wait till August of next year that's not the case at all 'cos you know yourself.

[C4] Start working now.

[P2] No but it's just basically it's not like you gotta wait till August of next year that would be a time ih these things take time to sorta sell it whatever. But by that time even before that time but that would be my prediction would be a really really wonderful time for you in your life which you'll really be happy.

[C4] Oh excellent.

[P2] Absolutely and what you wanna do is some little s y'know do your little feng shui that we talk about all the time all the little tips. With spring coming up it's also time to sorta get the gardens going <C4 mhm> and when you walk into a garden or a balcony <,> uh you want to like when you enter the yard the very very far right corner of the yard put something there that's maybe a pink tree y'know a pinky bushy thing uh something pink something red. Something red and white in that area roses <C4 mm> anything like listen to Jennifer Stackhouse for the gardening show and get some tips that things that'll grow in Spring or the gardening shop but but that sort of area there 'n' on your balcony as well. You've got the card also of the judgement which is the soul searching making ih really makes sense in altogether with your seven cycles so I think it's really quite an interesting time ahead and I think that you'll really grow as a person and and really like what you see.

[C4] Yeah 'cos I've got a quite a few things happening with the sale of the house and it hasn't coh quite gone through yet and there's a lot of things happening.

[P2] Exactly it's that these are all the changes taking place so that all of this positive energies all that it's sorta like you're letting go and moving on. That's all looking really good.

[C4] Oh great.

[P2] And thank for calling through.

[C4] Thank you very very much.

[P2] And have a lovely night.

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[P2] Okay and of course we've goh we're talking now with Joseph.

[Caller 5: Joseph, M] How are you Sharina.

[P2] I'm really well Joseph yourself.

[C5] Yeah look really good look I love the show it makes for a great Saturday night so I'm just listening to those happy uh people at the start of the show makes for a great night I think.

[P2] I think so it sets the tone doesn't it.

[C5] Yeah it does.

[P2] Mm.

[C5] Now look mine's a really specific question. It's around finances trying to sell a house at the moment. Have been unsuccessful in doing that but um y'know still positive about trying to get rid of it so sort of just wanna see what you see for it.

[P2] But is this your birth date here the seventh of the seventh seventy-one.

[C5] It is.

[P2] Have a go at all the sevens.

[C5] Yeah.

[P2] Unbelievable.

[C5] Yeah it's a.

[P2] If if your anyone that has more than two numbers like say you have uh you've got for thih ih for sake here there's three sevens <C5 yeah>. Right. You're an expert on human nature with those sevens 'n' you got the three sevens. You are really really intuitive. And you would actually also have really good healing energy and even if you weren't using your hands what would actually happen you could sorta it's sometimes it's like just with your words with people to put them you've got a way of of convincing people to put them like they say they've lost the track <,> to turn their way of thought around and put them back on the on the right track and <C5 oh okay> k it's a real gift <C5 okay>. You haven't noticed that with people.

[C5] Oh oh I probably don't notice it but y'know probably people around me would probably notice it maybe <P2 oh okay>. I definitely don't notice it.

[P2] Absoluh well you you look at those numbers there there's seven there's seven and seven it's incredible.

[C5] Oh okay.

[P2] Mm. Now with the cycle there you've got that is a fourteen's a five and a six is an eleven cycle. Yeah see the eleven cycle. Okay it's it's interesting it can be really really wonderful for some people and then on the other hand it can be really really slow it's like one of those cycles that just takes forever for <C5 laughs> things to take place <C5 oh okay>. And especially 'cos I know when I went through an eleven cycle I sort of uh while back and you think about selling at that time and and it's sorta like partial I guess the two words I would use is partial success <C4 oh okay>. And once you head towards that three cycle which you're coming up to next year it just like you would put the house on the market in a three cycle and it would hih sell a lot quicker than it would in a two cycle if you know what I mean.

[C5] Oh okay when's my three cycle start then.

[P2] It starts next July.

[C5] Oh okay.

[P2] But that whole year starts the tone it sets the tones. That doesn't mean that it's not going to sell on a two it's just that things sort of take it's a slow approach it's a it's <C5 okay> it's everything takes forever.

[C5] So maybe I need to be patient 'n'.

[P2] Be p exactly <C5 okay> be patient. Alright. Now you've got that there so it's definitely going to take place 'cos a change of residence and everything's there for you for next year which is two-thousand-and-five if not before. Now two-thousand-and-five for you is going to be absolutely brilliant for you to do with finances. And that's your question on finances.

[C5] Okay.

[P2] And it you'll find because you'll pick that number three up and that number three will work very well with your J initial. The combination's quite good and you'll find yourself also with that number seven that when you're actually in a seven cycle further down the track when you'll have pick up four s your three sevens plus you'll have the seven cycle which is say four years off that your ih your intuition will just you'll walk down the street and just get vibes about things it's just all going to develop between now and the next four years stronger than ever. And I would write the word sold on any advertisements for the property <C5 yep>. And I also would put yourself at the front 'n' the back door steps and a jade plant or a succulents plant. And make sure there's no clutter around because it's definitely going to be all happening for you it's just be a little patient in this particular time.

[C5] Okay <P2 mm> okay that all sounds wonderful.

[P2] And listen I'll tell you what we've got for you. We're got a w a s now how do we say this. A five System Seven Oz Lotto entry.

[P1] Let me check uh oh s um s uh System Seven Lotto entry.

[P2] Yes it's got f oh the five.

[P1] We have five of them to <P2 oh okay> give away.

[P2] Yes five was next <P1 yeah> I thought it might've been a new <inaudible>.

[P1] Just give him one.

[P2] Okay alright <laughs>.

[P1] <C5 laughs> You're fine with that aren't you Joseph.

[C5] Oh look I'm more than fine with that <P2 I'm not I'm not> <P2 inaudible>. I'm more than fine with the reading to be honest with you.

[P2] No I wanna give <C5 more than happy> that to you. Okay that's a System and and that's coming out so hold on to the line. We'll put you back to the switch and we'll you'll get that out to you which is the System <,> Seven Oz Lotto by Allied Express.

[C5] Oh okay.

[P2] Okay thanks Joseph <C5 okay> thanks for your call.

[C5] Have a nuh good night.

[P2] You too.


[P2] And just before we go to the tarot stars we have the spell of the week with Siobhana we cross live. Siobhana.

[Expert 1: Siobhana, F] Hi Sharina how are you.

[P2] I'm really well yourself <E1 inaudible> how has your week been.

[E1] Oh really good thanks really good.

[P2] Looking forward to seeing you at Canterbury.

[E1] Oh I'm looking forward to it yes. Looking forward to seeing your show.

[P2] Oh I can't wait.

[E1] Yes.

[P2] Now what have you got tonight what <E1 okay> what's happening.

[E2] I've got a a spell it's a lovely spell it's to keep your loved ones safe while they travel.

[P2] Oh well we've had a couple of travel questions tonight on the program.

[E1] Well there you go it's the time of year spring and everyone starts thinking of <,> y'know looking around a bit outta hibernation and. So I thought well what's the best thing whenev ever anyone goes away that we love all we want for is for them to be safe and happy so I thought well I'll give the <inaudible> spell tonight.

[P2] Okay let's go.

[E1] Okay we need a red candle.

[P2] Yep.

[E1] Eucalyptus oil. Now if you don't like eucalyptus oil burning in the burner you can use geranium it has the same effect. Um several clover leaves. A small piece of red satin about as big as a p a small plate. Gold thread or gold ribbon and a small piece of black hemalite {hematite} <,> which is a little black stone iron stone.

[P2] Okay run over that again.

[E1] Okay a red candle.

[P2] Red candle.

[E1] Eucalyptus oil. Or geranium oil.

[P2] Eucalyptus or geranium oil yep.

[E1] Mhm <P2 mhm> uh several clover leaves.

[P2] How many.

[E1] Several.

[P2] Several yeah.

[E1] Yeah anything from three to twenty. Uh a small piece of red satin.

[P2] Red satin.

[E1] Gold thread or gold ribbon.

[P2] Yep.

[E1] And a black a small piece of black hematite.

[P2] Mhm.

[E1] Which is your little black stone. Okay so you start by heating the oil and doing your breathing getting yourself into <,> into that place where you have to be. Put the satin down and the <,> uh nice and flat and put the stone in the centre. The red candle goes at twelve o'clock light the candle and scatter the clover leaves. And then once you've done that you say the one I love and hold so dear is travelling far away from here. Keep conditions calm and clear hold them safe and free from fear. Now you say that three times. Then you wrap the stone in the satin the g finishing off with the gold ribbon and you ask your love one to carry that with them until they return safely.

[P2] Oh that's lovely.

[E1] It is nice and n uh t a secondary thing is <,> you can keep the um <,> the clover leaves yourself you put them in a little red envelope and pop them next to your bed and whenever you wanna send <,> y'know bit of extra good wishes or you're thinking of your travelling love one <,> you've got that there.

[P2] Okay run over it again we we need.

[E1] Okay.

[P2] Uh okay we've got the red candle.

[E1] Some eucalyptus oil.

[P2] Eucalyptus oil several clovers.

[E1] Yes.

[P2] Red satin.

[E1] Yes.

[P2] Gold thread.

[E1] That's right. And a small piece of black hemalite <P2 yes>. Hematite sorry. Always say that one wrong. And uh we heat the oil.

[P2] Heat the oil yep.

[E1] Place the satin down put the stone in the middle sprinkle over the clover leaves <P2 yeah>. And then say <,> the one I love and hold so dear <,> is travelling far away from here. Keep conditions calm and clear <,> hold them safe and free from fear. And you wrap it up in a little <,> a precious little bundle. And you ask them to take it take it with them. And bring it back safely.

[P2] Siobhana if it can anyone contact you if they wanna know more information. Or.

[E1] Oh well um I haven't got anything set up but uh I might discuss that with you uh on um Wednesday after the show and I might set something up yes.

[P2] Okay well you're going to be out there what time.

[E1] Oh ten isn't it.

[P2] Ten o'clock.

[E1] Yes.

[P2] H h ha oh well th s I think the show starts at eleven o'clock I think <E1 does it> you're going to be there at ten-thirty. Mm.

[E1] Oh okay <P2 mm> alright I'm glad you know <laughs>.

[P2] Oh well no I'm just reading it here <laughs>.

[E1] Oh good <laughs>.

[P2] Yes. Okay so you're going to be out there so and giving everyone little tips and things like that <E1 yes> for the different star-signs that'll be fabulous.

[E1] I'll take a couple of spells out with me too.

[P2] Good on you.

[E1] Just a couple of basic one yeah.

[P2] Okay sounds good.

[E1] Get everyone started.

[P2] Well look forward to seeing you Wednesday.

[E1] Yes.

[P2] And thanks again have a great week.

[E1] You too.

[P2] And Siobhana's spell will be played on the show tomorrow night <,> ah l on the last half hour. So you tune in again if you <,> just tuned in.

{music and cut}

[P2] G'day John. <,> Hello John.

[Caller 6: John, M] Hello good evening.

[P2] Good evening to you. <,> Hello.

[C6] Yes yes I'm here uh uh do uh m do you want my date I l I gave my date of birth <inaudible>.

[P2] Yeah I've got that yeah.

[C6] R right.

[P2] Okay you're born the ninth the eighth.

[C6] Yeah.

[P2] Okay yep uh what's your question.

[C6] I just asked the <,> the lady the what what the future with the numbers are and <,> uh y'know just things like that.

[P2] Okay alright well you're you're in a number uh how you get your day number. Your day number's nine. Nine and eight's seventeen gives you an eight and then of course two-thousand-and-four is a six. So the number you're in's a five personal year at the moment.

[C6] And does that <P2 alright> keep going all the time.

[P2] No it lasts for twelve months. And then when you're in the cycle next year which will be August uh when your birthday hits you go into a six cycle. Then the year after that you go into a seven then the year after that you go into an eight cycle <C6 oh right> so it just changes each year <C6 right>. Where you are at the moment you've just gone into a five. So you're feeling restless. The next twelve months will be a big turning point. You'll feel like it's it's lots of doors closing new ones about to open. And you'll also find that there will be lots of interesting new connections coming into your life. There'll be lots of opportunities to make positive and I'm talking positive changes in your life. It should be filled of action. Filled of also lots and lots of <,> I guess travel. I guess long distance communication {break} <inaudible> turning point and it's sort of like a time that you you you really your patience will be put to the test because you feel like you want everything to happen straight away and you're feeling like oh quick quick I want things to happen they're not happening. But they are it's because you you feel more restless when you've got this particular number. Uh March will give you a lot of financial dividends because you're picking up a number eight in that month of March of next year. And February so those two months w will be look look very promising to do with finances and to do with kicking huge goals and to do with wishes coming true uh they look like dynamite months for you. And between now and then everything won't be the same it's like you're a new person it's in actually one word I would use it's reinventing. It's like you're reinventing it's like a new a brand new John.

[C6] Huh jeez that'd be a surprise.

[P2] Absolutely <P2 laughs> That's what I say <laugh>. Well that'll be good for you anyway.


[P1] We have the news coming up in just a second and we're back with hour two on Sharina's Saturday Nights. Uh a little bit later tonight as well Shelley Ackerman will be joining us from I believe Germany she's still in Germany <inaudible>.

[P2] Is that where she is.

[P1] We'll find out from Shelley a little later. Uh plenty of your calls s still to come as well the number's thirteen-thirteen-thirty-two. Email Sharina at Two U E dot com dot A U.

{music and cut}

[P1] Now you can go for your life.

[P2] Okay Bonnie hi Bon.

[Caller 7: Bonnie, F] Hi how are you <laughs>.

[P2] I'm good doll yourself.

[C7] Yeah well thank you.

[P2] That's good.

[C7] Yeah.

[P2] Okay what can I do for you hun.

[C7] Um I'm just wondering I'm just finishing university at the moment and I'm a bit confused about what I'll be doing next year uh d like. I'm sort of at a crossroads I don't really know what to do <,> myself so I'm just wondering um <,> yeah if you could.

[P2] Well you you yourself you yourself you're born that with that twenty-seven day number you thinking of psychology or anything like that.

[C7] Um.

[P2] W with that twenty-seven that you've got there that's a <C7 yes> like and you could end up being a teacher as well they're teacher's numbers they're psychology <C7 oh really> or counselling. <inaudible>.

[C7] Oh okay. Um that's <P2 mm> what my mum does actually <laughs>.

[P2] Oh really.

[C7] Yeah <P2 mm>. At the moment <P2 mm>. Um yeah I'm I'm like I'm not sure whether I if I should go travelling or if I should take on a full-time job. 'Cos I've been offered a job but um yeah I don't know whether <P2 oh> <P2 inaudible> to take it or not and. Yeah so yeah I'm not really not I don't really know what to do. Or then or stay on with study a bit more so.

[P2] Well you know <C7 yeah> what I think you're going to do.

[C7] What will I do <laughs>.

[P2] I I'm all in favour of you taking a trip.

[C7] Yeah.

[P2] A short trip but really because you've got this your birthday's coming up next month and you've got <C7 yeah> a seven cycle <C7 yeah>. And I think that the sev see the seven cycle's the best time to study because you you really take it in it's this need the mind wants to learn <C7 right okay> the m the mind wants to do all this <C7 oh okay>. So I think so Bonnie <C7 good> I really think that you're going to study. And I think that you're going to end up doing being in a teaching role. And I do think you're going to go ahead and do something in that y'know that <C7 oh okay> that psychology or something in that sort of field of the healing the medis medicine whatever <C7 oh okay>. Uh <C7 right> and I think that the the trip there but I don't see it being a long trip because y you are going to study. That is my opinion there.

[C7] Yeah 'cos I'm contemplating like sort of um teaching overseas next year like um in like in in Japan or somewhere like that.

[P2] Well that would work in really well 'cos as I said to you I see the twenty-seven being the number of a teacher and you've just said you want to teach overseas. Well that would work out well that would that in that case if you're actually uh going on the travelli doing the travel <,> and teaching that's altogether fantastic <C7 yeah that's> <C7 inaudible>. To do with the numbers <C7 yeah yeah>. That would be brilliant.

[C7] Yeah and what about um like just in terms of like um my love life like my <inaudible> 'cos I'm with someone at the moment but I'm bit concerned how it'll all work out for next year if I'm sort of going on a different path.

[P1] Well you may separate <,> for a time because you've got to go and sort of do other things and <C7 yeah> I feel that it could be one of those situations that you sort of had the long distance relationship and then it it might sort of start to fizzle a bit and then <,> the year after. See you're g you're g got to realise you're gunna be meeting so many new people it's gunna be very hard to hold a relationship <,> uh down but I really feel for you that would probably the year two-thousand-and-six would be a really really good thing when you'll have your act together and what you'll y'know a time of permanency in your life. At the moment I still see that the relationship will last <,> but it's going to uh wuh obviously if if you're going off to do this sort of thing that's <C7 mm> going to be at a distance that have to sort of y'know maybe separate for a <,> a short time I don't think it's for the long term. But that's <C7 yeah> the main thing I'm seeing for you there <,> is that teaching as I mentioned at the at the beginning of the of the reading which is fabulous <C7 right yeah> and you've got the card here <C7 yeah>. The card here I've got is the card of the sun <C7 yeah>. Now the card of the sun is shining on your whole life and that is just so good to have the card of this <C7 oh that>. It's just a fabulous card. Now listen I tell you what I wanna do. I wanna give you a psychic pack so I'll <C7 yeah> put you back to the switch for a psychic pack <,> and also I'll give you a System Seven <,> Oz Lotto ticket.

[C7] Oh excellent thank you very much <laughs>.

[P1] Coming out by Allied Express now that's this is Tuesday night's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to a massive three-million. So this is fabulous so put you back to the switch there <C7 oh thank you so much> and that'll come out to you. Alrighty.

[C7] Excellent thank you so much for that.

[P2] Thanks honey.

[C7] Okay bye.

[P2] Bye.


[P2] And now it's that time again from That's Life magazine telling us what's happening we've got uh some great stories here. My wife lives on in my mate. Chalk and cheese stories opposites attract 'n' little Richard 33:15 Kate Curson to tell us more. Seeh.

[Expert 2: 33:16 Kate Curzon, F] Hello Sharina.

[P2] Senior editor. Oh g'day Kate.

[E2] Hi how're you doing.

[P2] Oh really well it's so busy tonight we're well we're always busy but tonight just seems to be going overboard.

[E2] Really it might be <P2 yeah> partly the weather it's pretty uh pretty nasty out there so it's yeah people staying in 'n' and having a sh a chat with you instead <E2 and P2 laugh>.

[P2] Maybe. May uh may I think 'n' y'know what I think it is. It's because it's coming up to spring 'n' everyone wants to know the spring and love's in the air <laughs>.

[E2] Well that could well be <P2 and money> true yes.

[P2] Everyone's wanting to get some new gear and and all this and wanting to know about their finances as well <laughs>.

[E2] Oh yes everybody always wants to know about their finances don't they me included <laughs>.

[P2] Oh yes. So now l what's this my wife lives on in my mate. Wha what's that story about.

[E2] Oh look that's a really touching one that we've got this week um it uh it relates to the whole organ donation issue.

[P2] Oh of course.

[E2] Yes.

[P2] I see <E2 now> my wifes lives on my mate yes.

[E2] That's right now <P2 okay> a lovely guy called uh called Gerald spoke to us. Uh from New South Wales and uh he and his wife Pat were very very happily married for thirty years <,> uh but then she passed away suddenly of a brain aneurysm. Um but just the week before she'd been speaking about they had this conversation about uh her wish to donate her organs. And so when doctors said that she was a candidate for that then uh Gerald knew that's what he had to do. So then thirteen years later he came across an organisation called Transplant Australia uh who offers to put donor families um and recipients in touch with each other. So he thought that that was an interesting idea he wondered y'know if anybody had been kept alive through his wife's uh organs and uh through that he met a guy called uh Bob from Adelaide and the really nice thing is they actually became really really close mates. Uh Bob actually uh was very grateful that um ih that Pat had saved his life and now they see each other whenever possible they've stayed at each other's houses and uh and Gerald was even a special guest at uh at Bob's daughter's wedding so um in a way I guess it's it's quite uh quite nice for Gerald because uh through Bob I suppose he still has a little bit of his wife living on.

[P2] Oh that's beautiful story.

[E2] Yeah.

[P2] Really is. And what's chalk and cheese. Opposites attract.

[E2] Ah well speaking of love being in the air we we take a look <P2 mm> at that this week um <P2 inaudible> we look at a couple of examples of opposites attracting which is which is quite fun and pretty common I think. Um this week we have uh the princess and the roughneck uh one girl was uh from a private school education uh yeah I think it was reasonably well off and had a good job and um and her partner was um uh was a plumber um probably I don't know from the wrong side of the tracks a little bit uh a little bit more casual with things like uh y'know dress and things like that wore stone-washed jeans and uh slightly daggy outfits. But still they managed to make it work somehow even though they've got uh y'know got uh not not got a lot of things in common I should say.

[P2] And what about little Richard.

[E2] Oh yes thah that's one of our spooky stories we love a good spooky story at That's Life. Um in this case we've got uh a lady who was a ward granny at a local uh Sydney hospital <,> and she looked after children who's parents couldn't visit very often. Either because they lived in the country or they just couldn't make it in uh very often. One of the babies that this lady looked after was uh a five month old boy Richard who'd been involved ih uh in a serious accident. Um now his condition was looking a little shaky um because of his injuries and uh she spent quite a time with him before he ended up sadly passing away. Um now it was about um oh I think ten months that she'd spent with him but then um the funniest thing was that uh she didn't know when he passed away uh she had actually uh taken some time off then 'n' she was at home <,> with her husband and she got the very strangest feeling a really cold icy feeling um all of a sudden when she was just sitting in her living room. And uh it seemed to follow her around the house I don't know if you've ever had this <,> ih um happen or people have reported this to you Sharina that people had an icy feeling before.

[P2] Yes oh heaps heaps of times.

[E2] Yes well anyway her husband actually said to her look acknowledge it just um y'know uh say say hello or a actually just acknowledge that it's there and she did do that saying look it's alright I know you're there <,> she just had a feeling that it was this little baby Richard. Anyway um so she hadn't known uh anything that had happened to him at that stage but the very next morning um baby Richard's gran phoned saying he'd passed away. Uh now she'd taken down the exact time that the little baby had died and sure enough it was spot on that was {break} he passed away.

[P2] Amazing.

[E2] Yes <P2 yes> yeah.

[P2] It's just it's wonderful to hear these stories. You're after more stories aren't you. For the magazine.

[E2] Always yes we are.

[P2] For anyone that wants to <,> I mean there's money for them people that wanting an extra little bit of income with this wuh w talking about their finances.

[E2] Very very true.

[P2] No it's a.

[E2] It's a good way to win some extra cash for sure <P2 yeah> so up to five-hundred dollars actually which is <,> which would help out anybody I think so.

[P2] So ha well they'll just grab the magazine all the details are inside.

[E2] They are <P2 the magazine> indeed. Yes people can phone in their stories fax them in email them all sorts of different ways and all the details are in the magazine.

[P2] And they can even bring their stories and pictures out next Wednesday to Canterbury.

[E2] Please do that would be wonderful I can't wait.

[P2] Canterbury Hurlstone Park free magazines to win and <E2 yes> also you might get yourself a a bit of a a job uh writing for the mag <E2 you never know>. <inaudible> a column <E2 that's right>. With a not a column a a story <E2 yes> <laughs>. Okay look forward to seeing you there out at Canterbury on Wednesday.

[E2] Wonderful thank you Sharina I'll see you then.

[P2] Have a great time.

[E2] You too bye-bye.

[P2] Kate Curzon senior editor of That's Life magazine.


[P2] Okay the the lines are open now thirteen-thirteen-thirty-two 'n' we'll be back after this.


[P2] And we're back with calls. Call us on thirteen-thirteen-thirty-two and Gabriel's next. Hi Gabriel.

[Caller 8: Gabriel, M] Hi Serena {Sharina}.

[P2] How you going.

[C8] Good I just want to know um what's happening in relationships with me please.

[P2] W what's happening sorry.

[C8] In relationships.

[P2] In rela are <C8 yes> you in a relationship.

[C8] No I'm not.

[P2] You're not wuh in one <C8 no> alright okay so I'll just get your birth date here <C8 twenty-eighth of the>. Y okay. Uh yeah hang on I've got it on a screen here twenty-eighth of the seventh of eighty-five.

[C8] Yeah that's correct.

[P2] Okay twenty-eight's a one eight tsh uh eight 'n' six 'n' eight's fourteen's a five. Okay you're in a five. Look you've had a rough trot there for the last <,> t when you have a twenty-eighth day number <C8 mm>. You've got two eights in your birth number there you've got the eight and the eighth uh the eighty-five part. And the l probably that was a trying time that woulda been a little bit of heartache there the last twelve months or so <C8 mhm>. And now you've sort of got this you're the in the bachelor's number. So what you'll start to see is you'll start to find yourself being footloose and fancy free. You'll start to really find yourself really starting to attract lots of new friendships into the picture <C8 mhm> and out of these f new friendships one will become permanent in your life. So it's sort of like you're you're out of that that h I guess that black spot in your life <C8 yeah>. And now you're moving forward y you can expect action you can expect lots and lots of invitations to start to pour in now <,> just give it a little time here because we've only just gone into this cycle <C8 mm>. So I'd say that we're back into I'd say that you're in a committed long-term relationship there <C8 mm> roughly about the month of March <C8 inaudible>. Either you know give or take either side but it's all going to start to happen now <,> and you're going to start to meet these connections because you got <,> you got to realise that when you have that bachelor's number you can think that you wanna settle but it's really you're you're going to have the time of your life <C8 mm> it's really fabulous uh out there and what you want to do is just fix up a little bit of feng shui which we talk about on the program <C8 mhm>. Which is when you walk into your bedroom the very very far right corner put pictures of uh m married couples uh s anything representing love. Family pictures something in a red or a terracotta frame or even a vase that's red or some Phoenix ducks. Uh mandar some mandarin ducks. S ah what else can I think of. Reds even a red box y'know in that area and you can just sort of put an affirmation but that's the colours there. Gar in the gardens <,> in the backyard a red white those plants together <C8 what> in that section in the very very far right corner when you look into a room or a garden or a patio. You there.

[C8] Yep yeah.

[P2] Yeah okay so it's looking good so <C8 thank you> I'll just give you a spin of the wheel as well. <sound effect> Little start with your birth numbers there. Okay. Okay we've got the card the star now that's giving you a wish coming true and it's a positive star and I really think that your heart's earnt y'know it's really you've got that <,> yearning sort of feeling for for a relationship and it will come true for you and I would say that that's sooner than you think.


[P2] Oh I felt like doing the cha-cha for that that duh duh duh duh duh duh <P1 good one that yeah> yeah. Okay we've got Marie.

[Caller 9: Marie, F] Marie now how are you.

[P2] I'm good how are you.

[C9] I'm excellent thank you.

[P2] Oh okay <C9 laughs>. <inaudible> you sounded it. Someone seems like they're <,> that everybody out there calling me tonight's been having a glass of wine or something they're all seem so really upbeat or <C9 laughs> something <P1 they're sitting on the bal> <laughs>.

[C9] I only had half a glass.

[P2] Oh <P1 sitting on a balcony with a cask of wine> you only had half a glass alright <laughs> <P1 there's our listener> <all laugh>. No it sounds like everyone's at a party or <C9 yeah> something y'know tonight. Okay. Yep I think it's just that you can feel that it's sorta like spring in the air sorta thing can't you <C9 definitely>. It's a difference I think it's sorta like. Do you do you find spring and like getting outta winter you sorta feel lighter or something.

[C9] Uh.

[P2] Y'know what I mean I I've I think that I do I feel that way do you feel that way Spence.

[C9] I think so.

[P1] Yeah.

[P2] I think it's also you don't have to worry about wearing so many jumpers 'n' clothes 'n' <P1 oh here we go> just get dressed that <P1 back to clothes again> no that's true I was only thinking about <inaudible> <C9 no but> it t t tonight too. You know you <P1 does that mean> get the boots on and you got the <inaudible> on.

[P1] Does that mean you won't be going shopping then for spring.

[P2] Of course I will.

[C9] Yeah oh I need to do that yes.

[P2] Oh yes we'll be out there doing that <C9 and P2 laugh>. Now what can I do for you hun.

[C9] Um I'd just like to know I'm a bit of a crossroad with my career so um that's sort of um the main part and also we've sort of got a race-horse so I <P2 hu> don't know if that's gunna be.

[P2] You've got <C9 a lucky one> a race-horse.

[C9] Yes.

[P2] Oh.

[C9] Just like recently. Um.

[P2] I had we had race-horse at my parents had race-horses when I was growing up uh it's just wonderful.

[C9] Oh I've got horses that I ride.

[P2] Oh jeez I'd love to I I'd love to do that again <C9 laughs> have a race-horse I just think that's that's a lovely interest for you.

[C9] Ih ny oh I love horses so. But I just don't know whether this one's gunna be <,> lucky <laughs>.

[P2] Lucky okay. Alright so l now let's look at your numbers there to start with you're born <C9 mhm> the eighth of the tenth.

[C9] Yes.

[P2] Right. You are in an a magnificent cycle from your birthday you know that don't you.

[C9] Excellent <laughs>.

[P2] Mm. The eight being a Libran and you change mind all the time.

[C9] True.

[P2] You're a you've got a lotta luck with you at the moment too it's sorta like you've got luck uh and it's starting to go every single day. Right through so <,> the eight. W wherever there's a number eight <C9 mhm> that's a number of power.

[C9] Oh okay.

[P2] And it's also but the eights can also have like it's a karmic number as well and I'm I'm not sorta trying to be negative saying this but I'm just saying that <,> when you have this number eight uh number <C9 mhm> it sort of like can be a time c can be a trying time to deal with it's a one number of balance you've gotta balance relationships with career and we're not talking about at the moment we're talking uhl on a lifetime situation <C9 mhm>. It's a time of sort of <,> y you get lots of rots {lots} of rewards. It's a number of business and the eight can basically do any career like you know how I w I was talking to the girl before and I said you'd be good as a teach and she was doing a teacher with a twenty-seven <C9 yep> and then we get the pers the person with a seventeen day number and a eight day number <C9 mhm> and those two words highly capable capable of anything <C9 oh okay>. Having your own business <,> uh making a success of it because you can sort of like <,> you're the sort of girl that could okay go out there and start a a catering business. Make it successful sick of this move on but you you had a go at it and you saw it through and then you moved into the entertainment industry and you then you you did something there <,> then you moved onto something else you could do it all you know what I mean.

[C9] Oh that's good.

[P2] You've got that marketing that marketing uh number there too <C9 uh okay>. Very good business sense.

[C9] I'm thinking of g sort of maybe starting my own pr uh business so.

[P2] Well that's exactly what I'm I'm saying.

[C9] Mm.

[P2] Your own business with the eight day number <C9 yeah>. It's you're highly capable. So you can do anything you want start any sort of business whatever you wanna do. Okay <C9 inaudible> so that's answered there with the eight cycle <C9 thank you> wuh uh coming up you're in a six cycle which is <,> and see six is particularly good for business. It's good for love <C9 mhm> but it's also good for business because your aura attracts and it's like you're communicating much better you'd be very very busy with family you'll be very very busy with uh business with career with new connections and you'll attract everything into your life <C9 inaudible>. Okay now race-horse <C9 coughs> tell me about this race-horse will you put ten bucks each way on it or what.

[C9] <laughs> Well he he's supposed to have ability and then he ran his first race last week and got last but.

[P2] What's his name.

[C9] Um Smudge of Green.

[P2] Mudge {Smudge}.

[C9] Smudge of Green.

[P2] Mudge {Smudge} of Green.

[C9] Yes.

[P2] Where was he racing.

[C9] Uh in down in um Melbourne.

[P2] And where's his next race.

[C9] Um I don't know. No.

{Melbourne Cup bugles}

[P1] <laughs> Oh we'll have a go at the lark here will you <P2 and C9 laugh>. You know what.

[C9] Is that the Melbourne Cup <laughs>.

[P2] Yeah w once w we started the show off once with a Melbourne Cup thing like that and you remember <P1 oh yeah> and everybody was running around they're going <C9 laughs> what <,> oh what one w what one woman what what happened somebody rang up and said it thought it they had that the race was on or something <C9 and P2 laugh> that was <laughs> they they didn't have a sense of humour. Okay the the Mudge of Green <C9 mhm> alright so w <,> eh uh well I'll have to probably add up that number I tell you what I'll do.

[C9] Mhm.

[P2] On the break I'll add that up because I haven't got time to do that at the moment but <C9 okay> I'll show you what to do with names 'cos sometimes y see the. Well ha let's do it together so other people can do their name.

[C9] Okay.

[P1] What was the name I'll write it <inaudible>.

[P2] Mudge {Smudge} of Green.

[C9] Oh Smudge.

[P2] Smudge.

[C9] S M yeah S M U D G E.

[P2] I like it now better I was a bit worried when <P1 mm> it was a bit an M 'n' I love the S I love the S for a race horse okay. Smuh spell that for us.

[C9] Um S M <P2 yep> U D <P2 uhuh> G E.

[P2] Okay this is what we do with the numbers alright.

[C9] Yep.

[P2] Eh ry write this on top of the Smudge right <C9 okay>. S is one M's four U's three D's four G's seven E's five.

[C9]  Five yep.

[P2] Right 'n' what's the next one.

[C9] Uh of. O F.

[P2] O.

[C9] Yeah O F. For Fred.

[P2] O's six and F is six.

[C9] Mhm.

[P2] What's yeah.

[C9] And then green as in the colour green.

[P2] G's G's seven <C9 mhm> R's nine E's five E's five N's five.

[C9] Yep.

[P2] Okay so <C9 okay> what we gotta do is we've gotta add all this up this is what you do now so you can do the same with your name. As well.

[C9] Mhm oh okay.

[P2] Alright. Okay so you go one plus four plus three I'll let you do this <laughs>. One plus four <C9 yeah> plus three plus four plus seven plus five add everything up <C9 mhm> and then get a total and you do that I'll take the next call and I'll come back to you.

[C9] Oh okay oh hang on.

[P2] You know what to do.

[C9] Um yeah hang on a second Simon. I need a pen.

[P1] Oh it's important business.

[C9] I thought I could remember them all <laughs>.

[P2] Oh no.

[P1] Shall we come back to Marie in a second.

[P2] Hang on wuh. Well would you ha hang on.

[C9] If you come back in a few minutes.

[P2] I'll come back <P1 inaudible> I'll we'll add it up on the break.

[P1] Okay w what about if we do a break now.

[P2] Yes <P1 then we'll come back> we'll do a break and add it up for you.

[C9] Sorry.

[P1] That's okay <P2 no worries> <inaudible> second Marie.

[C9] Thank you.


[P2] Are you there Marie.

[C9] Yes I am <laughs>. Great.

[P2] Listen I want a share in this this horse is going to go well this is a winner.

[C9] Are you sure.

[P2] I like it <C9 laughs>. Well it's got I've added the whole thing up right <C9 yeah> and Spencer did it w he's just checked my adding up. Okay <C9 yeah>. And we've ended up with a twenty-two when I've added uh the total thing and broke it down <C9 okay> which breaks down to a four but the twenty-two's a master number it starts with an S which is really good I like this it's a it's a hard working it'll put the energy in this this horse it'll put the efforts in it needs to sort of work harder than <,> y'know it's not gonna come straight away <C9 mm>. It's one that you'll have to sort of y'know y'know what I mean keep working <C9 be patient with> yes yeah and well keep it keep him working he's up to the work and hard work and he'll come through. I like it <C9 oh okay>. How exciting for you I love it.

[C9] I know I love he's only the small little thing but you know ih wih.

[P2] What colour.

[C9] Suh he's chestnut with a star on his face.

[P2] Oh a star.

[C9] <laughs>.

[P2] Oh I love horses.

[C9] Ih I know <P2 inaudible> I've got three now.

[P2] I like I like when they're a part of a trifecta as well <laughs>.

[C9] I'm never lucky enough for that <laughs>.

[P2] Yeah I uh I I like doing the trifectas I I once I went out to the races and got I think <,> the most I've had's been I think four trifectas.

[C9] Oh okay.

[P2] And then one we I usually puh pick four.

[C9] Yeah.

[P2] And box them.

[C9] Oh okay.

[P2] Because then you're sort of like you y y your four and y <,> but a lot of the times I've found a lot of the times you go out there and and lot of the f <,> y'know they're they've being paying really short dividends and things.

[C9] Well my dad did it once like years ago and he put the wrong numbers and ended up coming home and it was eleh he had fifty cents for like an eleven-thousand ih like eleven-thousand dollars and he won fifty cents of that.

[P2] What did he have.

[C9] He had a trifecta <P2 yeah>. But only for like fifty cents not for a dollar <P2 yeah>. And the trifecta paid like eleven-thousand he put the wrong number on.

[P2] Oh no.

[C9] And he ended up winning it 'n' like he put <P2 oh did> the wrong numbers.

[P2] Oh I see okay.

[C9] But the the good way.

[P2] Oh excellent.

[C9] So he got half of like eleven-thousand dollars.

[P2] Oh fantastic. Well listen I tell you what well I'm going to give you a System Seven Oz Lotto entry it's coming out by Allied Express.

[C9] Oh thank you.

[P2] So that'll kick it and and also <,> uh see how you go with that <C9 mhm>. I'll put you back to the switch and please keep in contact 'n' and let us know when when <,> the horse is running.

[P1] Smudge of Green we'll be looking for that.

[P2] Yeah.

[C9] Smudge yeah <laughs>.

[P2] Absolutely.

[C9] That's it. Okay thank you so much for your help.

[P2] Don't hang up <C9 okay>. Don't go away you've got a prize.

[C9] Okay.


[P2] Okay 'n' we've got Carla.

[Caller 10: Carla, F] Hi how you going.

[P2] Good Carla.

[C10] That's good.

[P2] What's your question.

[C10] Oh just guess where am I going I guess what's my next step.

[P2] Where you're going in your next step okay.

[C10] Like y'know in life <laughs>.

[P2] Oh okay.

[C10] I feel lost at the moment.

[P2] Bit lost w what do you feel like you'd like to do.

[C10] Um.

[P2] Whatta you been thinking about what's all always been your dream.

[C10] Okay I'm at university at the moment and I'm just finishing up and I've always <P2 yes> been interested. I'm in public relations and I've always in always been into the not for profit sector.

[P2] I can't hear <C10 and so> you darl sorry.

[C10] I've always been interested in the not for profit sector.

[P2] Yes.

[C10] And so I'm hoping to get into some sort of <,> <P2 inaudible> charity work but it's not a lot of money in it I guess but um I don't want to get into corporate P R it stinks so I I just I'm not sure.

[P2] Alright well see with thih with this sixteen number that you've got. The sixteen day number. That is qu and als that's quite a <,> are the you there doll.

[C10] Yep.

[P2] Can you hear me okay.

[C10] I can.

[P2] Alright wih with this sixteen day number that you've actually got it's quite a spiritual number <C10 yeah>. 'Cos it adds to a number seven. So that <C10 mhm> could be that need as you s mentioned before you wanna do the charity all that sort of thing <C10 mhm>. Which you actually mentioned. So that will it some time in your life you you'll go into a field that you sorta do s you are helping people because the <C10 yeah> sixteen's got this this need even if you went into <,> to one direction because you need money to sort of pay bills leave <P2 mhm> all that sort of thing you'll end up doing something like it's sorta like your path there with that sixteen <C10 yep>. But in the meantime you've gotta l you're very very busy from today <C10 yes> onwards <C10 yeah> <C10 laughs>. The next twelve months is is ab uh you're going to actually ground yourself and <C10 mm> and what you'll do you're going to lay your foundations down for the rest of your life in this particular four cycle you are going to work your butt off <C10 yep> <,> you've got to n look at the signs of of overtiredness and maybe <C10 mhm> black circles under your eyes because you're <C10 laughs> gunna be burning the midnight oil often as <C10 laughs> well. <C10 have I> It's a <C10 inaudible> very very busy time <C10 yep>. And then of course you've got a trip overseas next year so that <C10 oh wonderful> that's showing up quite strong. Yes uh.

[C10] Where to any ideas <laughs>.

[P2] No I I I just really I I I wish I did but I've j I just <C10 laughs> got that feeling that you're travelling overseas.

[C10] I know I hope so yeah.

[P2] Yeah now you've got probably one of the best months for you would be April of next year it seems <C10 yep> you're ticking a huge goal in that month <C10 yep>. And I st I'd say that the travel would be around about May.

[C10] Okay.

[P2] Uh now between ih uh where are wuh are we now four nuh you're making a big major decision regarding your future in this month of September this month <C10 oh> right now <C10 yeah> is a really really sort of like there seems to be I guess contracts I guess appointments legals all that sort of thing's around.

[C10] Mhm.

[P2] Now October. October seems to be a lot of movement a lot of excitement in that month of October <C10 yep>. And there's lots of action and uh you've got reeyuh a big reunion there's a celebration about half way October November so hiul so all the months're looking really good <,> but I'd say that you'll s you'll sort of know by the end of this month you'll have a clearer picture as to where your life is heading <,> <C10 I hope so> and I I think that you've got plenty now I'll have a spin of this wheel for you.

[C10] Yep. <sound effect>

[P2] And what are you doing tonight.

[C10] I'm been at twenty-first actually so I'm just um outside actually <laughs>.

[P2] Uh you're outside oh okay.

[C10] Yeah.

[P2] You're ri so you're calling up this program from a twenty-first.

[C10] Yes I am <laughs>.

[P2] Oh okay. You've got the card the world are they <C10 yep> all listening to you are they.

[C10] No no they're not they're sort of in the distance yeah I've walked away <laughs>.

[P2] Oh okay. You've got the card the world and the world <C10 yep> is all about like the world is opening up all <,> the world's the best card you can get it's opening up wonderful opportunities <C10 mhm>. It really is. Wonderful opportunities for expansion and for all for the basically <C10 oh> the w the world is going to be your oyster.

[C10] Oh I hope so <laughs>.

[P2] The world will be your oyster. Absolutely <C10 oh wonderful>. It's really wonderful. You having <C10 oh that's> a nice time at this party.

[C10] I am I'm having a lovely night I am I really am.

[P2] And what's <C10 just catching up with everyone> the gir who who's party is it.

[C10] It's actually a boy Paul Young.

[P2] Paul Young is <C10 yes> twenty-one today.

[C10] Yes.

[P2] Where's the party at.

[C10] It's in Bathurst actually.

[P2] Whereabouts.

[C10] Bathurst.

[P2] Oh you're calling from Bathurst.

[C10] Yeah I am.

[P2] Oh how wonderful.

[C10] Yeah.

[P2] Oh okay <C10 laughs>. G good for you a and what made you call up tonight.

[C10] I have a friend who's working there at the moment so I called in and um I've heard a lot more about the radio station since that so. Yeah heard this is on tonight so I thought I'd give them a call.

[P2] Oh okay.

[C10] Yeah and it's very interesting and I was yeah ver I've always been interested in this sorta stuff so I thought I'd <,> give it a call and see what it's all about.

[P2] Sounds good. Well <C10 yeah> thank you very much for calling through and enjoy <C10 not a problem I will> your party and and. Say hello to everyone at the party there.

[C10] I <laughs> will okay thank you very much.

[P2] Thank you bye Carla.

{program advert}

[P2] Okay we'll check the emails.

[P1] That's right Sharina at Two U E dot com dot A U this is from Crystal. {untranscribed email 55:29-56:05} Crystal's date of birth is second of the third. So work's going well love life is zero.

[P2] Well she's got someone coming up very soon I've added up that up. And and I feel that someone's going to come to do with <,> the work that you're actually doing around about Christmas at a Christmas party. I really got that vibe as soon as you were actually uh reading that out and I've added the numbers up and that's a really good month there as well.

[P1] Okay let's uh let's head back to calls and talk to Shirley.

[P2] G'day Shirley.

[Caller 11: Shirley, F] Hello Sharina.

[P2] How are you darling.

[C11] Pretty good. Yourself.

[P2] Oh pretty good.

[C11] That's good. My hu just a quick question I have a chance to move.

[P2] Yep.

[C11] And um <,> will I or won't I.

[P2] How do you feel about it.

[C11] Well <,> I think it'd be good.

[P2] Yeah you're a bit scared to take the <C11 yep> leap into the unknown though aren't you.

[C11] True exactly.

[P2] Uh I know I <C11 laughs>. I looked at your birth numbers the twenty-four you've sorta like y'know like twenty-four sorta leh you like to feel secure that four coming up ih in in your number.

[C11] Well I've been here for many years but it's <P2 mm> just getting a bit much for me.

[P2] You know what I think.

[C11] What.

[P2] Well <,> you're in a uh the cycle that you're in. I'm just checking your numbers there's twenty-four's a six and three's a nine. Nine 'n' six nine's a fifteen's a six. Okay six you're in a six personal year <C11 mhm>. You're in a six personal month for September <C11 mhm>. Right.

[C11] Yes.

[P2] That double six there is is and also you were ih you're born on the twenty-fourth which is a six.

[C11] Mhm.

[P2] I think really this is going to be a great thing for you to do because you're looking for harmony. And you're looking to feel you just want and you're a little bit you've been a bit worried where you are <,> at the moment.

[C11] Yes ih exactly yes.

[P2] And you're thinking to yourself I just want some peace and I just wanna know that I'm settled.

[C11] Exactly I'd love some peace <laughs>.

[P2] Exactly. That's what you're wanting you're wanting peace you wanna feel settled and I I think it's really I I really do think it's a great thing for you and I know it's frightening and all that <,> but think of ih think it on th the on the positive I I just get this feel that it's going you're going to end up with some really nice new friends at the place. And I feel that you're going to have <,> sure you'll have some other friends y'know your past friends but I I do think it's a new lease of life for you and I think really if you're really honest with yourself you're in a bit of a rut. And you would like.

[C11] Very big one.

[P2] Yeah and you would like to sort of you're scared to do this but <C11 mm> I think it's going to be you're going to meet some new friends and everything I I you've got love everywhere like as in the sixth cycle that you're in being a twenty-four day number going to give you that extra vibe that extra sparkle to your aura so that pe you'll start to communicate I'll I I think it's going to c be the making of you. <inaudible>.

[C11] Oh you're wonderful <laughs>.

[P2] No I really do I think that y'know that that oh uh fixing a little place y'know the new place being in to put your little plants or y'know what I mean.

[C11] Yes I've I've got a tape measure in my purse I carry <P2 ah>. As soon as I get the key I'm going <P2 laughs> to do some measuring <laughs>.

[P2] Good for you and I got the bug too and I I thought about that when I was going y'know at the home show and all that and you get that give you a nigh I think that's what you need that'll give you a new interest.

[C11] Yes and when you stop and think you think oh gee am I d right or wrong y'know that's why I thought I'd give you a call.

[P2] Oh look I think that sometimes it just it just really you've made up your mind it's just when you talk to me it's sort of like th a positive person will sort of go okay and I'll go with the energy and a ne negative person'll sort of get y'know stay much the same 'n' you're positive.

[C11] Mm.

[P2] And I think it's going to be a great thing and uh we've got a lovely present to kick you off in your new place.

[C11] You're wonderful thank you.

[P2] How about The Best of the Don Lane show on D V D which that'll give you a nice kick.

[C11] Oh yes it certainly would he was very good.

[P2] Oh he's excellent.

[C11] He probably still is but you don't see him much these days.

[P2] No you don't do you.

[C11] No I don't know why.

[P2] Well you will you'll you will be.

[C11] Oh yes well that's good <laughs>.

[P2] Well I'm going to put you back to the switch. A Allied Express will bring that out to you and one more thing when you get into your new place give us a call through we'll do your feng shui for you for your new place.

[C11] Oh good. Thanks very much Sharina.

[P2] Pleasure.


[P1] On Sharina's Saturday Nights. I'd best not mention the name of the song 'cos I believe we're looking for callers.

[P2] Yeah okay if you guess that you can have a nice uh <,> prize.

[P1] Okay just <P2 mm> back to uh your memories with that song.

[P2] Yeah.

[P1] What were they. You were telling me something. About that song it was when you were a disco queen what happened <P2 laughs>. Couple of guys chasing you you said.

[P2] Oh cut it d uh w what's happened to you tonight.

[P1] See I'm sitting on the balcony with the cask of wine.

[P2] Okay yeah yeah <P1 inaudible> yeah alright. Hi John.

[Caller 12: John, M] Hi how you going.

[P2] Good thank you.

[C12] Um just a a normal reading a quick reading and a c c what the next four months has in <,> in mind for me.

[P2] Absolutely okay you're born the first of the second.

[C12] Correct.

[P2] Alright okay s at that gives you a three six is a nine cycle. Okay number nine cycle. Alright. Number nine there uh in September gives you a number nine because whatever cycle you're in at the moment September will be the same number. 'Cos you're adding a nine so you've got that double nine whammy. So it's like you're finishing a chapter in your life it's like a a nine year <,> chapter and that's finishing so you're ready for another nine year block if you know what I mean.

[C12] Yes.

[P2] So you've got all <,> the t oh r right up until the month of probably February. From February onwards you've got a really excellent time for finances. That twelve month period from two-thousand-and-five's going to be really good for you because you've got a J initial you're picking up a number one <,> and you're going it's time to sort of be bold be daring not sit on the fence sort of be more assertive go for what you want you're going to kick some huge goals I feel and also I feel in that time it's sorta like you've got a lot of soul mate connections like people that you meet in unusual circumstances or highly unexpected times and they seem to sort of just it's like a <,> well you won't even think they're coincidences you know how you'll get a series of coincidences but they all lead to <,> new opportunities and oh it's just a really strange you'll you'll sort of question 'n' think wow what's going on it's sorta like destiny really y you can sorta see it shaping up <,> and I really feel that that time there you'll really reach the heights of success and that would be two-thousand-and-five.

[C12] Alright terrific.

[P2] Mm looks very very good for you uh also <,> what I'd like to do is with this time with your feng shui around finances. Just in the far left corner of any room in the home <,> when you enter a room <,> <C12 yep> and look across to the far left corner <,> <C12 yep> make sure there's no clutter in any of those sections there.

[C12] Okay.

[P2] The far left corner like y'know o anything when I say clutter clutter m everyone has clutter to some degree but I'm just saying things that you just don't en has n no use for you anymore <P2 yep>. And you've still got them all hoarded there in those areas. So just be careful there on that and also uh a jade plant at your front doorstep's always handy or anything to do with fish fish pictures fish ornaments right through the home.

[C12] Alright terrific.

[P2] Thanks very much for your call John.


[P2] Okay name of the song someone's come through on a hotline. L is it Louise.

[Caller 13: Louise, F] Yes.

[P2] Hi.

[C13] The Time of my Life.

[P2] The Time of my Life.

[P1] That'd be it well I've Had the Time of my Life that's close enough.

[P2] I've Had the Time <P1 that's it>  of l yes <P1 close enough> that's ty yes. I had to think about it from a a <P1 laughs> myself for a second 'cos he's looking at the cover <laughs> and I've got a <C13 laughs> oh does that bring back memories.

[C13] Yes.

[P2] W what memories.

[C13] Um <,> watching the seeing the movie.

[P2] Wasn't that a lovely movie.

[C13] Yeah it was excellent. Yeah.

[P2] Wasn't it 'n' y and what about when they all got up and they were all dancing and they were duh duh duh duh and they were all getting up dancing all over on the on that big at the school at the end <C13 yeah> it was just fabulous <C13 good>. And that's why I mean it's all going a bit all a bit we're sorta going back in fashion to all these <C13 laughs> <,> things now with Saturday Night Fever and and now you've got the Dirty Dancing uh shows on <C13 mm> in in town <C13 inaudible>. Has it started yet.

[P1] Uh next month I believe.

[P2] Next month that'll be fabulous won't it. <,> Mm okay well you've got a prize okay. Uh so what've we got there. Okay uh what would you like would you like a Nerada tea pack. They've got all the tea you've got a a lovely cup and saucer set it's got the whole thing how's that sound.

[C13] Oh okay that'd be nice.

[P2] Oh it's fabulous. Alright well I'll put you back to the switch you've got the Nerada tea pack and also I'll throw in a psychic pack from Spears as well. And thank you very much for the time of your life.


[P2] Okay I think we'll squeeze one in before the news and just a reminder also that the tarot stars are coming up more calls thirteen-thirteen-thirty-two and of course tr the first three callers through we've opened up three lines for Shelley Ackerman she'll take three calls as well. Jen hi how you going.

[Caller 14: Jen, F] Hello.

[P2] Hello Jen.

[C14] Hi.

[P2] How you going.

[C14] Good thanks uh I was just gonna say um I'd like to wish my husband tomorrow a happy birthday and a <P2 what's his name> happy Father's Day.

[P2] What's his name.

[C14] Jonathan.

[P2] Jonathan Jonathan what's the surname.

[C14] Duncan.

[P2] Jonathan Duncan.

[C14] Yes.

[P2] Happy birthday. Okay <C14 inaudible>. Happy birthday out there.

[C14] Yes. And he's a father of five tomorrow so.

[P2] Oh a father of five.

[C14] And he's a special day I thought.

[P2] Oh that's lovely.

[C14] Yes.

[P2] That his birthday there which is the twenty-third.

[C14] Pardon.

[P2] Whose birth date's there the fift uh th wih oh the fifth of the ninth <C14 yes that's it> of course of course <C14 yeah> tomorrow.

[C14] Yes. And I was just gunna ask about um how he and I are compatible.

[P2] I've only got a minute to the news I don't think I can add all that up.

[C14] Oh okay <P2 but I could do> well anything <P2 I could> about him or.

[P2] Yes I I can j I can do that for you okay uh five and nine's fourteen's five <,> fourteen's five six five's are eleven. Okay that's good there since it's eleven it's a two actually uh the cycle you're both in.

[C14] Yes.

[P2] You're the uh very very compatible cycle <C14 oh okay>. Uh here at the moment because you've got the eleven <,> and you yourself have got the six so the six and the eleven like the eleven's a two they're very all to do with love family and ih that's exactly what it's all about there and passion. Mm mhm.

[C14] Oh okay. Actually I feel like I'm the only one that understands him really.

[P2] <laughs> Well I tell you what you're going through even though the six and the two cycle are not are are quite similar <,> and the whole thing is that the you're the next twelve months what you're both going through is all about beautiful love energies very very busy to do with the family and of course I mean that makes sense with the five kids. And also you've got uh lots and lots of really happy tremendous happinence {happiness} tremendous emotional fulfilment and happiness coming up and great celebrations and just a beautiful time and I've got to go to the news I'm so sorry but hold on I've got a lovely prize a Don Lane D V D for uh his birthday put you back to the switch.


[P1] On Sharina's Saturday Nights stand by our friend from the United States uh Shelley Ackerman will be joining us.


[P2] And we're having look I'm tsh I'm uh you're going to be stuck with me a little bit longer because we're having trouble getting a where where are we trying to call.

[P1] She's in uh Germany.

[P2] Germany we're having trouble with Shelley Ackerman so I'll have to stay on you'll get stuck with me sorry we are trying to get Shelly. Okay Leanne. Hi.

[Caller 15: Leanne, F] Hi.

[P2] How you going.

[C15] Good thank you.

[P2] What's your question.

[C15] Um just would like a general <,> reading a general overview. Of my life ahead.

[P2] Okay. Uh thirteen's four out of four <,> okay ye you've got that uh that number four cycle so it's really a busy time <C15 right>. Uh and you'll make a long term decision this month of September you're worried about your finances too you're thinking financial like uh all to do everything to do with sort of like long-term finances all that sort of thing's going on in your mind.

[C15] Mhm.

[P2] Uh just gui guide your health 'cos there could be a few little hickups there to do with your health.

[C15] Okay.

[P2] Around the next three months.

[C15] Right.

[P2] And I feel over the next twelve month period there will be a an increase in your finances <C15 inaudible> and I would say that's through your own efforts through your own uh generating money yourself it's not sort of a win or anything like that it's yourself.

[C15] Hard work.

[P2] Yeah h yeah <C15 laughs> exactly getting in there hard work all that sort of thing. It's sorta like you're climb you're going to be really proud of an achievement <C15 right>. I feel. And I t also feel that you're just sort of like going to be st in a stronger position sorta like you're really going to be proud and more grounded and feel more sec actually the word I'm looking for's secure. You're gunna f {break} better about yourself <C15 oh okay>. At the moment you don't <C15 yep> and you will you will find that you'll be dumbfounded by what you achieve by about the month of I would say about April.

[C15] Oh okay.

[P2] So I'm feeling also around relationships there's a relationship that's going to end it's sort of like being a a stressful friendship or whatever it's sorta like you're you're whatever's meant <,> like things are going to end in this time and lots of new experiences will start to take place from about April of next year when you get a really big turning point which'll be really a good time it's sorta like a time that that'll be your harvest <C15 right>. And you're going to have lots of material growth and lots of new friendships and also it's a really nice time to meet people and communicate.


[P2] And now we're talking to of course Pauline.

[Caller 16: Pauline, F] Hi.

[P2] Hi Pauline how you going darl.

[C16] Fine thank you.

[P2] That's good.

[C16] Um I'd just like to n know if you could tell me. I had a bit of a nasty experience last Sunday and I just want to know it has affected my relationship and if it's going to continue.

[P2] Well your relationship you're in number six personal year <C16 mm> and you're a fifteen day number as well so <,> judge that I've only got a few minutes on air uh to look at numbers and things my thoughts here well is that harmony's the key to success and I feel this month of September um I know I've been saying that to a lotta callers tonight about the number September but it's really <,> because of the nuh month of September what ever cycle you're in you're getting a double whammy of it because <,> like for instance you're in a six so you add nine you add nine to any of your numbers and you come back to what you've got like six and nine's fifteen is six <C16 mhm>. You know what I'm saying.

[C16] Yes.

[P2] If a person's in a four four and nine's thirteen that's why you're getting a double whammy in September and that's why I think we're so it's it's the busiest night we've had for <,> well we're always busy but the switchboard they're ringing every single number's <C16 laughs> being called tonight the <inaudible> lines are going off the hotline number there <laughs> there's faxes <C16 mm>. Anyway so what I'm saying is uh I think everyone wanting to know what's going on there but I feel that harmony's the key to success I feel that communication will be also the key here choose to communicate if you want this relationship to work it can.

[C16] Oh I do definitely.

[P2] Mm it's up to you.

[C16] Yeah.

[P2] Really. But just have a little bit more confidence in yourself be yourself and stand your ground really and say what's on your mind kih get things off the chest but the number's looking quite good get yourself a rose quartz crystal wear that if you're really worried 'cos that sends out nice energies <C16 mm>. Wear some uh pale pink pyjamas <,> and I know that might sound silly but it really has a a something uh it's like a hypnosis thing with your mind when you wear those colours the pinks it's it's everything to do with pink underwear or pink <,> uh accessories around the home pink in the garden just put a lotta pink around and that that will get you through but I feel that everything should be fine.

[C16] Oh thank you very much <inaudible>.

[P2] That's my pleasure.

[C16] These experience I had that's not going to <,> the so called friend has been very very nasty to me.

[P2] The friend.

[C16] Yeah she's been very very nasty giving out my address and phone number uh uh for money.

[P2] Sorry.

[C16] She's been giving out my address and phone number for money. She's been getting the money and I've been getting the callers.

[P2] W what sorta thing's she been doing. Do you <C16 what> whatta you mean she's been giving out your phone number.

[C16] My phone number and address.

[P2] Yeah.

[C16] And charging certain amounts of money for it and male callers have been calling at my door <P2 oh>. Undesirables.

[P2] Gosh.

[C16] And that's caused the little rift in our relationship at the moment.

[P2] Oh look that's that's just communication really. Uh that'll well the tr the truth always wins <C16 yeah>. Comes out it's not you what a nasty person <C16 mm yes>. Why would she do that.

[C16] Oh because I was happy and she wasn't.

[P2] Yeah jealousy I tell you what that jealousy's a terrible thing you you you see what people what it leads to the jealousy and it's it festers because when people aren't happy with their own life they <,> that's a terrible uh uh yeah I know a someone like that that any they love to pull put you down as soon as you've got some happiness in your life they've <C16 mm> they can't stand they love <,> they're in a good mood if you're in unhappy.

[C16] Yeah that's true yes but trust her.

[P2] That's what this friend's like. I mean what sort of people are they.

[C16] Yeah well that's why I have to have police here to remove undesirable people from my door.

[P2] Oh you poor thing.

[C16] Mm and I've had a very hurtful five days very very.

[P2] Have they well have they d what's the police done to her. They got proof.

[C16] No no they can't prove it was her.

[P2] And she was a good friend before to you too wasn't she.

[C16] She was yes a very good friend.

[P2] Oh gee she's got some problems. Well look it's <inaudible>.

[C16] She has.

[P2] Her problem and it's not yours and she's a bit she's gone a little bit nutty.

[C16] Yes true very very true.

[P2] And it's been for some time it's like she's uh the see th this is what jealousy can do it can just turn into a rage can turn uh it's a disease.

[C16] Yeah and she's also told my <,> the person I'm in the relationship with a whole lotta lies about me.

[P2] Yes yeah I thought so yeah <C16 mm>. That's what she's told and see this would devastate you because see what you do in life. People that are born on the sixth or fifteenth you put people up on pedestals <,> and you don't like to know anything bad about them or other people I I really do believe that other people would've warned you about what she's like but you didn't want to listen.

[C16] Well that's right <P2 excuse me> yes somebody has told me.

[P2] And you've sort of buh because you don't like to see anything like that you anh really 'n' that's why you crumble so much when something happens to your relationships because you're just devastated because you just can't believe anyone well we all can't believe anyone would be so nasty but I mean you've only gotta see some of the the cruel things that that you've seen on television recently that people do in a rage to exes.

[C16] Mm.

[P2] To harm them when they break up.

[C16] Yeah well I mean this guy now is telling me that he's seeing somebody new but I know that it's definitely not right.

[P2] No I don't think that's right no.

[C16] No.

[P2] No I think you can fix this up I think it's well as I said it's up to you and I think that really get keep away from this uh this friend of yours and I mean really.

[C16] This ex-friend.

[P2] This ex-friend of yours <C16 yes>. And really if he's any sort of person he's got to see that I mean as if you would be y'know doing doing that sort of thing y'know what I mean <C16 mm well>. Bringing them up to your house when you've got him.

[C16] Well that's right that's what I couldn't understand.

[P2] Yeah <C16 inaudible> look he'll they'll come through but he's sort of when he starts thinking clearly and all that but people can poison other people's minds let me tell you.

[C16] Yes yes I realise that and that's what she's trying to do to him.

[P2] Dreadful <C16 mm>. Well I think that you'll just don't give up this and ih basically you've just got to communicate and what you wanna do is as well as is because it means so much to you this relationship and really if he's half the person that you think he is he will come round.

[C16] Oh I hope <P2 and if he> so.

[P2] If he belee wants to believe in her well well what sort of y'know really. Uh is that really worth the person in your life that that takes s something that's ka y'know takes her side sorta thing.

[C16] No I think he was just so shocked at the thing.

[P2] Oh hurt hurt's more <C16 yeah> like it yeah.

[C16] Yeah.

[P2] Oh sure he'll he's thinking clearly. The I I don't sort of listen keep in contact and let us know how that that uh that the results there <C16 alright I will>. In that relationship.

[C16] Yeah I will.

[P2] Alright darling take care <C16 okay> of yourself.

[C16] Thank you very much.

[P2] Okay pleasure.


[P2] Oh nasty people in <P1 mm> this world mm. Okay we're talking with Bill.

[Caller 17: Bill, M] Hello yeah Sharina.

[P2] Yeah good on wouldn't yin you oh I'm tongue tied here <laughs> <C17 inaudible>. How you going Bill.

[C17] Oh I've got the flu at the moment.

[P2] You've got the flu.

[C17] Mm.

[P2] How long have you had it.

[C17] Oh about <,> eight nine days.

[P2] Yeah my mum's got it back. Ih she went and played tennis the other day and then she just felt crook again it's sort of like it it just it's have you got that cough that sort of doesn't come up <C17 mhm>. Like a cough you go huh huh {cough imitation} and you can't get the cough <C17 mhm>. Yeah oh you gotta rest.

[C17] Yeah.

[P2] Uh I I find when you're really run down that it attacks you worse.

[C17] Mhm.

[P2] Yeah <C17 yep>. Okay what now I've got your numbers here you're born the twenty-sixth of the first.

[C17] Mhm.

[P2] Fifty-seven <C17 yep> that gives you a nine and six nine's are fifteen's a six and eight six and eight's fourteen's a five <,> okay so you had a five okay. Had a lotta doors closing. There. There've been a lotta doors in your life the <C17 inaudible> last couple of months there ending <C17 mhm>. Endings <C17 mhm>. You've got new beginnings <C17 mhm> coming up.

[C17] Is there.

[P2] There's new beginnings <C17 yeah> coming up.

[C17] Uhuh. When.

[P2] Well <,> new beginnings <,> I guess uh mm October.

[C17] Oh okay mhm.

[P2] October second part of septem probably more so October <C17 mhm>. I think theeh all these endings in your life have caused you to be sick. I think that really <,> you've had this flu and everything for nine days whatever I know that y'know I was talking about you being run down but I think that because you've y'know there's been some lot of change taking place and some endings but you've got some new beginnings coming up <C17 inaudible>. A lot more strength.

[C17] Do they look good the beginnings.

[P2] Very good to do with your love life <C7 mhm>. Looks quite good. And it also to do with like communications <C17 mhm>. There's some really nice positive <,> nice outings going on.

[C17] Mhm.

[P2] You've got lots of expansion and personal growth personal expression. Actually you're quite creative too there seems to be creative and and artistic talent there as well <C17 mhm>. I feel like there's a lot of entertainment coming up going out 'n' and in a theatre and things like that <C17 mhm>. And you're going to be much more optimistic and th enthusiastic so <C17 right> that's what I'm sort of feeling ahead.

[C17] Uh yeah that's good <inaudible>.

[P2] Yeah <C17 mm>. Get yourself well put a picture of yourself in a green frame if it g if it goes on for too long. And little herb gardens around alrays always good for health.


[P2] Okay. Okay and here's that time also we've got three special lines now we're going to open up and I'm r written a c colour <P1 mhm>. Yeah there it is hang on.

[P1] Pass me that colour.

[P2] Think about this colour this is y testing your psychic abilities. Okay here it is we're going to r <,> write that down. <sound effect> There you are. Now.

[P1] You even doing your own sound effects now.

[P2] Yep <P1 I like> okay.

[P1] The colour oh.

[P2] Oh don't say the colour. Alright so <P1 laughs> call through now call through now. Thirteen-thirteen-thirty-two with that colour. And you have got yourself a Nerada tea pack and a psychic pack.


[P2] Okay and just quickly before we get back to calls a bit of fun bit of fun with the intuition and if you didn't get through write the colour uh 'cos I mean it's all practising to see how good you are. Okay Victoria your colour.

[Caller 18: Victoria, F] Hello I thought it was yellow.

[P2] <sound effect> Sorry. Uh who have we got have we got another one.

[P1] Linda.

[P2] Linda.

[Caller 19: Linda, F] Yeah hi. I was gunna say yellow too.

[P2] <sound effect> Sorry. Paul.

[P1] Oh Paul. Oh you threw me hang on there we go.

[P2] Paul.

[Caller 20: Paul, M] Goodo yeah.

[P2] Yeah what's your colour.

[C20] Purple.

[P2] <sound effect> Ooh sorry.

[P1] <laughs> Okay.

[P2] <laughs> One more I guess <P1 Patty's here>. Oh well they'll go through them all <P1 here's Patty> Patty.

[Caller 21: Patty, F] Hi pink.

[P2] <sound effect> Sorry.

[P1] Okay shall we do one more.

[P2] Okay one more. Cathy.

[Caller 22: Cathy, F] Hi is it blue.

[P2] You've got it.

[C22] <laughs>.

[P2] Congratulations did you think <C22 inaudible> about it straight away.

[C22] I thought of it as soon as you said it I'm <inaudible> my way out my way home from work <P2 yeah> and I thought oh blue so I'm kind of fumbling around for the phone and y'know.

[P2] Well you know what I was thinking <C22 I got it> of blue I was thinking about a pool.

[C22] Oh really <P2 laughs> I was thinking about.

[P2] The colours of a pool <C22 laughs>. 'Cos I went to the home show the other day and I was looking at all these pools out there and I had the colours <C22 oh wow>. And you put ih bluh <C22 inaudible> and I thought blue <C22 so> will be the colour.

[C22] Yeah.

[P2] Alright darling <C22 yeah> well you've got yourself a nice theh they're beautiful these Nerada tea packs they're a great big box and all these <C22 mm> different sets of teas and and <C22 inaudible> there's a cup and saucer set and there's uh oh there's just all these goodies inside it's got like all and coming out by <C22 inaudible> Allied Express. And also a psychic pack as well so thanks for calling through thanks for being psychic.

[C22] Thank you very much I appreciate it thank you.

[P2] Thank you and you're going back to the switch don't hang up.


[P2] It's a little bit of fun isn't it <P1 that too> we're all kids and and I think it it gives you little bit of practice of your intuition for th if you don't get through you still have a go.

[P1] She was good.

[P2] As well absolutely Loretta hi.

[Caller 23: Loretta, F] Oh hello.

[P2] Hello.

[C23] I was just wondering if you could tell me um <,> in April of two-thousand-and-three <,> um my husband his family were involved in a big explosion and <,> my in-laws were killed and my husband was very seriously injured. Now he's still in ho he's still undergoing therapy <,> overseas. Now <,> what's going to happen with our relationship because I'm really worried about it. I mean we've been apart for so long.

[P2] Oh gee this is a tricky one this one I I'm really not to talk about anything to do with health on the program oh <C23 yes I'm I'm not asking> the poor <inaudible> <C23 inaudible> this has been terrible <C23 I'm just>. No I know this is <C23 yeah> this is terrible for you darling. How are you how are you standing up.

[C23] I'm not doing very well at the moment.

[P2] How long's it been since you've seen him.

[C23] Um I saw him at c at Christmas.

[P2] You've seen him at Christmas.

[C23] Yeah.

[P2] Okay. I'm.

[C23] So it's still a long time now.

[P2] Yeah sure. So where did you see him at Christmas where w did you go there or.

[C23] Yeah I went there yeah.

[P2] You went over there.

[C23] Yeah.

[P2] Okay you thinking about going back over there.

[C23] I can't afford it at the moment no.

[P2] Okay. And what about his injuries what sort of injursh injuries has he got.

[C23] He's got hip injuries leg injuries and injuries <,> of the arm and the shoulders.

[P2] Is there a way with what he's actually doing can he like has he lived in Australia was he <inaudible>.

[C23] He has yeah yeah.

[P2] His episode that's oke so <C23 yeah> basically is the only reason he's over there is because of the health.

[C23] Yep. {break} <inaudible> to get him over back here and we can't at the moment.

[P2] Sorry.

[C23] We can't get him back here.

[P2] You can't get him back here.

[C23] No ih we we've tried with medivac and with the ambulance and everything and we can't at the moment.

[P2] Well is there there must be some way that you can a actually get some sorta help. Have you tried I mean all the different avenues.

[C23] Yeah I've tried everything and at the moment he just falls between <,> like little gaps every when.

[P2] Sorry what was that.

[C23] He falls between im <,> between gaps so like he doesn't <,> he he can't go between like uh <,> not sure if I can explain. He can't the medivac won't evacuate him because it's been too long.

[P2] Mm.

[C23] And <,> then <,> look he he just can't do it.

[P2] Oh this is a terrible situation <C23 yeah> for you love. Alright well look I tell you what this is uh way out of uh l I guess way out of of <C23 mhm> my league really here on the show and I've only I mean this is something this is a more serious <C23 yeah> <inaudible> than I can answer in two or three minutes and I wouldn't like to give you the wrong information <C23 mhm>. I can what I will do I'll look at your numbers and let's just sorta see how how you're sorta spanning out for <C23 mhm> the next twelve months and really I think this is there's y'know there's some probably there must be some uh higher people than myself to actually y'know get yourself some information <C23 yeah> on on what to do here <C23 mhm> y'know what I mean I'm a little bit stuck to be honest <C23 mhm>. Um li I'm just a numerologist uh okay well I'll just look at the numbers here with the eighteen you're born the eighteenth of the tenth. Nine and one is ten gives you a one and a six is a seven so you're going through some trying times which I I don't <C23 mhm> need to tell you that. You are in a number seven <C23 yeah> cycle and the seven but the the thing is the seven cycle is very spiritual. And the seven cycle it's whether you get a choice it's whether to be selfish about yourself think me me me me me and I'm not saying that's you I'm just <C23 mm> sorta saying letting the listeners know about <C23 mhm> seven or it's a time that you'll get a situation that comes into your life and it sort of tests your strength and your faith and that's exactly what I think's happening here with yourself it's testing your strength it's testing your faith. Now a magazine that I write for called That's Life magazine <C23 mhm>. There's so many stories in there of people getting back together after you you would never believe some of the stories that you actually read like they were separated for twenty years and they went through all this all this <C23 yeah> y'know heartache 'n' 'n' different <,> situations from yourself obv obviously but but they got back together. And this seven cycle for you sure really praying a lot and I think that really pray prayer would be a a good thing. Saying y y'know your prayers <C23 yeah>. And also I think <,> that you focus <,> on being together <C23 mhm> and y where there's a will there wuh there's a way because the following year it's goih it's not goih I don't sorta see it being y'know that that quick it's gunna be a long drawn out thing but <C23 mm> I feel that that my gut tells me that you'll be together next year.

[C23] Oh.

[P2] But it that would be that's my gut <,> and that would be in the s I'd say after the second part of next year but I really y'know I think this is a little bit not really what I can do on the on the air in cuh s such a short time but I've <C23 sure> just done the best I could <C23 yeah> for you. And I wonder who who would you suggest what sort of asso people <,> out there that we could actually uh talk to. Would there <,> there must be like Salvation Army or or someone that must have some sort of.

[C23] Mm look I've I've spoken to people from the ambulance 'n'.

[P2] Why don't you try <C23 everybody>. Yeah well.

[C23] And no one can do anything.

[P2] Mm.

[C23] It's I've uh I think the one thing is that I've left it too late.

[P2] Well that's what I'm sorta seeing with the <C23 mm> numbers there. So what I would suggest is y'know really prayer because <,> often if you preh you pray long enough you they'll be answered if they're needed to be answered and also uh get the necessary like try 'n' perhaps you could ring the Salvation Army or whatever and <C23 mm> just get some y'know there must be someone out there that can help you <C23 yeah>. That's li maybe even listening to this program. What abou the local M P.

[C23] Yeah I might try that.

[P2] There's an election coming up.

[C23] Yes that's right.

[P2] You know there's elections coming up <C23 mhm> so see what you can do darl.

[C23] Okay thank you very much.

[P2] Okay hope I c I was able but honestly your your numbers do look very trying but coming out a winner.

[C23] Okay thank you very much.

[P2] God bless you.


[P2] Oh sounds terrible what some people <P1 mm> going through isn't it.

[P1] This is Sharina's Saturday Nights uh <,> still plenty of time to call. The number's thirteen-thirteen-thirty-two also uh we'll give some details soon of the Canterbury Hurlstone Park R S L club show which is coming up on Wednesday. I've gotta say that has happened so quickly. I remember just a couple of weeks back it was it felt like months away and suddenly.

[P2] Look I I can't wait to meet everybody out there <,> at the club. That's uh I'll be out there at ten o'clock. Ten-thirty I I think the show starts at eleven I think I'm getting there at ten ten t oh the doors open at ten-thirty that's right. Ten-thirty so come along out there and don't forget That's Life's there if you wanna put a story in there 'n' and uh bring or you want some reads to to come along and bring some photos as well and we'll be doing readings on the day.

[P1] What were you saying before as well put your date of birth like put a put a sticker on.

[P2] Oh I'm just saying that <P1 yeah> because it's easier if I'm walking around they can just stick it on. They don't have to write the year you can just write sixth of the sixth of October or something like that so I can just walk around and do do a lot more readings.

[P1] Here's June.

[P2] G'day June.

[Caller 24: June, F] Hi Sharina.

[P2] How you going.

[C24] I'm absolutely fabulous.

[P2] Oh how w positive are you. What's happened why are you fabulous.

[C24] Um because I've had you're not allowed to call them prowlers anymore you they call they're intruders. And I've got over it.

[P2] What happened.

[C24] Two days.

[P2] Prowlers.

[C24] Yeah.

[P1] Like a burglar.

[P2] You're not allowed to call them prowlers anymore what.

[C24] Yeah you can call them intruders.

[P2] Why aren't you allowed to call them prowlers anymore.

[C24] Oh well that's the legal firm.

[P2] Okay. Wuh.

[C24] And I've got over it.

[P2] Yes.

[C24] Yes. And I'd like to know a little bit <,> about what's going to happen to me. I'm sorry in love with a man.

[P2] Mm.

[C24] Besotted I am.

[P2] Ooh.

[C24] Oh well you know.

[P2] Where'd you meet him.

[C24] I've known him uh a long long time. Through racing. <,> But he's.

[P2] W what sort of racing.

[C24] Horse.

[P2] Oh I had a hoh a a girl on tonight that's bought a race-horse.

[C24] Yes I know I heard that.

[P2] Wasn't she fabulous.

[C24] Yes. I had one. It's name was Virgin Gleam work that out.

[P2] Mm oh not at this time of the night <P2 and C24 laugh>. Okay yes okay so so you met at through you had an interest in racing.

[C24] Absolutely.

[P2] Yeah.

[C24] He's fifteen years <,> younger than I am.

[P2] Good for you. You must look a lot bit of a spunk do you.

[C24] Uh no.

[P2] Oh come on.

[C24] Uh.

[P2] Come on <C24 uh>. Twenty-fourth of the second.

[C24] Yes.

[P2] Okay no but that's flattering. That's flattering to have uh a younger man.

[C24] No. <,> I don't know whether he's. He's uh the twelfth of the first.

[P2] Yeah. So w whatta you wanna know.

[C24] Have I got anywhere near a chance.

[P2] Okay. You're born the twenty-fourth of the second.

[C24] Mhm.

[P2] Alright that gives you six seven eight six and eight's fourteen's a five <,> you're coming into a six cycle you're coming into a relationship next year is a relationship number 'cos you're a twenty-four which is six you you're going into a six cycle <,> looks very good two-thousand-and-five sees you in a committed relationship. Okay his numbers there twelve three four four and six is a one <,> uh two. Numbers are compatible. Number's quite compatible you've got a lot of interest in common.

[C24] Yes absolutely.

[P2] Absolutely <C24 yes> and you yourself are also uh very positive and you are feeling really confident and I feel really that you have got a lotta happiness coming up tremendous emotional fulfilment. You've also got yourself uh you're kicking a goal around about that month of.

[C24] Myself personally.

[P2] Yeah you're you're kicking some really good goals around about that month of December Jan and Feb those three. Hang on <C24 great> just setting up something here just a sec Jan yeah Jan Jan Feb and <,> yes that's December Jan Feb okay and also I just get this really strong feel <C24 mm> that yellow to put some yellow flowers around your home for very lucky for finances for you.

[C24] I've got yellow daisies at um out the front.

[P2] Mm well it's lucky it's bringing you look.

[C24] Yeah.

[P2] So that's good. No I get a good feel about this. I get a good feel about you being happy in a relationship.

[C24] Is that happy.

[P2] Absolutely looks good.

[C24] So I've got something to look forward to.

[P2] You've got a lovely year two-thousand <,> two-thousand-and <,> yeah two-thousand-and-five's your year darling. It really is. Looks really good. Absolutely. I'll put you uh I'll put you back to the switch and give you a psychic pack <C24 inaudible> I've got one left for the night to to give away and you've got it. There you go that'll kick your luck off.

[C24] Oh I love <P2 good> you.

[P2] I know <laughs>.

[C24] Do you know where I come from.

[P2] Where.

[C24] Deniloquin.

[P2] Where's that.

[C24] Uh down in the very very southern Riverina.

[P1] Border.

[P2] Really.

[C24] On the border of uh <P2 do you get show> New South Wales and Victoria.

[P1] You get the show clear down there.

[C24] No.

[P2] Oh okay.

[C24] I have I have a no you g we don't get it clear. But uh yep I've got something that can get me to you. Which is fabulous.

[P2] Oh okay <C24 yeah>. Alright well thanks very much darling for calling through we'll put you back to the switch.


[P1] Jeez they're coming from everywhere tonight.

[P2] Bathurst yeah.

[P1] That's it now Deniloquin uh hi to you if you're listening in the uh regional centres uh this is Sharina's Saturday Nights uh we will take a break and then uh coming up a little later as well we'll check the numoscope which involves uh your.

[P2] Day numbers <P1 day number> if you're into numerology. Mhm.

[P1] Okay that's on the way. Sharina's Saturday Night.

{Ends 1:32:23.1}